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Full text of "Wills of the Smith families of New York and Long Island, 1664-1794: careful abstracts of all the wills of the name of Smith recorded in New York, Jamaica, and Hempstead, prior to 1794, with genealogical and historical notes:"

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Wills of the Smith families of New York 


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I 664- I 794 




SUFFOLK COUNTY, 1 691- 1703 

An unabridged copy of the " Lester "Will 
Book," being the Record of the Prerogative Court 
of Suffolk County, N. Y. , with Genealogical and 
Historical Notes, by 


With Indexes of Persons and Localities. 4to. 
Cloth. 301 pages. $5.00 net. 







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tlo 340 Copies 

7^0 %^....:. 

William Smith 

Justice.of vSupreiiie Court of Province of New Yorli 

Born i6qj. Died ij6g 



IWew l^orft an& Xong 11slan& 



IN NEW YORK, Jamaica, and Hempstead Prior to 1794 

Witb Oenealodfcal anD Dlstotical motes 


Author of "Early Long Island IVills," "Putnam County, N. Y.," 
Editor of "Southampton Records," etc., etc. 








Copyright, 1898, 










The many families bearing the name of Smith, 
deriving their origin from entirely different sources, 
and having so many descendants whose first names 
are the same, present an almost hopeless task to the 

The first of the name on Long Island was Richard 
Smith, who was residing in Southampton October' 
26, 1643. Of his previous history we know nothing, 
nor of the place from whence he came, but he has 
left a lasting name in Long Island history as the 
Patentee and Founder of Smithtown, and the ances- 
tor of a very numerous family known as the " Bull 
Smiths," from the tradition that he used such an 
animal in riding upon his various journeys. 

Another very noted family, possessing extensive 
landed estates on Long Island, are known as the 
" Tangiers Smiths," and are descended from Col. 
William Smith, who was born at Newton, near 
Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, England, Feb. 2, 
1652. In 1675 he was appointed Governor of Tan- 
giers on the coast of Africa. In 1686 he came to 
New York, and purchased a very extensive tract of 
land in the town of Brookhaven, which, in 1693, was 
patented to him, as the manor of St. George, by 

viii Introduction. 

Governor Fletcher, and much of this still remains in 
the possession of his descendants. Col. Smith was 
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and, after the 
death of Lord Bellamont, he was for a time ex officio 
Governor of the Province of New York. He was 
a member of the Council till the day of his death, 
which occurred Feb. i8, 170*, at the early age of 51. 

In addition to the above, there are other families 
of Smiths on Long Island, having a different origin. 
Among the earliest settlers in Hempstead were John 
Smith, Sr., and his son John. The father was known 
as " Rock Smith," the family tradition being that, 
while in his original home in New England, he built 
a house, and used a rock for the back of his fireplace, 
from whence he derived his popular name. Another 
family in the same town obtained th,e name of " Blue 
Smiths," from the fact that their ancestor wore a 
coat of that color. 

Another family was generally known as the 
" Weight Smiths," the tradition being that the first 
of that race was the possessor of the only set of 
weights and measures in the neighborhood. At all 
events, it seems certain that in the town of Hemp- 
stead, at an early date, there were at least three 
distinct families of Smiths. 

In the town of Brookhaven there has been from 
time immemorial a family known as the " Block 
Smiths." A tradition (which we give for what it 
may be worth) states that the ancestor lived on 
a road that runs north from the present village of 

Introduction. ix 

Brookhaven. In front of his house he placed the 
convenience of a horse block, and hence he took the 
name of " Block Smith," and the road is known as 
the " Horse Block road." 

In addition to these there were many " stragglers " 
of that common name, who, at various times, settled 
in the different villages, and, though leaving respecta- 
ble descendants, did not arrive at the dignity of 
being " Heads of Families," 

The first Smith in the city of New York was 
Richard Smith, who obtained from the Director 
General a "Ground Brief" for a lot of land on 
the north side of what is now Pearl Street, a little 
west of Old Slip, July 4, 1645. He removed to 
Rhode Island prior to Nov, 10, 1656, at which time 
he sold a part of his lot to Evert Duyckinck, He 
seems to have died about 1660, and left a son, 
Richard Smith, Jr. Strange to say, this first 
Richard Smith has been by some historians con- 
founded with Richard Smith, the Founder of 

The next most important man of the name in 
New York was John Smith, who, previous to 1685, 
married Jannetie Van Thienhoven, daughter of 
Cornelius Van Thienhoven, an heiress, with her 
brother, Lucas Van Thienhoven, of a large portion 
of the land between Wall Street and Maiden Lane. 

In 1656, and for some years later, there was 
another man named Richard Smith residing in 
Southampton, Long Island! He is probably the 

X Introduction. 

same man who is mentioned in Bishop's book in 
defense of the Quakers, " New England Judged by 
the Spirit of the Lord," where he is mentioned as 
having been sent to his home in Southampton by 
the magistrates of New England, charged with being 
one of those " Emissaries of Satan called Quakers." 
He was an illiterate man, who signed his name with 
a mark, and, strange to say, he also has been con- 
founded with Richard Smith of Smithtown. 

Besides the above, the following Smiths were 
early residents on Long Island : 

East Hampton. — Roger Smith was one of the 
purchasers of Montauk in 1660. 

Brookhaven. — Among the original proprietors in 
1655 were Robert Smith, John Smith, Arthur Smith, 
and Thomas Smith. 

Islip. — Thomas and John Smith were there in 1 720. 

Huntington. — William Smith was there in 1660. 

Hempstead seems to have been the headquarters 
of the race. In 1647 we find there : William, 
John Sr., John Jr., James, and Abraham Smith. In 
1684 there were Jonathan Smith Sr., William, John, 
" Rock," Abraham, Jeremiah, John " Rock " Jr., 
Isaac, Jonathan Jr., John Smith, " Nan." (perhaps he 
came from Nantucket), Joseph, John Smith " Blue," 
Goodman Smith Sr., Peter, Samuel, and John 
" Rock." 

Jamaica, in 1656, 1660. — There were Abraham, 
Joseph, Thomas Sr., Waite, Nehemiah, Alexander, 
Samuel, and Morris Smith, 

Introduction. xi 

Newtown, 1655. — John Smith alone is mentioned. 
In 1674 we find WiUiam, Hendrick B., and John. 

It may be worthy of mention that Deborah Smith 
died in this town Nov. 21, 1838, aged 108 years. She 
was the widow of Waters Smith, a brother of 
Melancthon Smith, who was a member of the State 
Convention that adopted the Constitution of the 
United States. 

Southold. — In that town Arthur Smith was a very 
early settler. He afterward removed to Brook- 
haven. Robert Smith was here in 1652. He also 
went to Brookhaven. 

The Dutch towns had very few inhabitants of the 
name, and when it does occur, as in the early records 
of New York, it denotes simply the occupation of 
the individual, and not a family name, for the Dutch 
settlers had none. 

As a curious illustration of the manner in which 
different persons of the same name are distinguished, 
and which may throw some light on the origin of 
names, we will state the following : Within recent 
years there were living in the vicinity of Patchogue, 
L. I., five men bearing the name of William Smith, 
never mentioned by their proper names, but each 
distinguished by a nickname, by which alone he was 
known to the entire community. " Point Bill " was 
so called from his residence on one of the many 
points that project into the bay. "Peacock Bill" 
was the owner of a bird of that species, then a rare 

xii Introduction. 

curiosity. " Wheelbarrow Bill " had invented an 
improvement on that humble vehicle by making one 
with three wheels. " Submarine Bill," who was also 
of an inventive turn, had invented a contrivance for 
examining the bottoms of vessels, and came very 
near being drowned through his own ingenuity. 
The fifth, whose father kept a small store, was left 
by him, when a boy, to " clerk it " in his absence. 
A bayman, who made a purchase to the extent of 
fifty cents, tendered an old-fashioned two-dollar bill 
in payment. William, who saw two " I's" on the bill, 
and taking it to mean eleven, handed out ten dollars 
and fifty cents in change, with which the customer 
made a prompt departure. When the father re- 
turned and anxiously inquired, " What has become 
of all the change I left ? " the boy promptly replied, 
" I've just been changing an eleven-dollar bill." 
" Let me see that bill." When the hopeful produced 
it the parent exclaimed, " Put up the shutters. It's 
time to quit business." The story soon became 
known, and the title, " Eleven-dollar Bill," stuck to 
the unfortunate William to the last day of his 

From Long Island the families of Smith have 
spread abroad in every direction. Many of them 
went to Orange County, where their descendants 
are very numerous. In 171 7 a colony from Hemp- 
stead purchased a large tract in what is now Rock- 
land County, and was the north half of the Patent 
of Kahiat. Among them was the ubiquitous John 

Introduction. xiii 

Smith, and representatives of his name are not rare 
in that vicinity. 

The publication of these wills will furnish to many 
a ready means of tracing their ancestry, and, we 
trust, will be appreciated by the lovers of genealogi- 
cal research. 

The extended account given of the family of 
Judge William Smith of New York is fully justified 
by the high position held by him and his distin- 
guished son, the historian ; and none of the n^me 
has left a more distinguished line of descendants. 
To this account their portraits will give an added 

William S. Pelletreau. 

Southampton, L. I. 



I. Jasper Smith of Flushing, L. I. 

My will is that my wife have a comfortable liv- 
ing out of my estate, during her life If she remar- 
ries then she is to have only ;^20. After her death 
my plantation and all the rest of my real estate to be 
sold, and the proceeds divided among my 3 children 
John, Judith and Hannah. If my sow John be care- 
ful and diligent and seeks to please his mother, he is 
to have ^10 more than his sisters. But if he be 
careless and disobedient, then to have £10 less. I 
make my wife Margary, Hugh Copthwaite and 
Samel Bowne, executors, John Weig and George 
Langley, overseers. 

Dated "the 17th day of the nth month called 
January," 1695. 

John Ervine 
Ed. Burrows 


Proved, March 16, 169I Liber i. P. 330. 

2 The Smith Wills of 

2. Jacob Smith of New York, " turner." 

I leave to my wife Mary, my house and ground, 
with the tenements thereto belonging on the east 
word side of the city of New York. As for my 
sons Job and Michael, and my daughter {not named) 
I leave them each 12 shillings I make my wife 
sole executrix. 

Dated Aug. 10, 1686. 
(Date of probate not given.) 

W" Robinson 
Joseph Friend 

3. Joseph Smith"^ of New York, " merchant." 

Leaves ^ of his estate to wife Mary, and \ to 
daughter Ann. Makes wife executor with power 
to sell real estate. 
Dated May 24, 1701. 
Proved April 14, 1702. 

John Vanderspegel 
W" Sackerly 
W" Sharps 

■ The home of Joseph Smith is No. 124 Pearl Street. This lot was 
sold to him by Elsie Leisler, widow of the famous and ill-fated Jacob 
Leisler, Nov. 21, 1699. The widow of Joseph Smith (under the name 
of Maria Smith) sold it to John Van Horn, Nov. i, 1707. See Liber 
^6 of Deeds, N. Y. Register's Office, p. 263. 

New York and Long Island. 3 

4. Philip Smith ' of New York. 

Leaves all estate to wife Margaret for life, then to 
his children Philip, Margaret, Katharine and Mary 
Smith. Makes wife sole executrix. Dated Jan. 20, 

His wife " did not exhibit the will for Probate " 
and after her death, Albert Bush, Clark Smith, and 
Nicholas Blanck " shoemaker," " brethren in law to 
Philip Smith, and uncle to his children," were 
appointed administrators, Dec. 20, 1692. 

Inventory shows his estate to be ;^346, of which his 
" house and ground " were valued at ^200. 

5. John Smith ' of New York. 

Died intestate. Estate inventoried £12^. Let- 
ters of Administration granted to wife Jannetie 
Smith, Aug. 18, 1693. 

' The house of Philip Smith was on the south side of Pearl Street, 
west of Whitehall. It was sold to him by Thomas Lamberts of Bed- 
ford, L. I., July 26, 1684. Described as bounded " noth by Pearle 
street, east by the house formerly of Rem Janse, wherein Peter Jacobs 
Marius now lives, and south toward the strand." It was 4 rods 2 feet 
wide, Dutch measure. See Liber 13, Deeds N. Y. Register's 0£Bce, 

p. 53- 

' Jannetie Smith was the daughter of Cornelius Van Thienhoven, 
prominent in the days of New Amsterdam. She and her brother 
Lucas Van Thienhoven, as descendants and heirs of Jan Damen, 
owned a large part of the land between Wall Street and Maiden Lane. 
Her home, which was that of her father, is now No. i8 Bridge Street, 
New York. 

4 The Smith Wills of 

6. John Smith " of the Ferry in Kings Co." 

Leaves all estate to wife Ann. 

Dated June 9, 1694. 

Proved Feb. 12, 169^ 

Names of Witnesses not given. Liber 5. P. 212. 

7. Jacob Smith * " son of Jacob Smith, late of New 
York deceased." 

Leaves all estate " to my dear and loving friend 
Lydia Rose, widow," "for the natural love I have 
toword her, and for the satisfaction of what monies 
she hath laid out on my account " 
Dated Oct. 29, 1698. 
Proved, April 27, 1704. 

John Bassford 
Dedrichs Outerberger 


Sarah Everett 
Liber 7. P. 166. 

8. Col. W"' Smith^ of Manor of St. George, L. I. 

I direct " my body to be buried without any man- 
ner of pomp." I leave to my wife Martha the use 

■» The testator was probably son of Jacob Smith, named in No. 2. 
The house of Lydia Rose was on the south side of Wall Street, a little 
west of William Street. 

' The Manor of St. George is a large part of the town of Brookhaven, 
and a considerable portion is yet in the possession of the heirs of Col. 

New York and Long Island. 5 

of my estate during life. After her decease I leave 
to my oldest son, Henry Smith, all my land as on the 
north side of the Island, that is the Home lot called 
Cheston, and Harlows home lots where I now live, 
and the mill lot, and all my land and meadow in the 
neck called ye Little Neck, with my new and old 
houses and all other buildings, and also 2 entire 
accommodation rights of Commonage, and all future 
divisions of land appertaining to the Cheston and 
Harlow's accommodations, and my Thatch bed lying 
betwen the Old field and the Little Neck, which I 
bought of Samuel Eburne, clerke, and all my Thatch 
beds which the town gave me, fronting to the Indian 
land, against Roscomon Elm, and all that part of 
my South Beach from the head of Long Cove, to 
the westermost gut, to him and his lawful issue for- 
ever, and in default of such issue then to the right 
heirs of my bodj^ Also all that tract of land or 
Island near Cranes Neck adjoining to the fresh 
land, which I bought of Mr. Eburne. 

I leave to my son W"' Henry Smith my house on 
the south side of the Island, on the Manor of St. 
George, which stands on Sebomuck Neck and \ of 
all of my land and meadow on the south side the 

Smith. For a full account of his descendants see " Thompson's History 
of L. I. ," and for a full description of the lands the reader may consult 
the " History of Brookhaven," by Richard M. Baylis. The place 
called " Old Mans " is now Port Jefferson. Other local names are 
fully explained in the works alluded to. The houses in New York are 
now No. 1 Broadway, and are a part of the land on which the Wash- 
ington Building stands. Samuel Eburne, " clerke," was minister at 

6 The Smith Wills of 

Island within my Manor of St. George and lying 
eastward of Connecticutt or Sebomuck river, with \ 
of my Beach from Cupsoge gut eastward, to the 
head of Long Cove westward. Also the home lot in 
Brookhaven\^\i\c}s\ I bought of John Wood deceased, 
and is known by the name of George Wood's Lot, 
lO acres bordering westward on Daniel Brewster's 
home lot ; and an entire right of commonage to all 
future divisions. 

I leave to my 3"^ son Charles Jefrey Smith the 
other i of all my lands and meadows on the south 
side of this Island within the Manor of St. George 
and eastward of Connecticutt or Sebomuck river, 
also the home lot within the town of Brookhaven 
where John Wood lived, and called John Wood's 
home lot, containing 12 acres, with houses and build- 
ings. Also one right of commonage in the future 
divisions, and the other \ of that part of my South 
Beach from Cupsoge gut east ward, to the head of 
the Long Cove westward. 

I leave to my oldest daughter Martha Heathcote 
\ of what my leases of houses in New York can be 
sold for. 

I leave to my grandson W"" Heathcote when he 
comes of age one home lot in the town of Brook- 
haven, called Williams home lot, 14 acres, " fronting 
to ye creeke or Harbor," and joining to what was 
John Woods home lot, and one right of commonage 
in all future divisions of land as far as the middle of 
the Island. 

New York and Long Island. 7 

I leave to my youngest daughters Jeane and 
Georgiana, all my land and meadow at Western 
Hook, in Company with Col. Schuyler Mr. Abeel and 
others, also all my land and meadow on the west side 
of Connecticutt or Sebomuck river, being at ye head 
of Yaptian neck, and by a north line until it comes 
again to the river, as in my Patent set forth. Also 
two 50 acre lots which were laid out to Cheston and 
Harlows home lots being No. — , and are near the 
road that goes " to the Old mans farms " Also 50 
acres bought of Joseph Lee, which is in Mount 
Misery, and the other \ of what the leases of my 
houses in New York may bring. And my executors 
are to have power to sell the land and houses for 
their benefit, provided they do not marry without 
their mother's consent. 

As to my land on the south side of the country 
road that goes about the middle of the Island, con- 
tained in my last patent from Gov. Fletcher, adjoin- 
ing to the bounds of Southold, Southampton and 
Brookhaven. I give them to my 3 sons Henry, 
W'" Henry and Charles Jeffrey. 

Dated " in the city of New York" Ap'l 20, 1704. 


Matthew Howell 
John Johnston 
Gabriel Ludlow 
Sarah Ludlow 

Proved Sept. 15, 1705. Liber 7. P. 270. 

The Smith Wills of 

9. John Smith ^''- ^ of Hempstead. 

I leave to my grandsons, Richard and Timothy, 
sons of my eldest son John deceased, my lot of 
meadow in Washborne's Neck in Hempstead. 
Bounded east by Timothy Halstead, south by the 
creek, west by the creek, and north by Nathaniel 
Pearsall. Also a lot in the new field, adjoining to 
the land of my son John and Samuel Enery on the 

I leave to my daughters Sarah Pine, and Mary 

* In a prior-will, dated May 20, 1690, the testator states: " Whereas I, 
John Smith Sr. of Hempstead in Queens County, am by Gods Provi- 
dence left a widower, and being stricken in years." 

The above John Smith was the ancestor of the family known as the 
"Rock Smiths" ; the tradition being that he built a house with a 
rock inside for a fireplace. That he was a very early settler in Hemp- 
stead is attested by the will of John James, dated March 13, 1660, who 
leaves a legacy to him as " John Smith, Rock Jr" (See will of John 
James at end of this volume.) His son John died before i6go. The 
present representative of the family (among many other descendants) 
is Mr. Charles Corwin Smith of Merrick; the line of descent being as 

1. John Smith [of New England]. 

2. John Smith " Rock." 

3. Jonathan Smith Sr. 

4. Jonathan Smith Jr. 

5. John Smith. 

6. Joseph Smith. 

7. Wm Smith. 

8. Elijah Smith. 

9. Charles Corwin Smith. 

Mr. Charles Corwin Smith resides on the original homestead of his. 
ancestor, and to his mother, Mrs. Elijah Smith of Freeport, L. I., the 
writer is much indebted for copies of ancient documents and muck 
valuable information. 

New York and Long Island. g 

Smith 4 cows. I leave to my son Joseph my dwell- 
ing house and home lot in the town, and 1 2 acres of 
meadow as laid out at Rockaway, and 13 acres of 
meadow on Hicks neck, and 10 acres of meadow on 
Cow neck, also 3 acres of land more or less " in ye 
Holly" and a piece of land in the old field, "and a 
piece of land at the windmill adjoining to Armitages." 

I leve to my son Jonathan 12 acres of meadow at 
Rockaway, 5 acres of meadow in ye Indian land upon 
Rockaway, 14 acres of meadow in Cow neck, with 
the upland belonging to it. 

Mentions " my daughter Mary, wife of Samuel 
Denton," " My grand children Anne and Mary 
Rushmore " and " my grand children JV"' and 
Stephen Charlotte, children of my daughter Martha 
Charlotte deceased " " my daughter Hannah wife of 
John Tredwell." All the rest of estate is left to 
sons Joseph and Jonathan. Makes sons Joseph 
and Jonathan, Mary Denton and Hannah Tredwell 

Dated March 10, 1695. 

W Vesey 
John Tredwell 
Phebe Pott 
Andrew Gibb 

Proved Ap'l 3, 1 706. Liber 7. P. 306. 

10 The Smith Wills of 

lo. Pieter Smith of St. Thomas, West Indies. 

This will is written in the French language. 

'' Au nom de dieu Pere Filz et St. Esprit." 
" I Pieter Smith merchant of St. Thomas." 
Leaves legacies of money to sister Lydia wife of 
Thomas Simmons, to the poor of the Isle of St. 
Thomas, to "the children of Mr. Engel Bever- 
hand and Susana Jansen his wife, sister of my 
deceased wife." To "the children of the late Abra- 
ham Abrahamsen my brother in law." " To Pierre 
Grenille my cousin" if his wwo^t. Jacques Smith con- 
siders him wise and capable, and to Adrian Abra- 
hamsen. Leaves the rest of his estate to his brother 
Josias of St. Quentin in France. To his sister 
Elizabeth Le Serruier, wife of David de Clews of 
Paris. To his brother in law Jacques Smith for the 
use of the children of my sister Maria his wife, and 
to his sister Madeline Le Serurier " wife of Mr. 
Jacques de Montier de Vave." 

Makes sister Lydia and Jacques Smith, executors. 

Dated Jan. 13, 171 1. 

Proved Oct. 11, 171 2. 

Liber 8. P. 15. 

1 1 . Richard Smith '' of Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Catharine full charge of estate till 
his son Philip comes of age. If he die the prop- 

' Richard Smith was probably grandson of John Smith. See No. 9. 

New York and Long Island, 1 1 

erty to go to "my daughter Mary" If both die, 
then to my brother Timothy Smith. Leaves to son 
Philip all lands in Hempstead. The executors to sell 
3 acres of land " at the Holly at the north end of the 
town of Hempstead" also a piece of meadow on the 
west side of Washburne's neck. M.d.k.&s James Jack- 
son Z-Tid James Syrrens, executors. 

Dated March 23, 17^^ 

Proved May 17, 1711. 


John Tredwell 
Jeremiah Smith 

Liber 8. P. 71. 

12. Martha Sm,ith, widow of Col. W"' Smith, of St. 
Georges Manor, Brookhaven, L. I. 

Leaves to eldest son Henry and to his wife Anna 
5^ To son W"" Henry " all the goods in his house 
at the South " and all my interest in the whaling 
design and all my boats and craft. Also a debt of 
;^g9, due from Gov. Thomas Dongan late Earl of 
Limerick, " and all the books in which I have set his 
name," and he is to take care of the portion of my 
son Charles Jeffrey and " to take care that he be kept 
at school and brought up in learning " Leaves to 
son W'" Henry " my biggest copper kettle and my 
biggest steel yards " To daughter Jean " my gold 
watch, and bed linnen, and my Great Japan Looking 
Glass," and "my coach with all its tackle," and " my 

12 The Smith Wills of 

servant girl Dygo an Indian, the cook " To younger 
son Charles Jeffrey " all my silver plate prized at 
;!f 250, and a gold cane, my wedding ring, a Turkish 
cimetar, and all books in which I have set his name. 
All the rest of property to daughter Martha Heath- 
cote, son W"' Henry, daughter Gloriana Muirson and 
son Charles Jeffrey. " I leave to Thomas Helme 
E"' 40 shillings to buy him a ring." Makes Martha 
Heathcote, son W'" Henry, Jean Smith and Gloriana 
Mtiirson executors. 

Dated Sept. 7, 1707. 

Proved at Smithtown before 'Jonathan Smith one 
of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace," June 6, 

Tho. Helme 
Tho. Brush 
Dorothy Woodhull 

Liber 8. P. 283. 

13. Charles Jeffrey Smith, youngest son of Col. TV'" 

Smith, died intestate. 

Letters of Administration granted to his brother 
W"' Henry June 23, 1715. 
Liber 8. P. 443. 

14. John Smith of New York, "Mariner and Com- 

mander of the Brigantine ' Susanna.' " 

Makes wife Judith attorney to collect all debts 

Nevj York and Long Island. 13 

etc. and leaves her i the estate and the other i "to 
all my children," (not named.) 

Dated Nov. 20, 1710. 

Proved July 6, 17 16. 


Robert Lurting 


Albertus Bosch 
Liber 8. P. 482. 

15. Jeremiah Smith of Hempstead. 

I, "Jeremiah Smith of Herricks, in the town of 
Hempstead in Quens Co." Leaves to wife Anne 
the use of largest room in house, and the garden and 
cellar room, and " her Dyet washing and lodging." 
" To Eldest ^ow Jeremiah 5® over and above what I 
have given him by deed under my hand and scale " 
To son John 5® and to son Richard 5^ over and above 
what I have given to them by deed. 

Leaves legacies to " my grand children Elizabeth 
and Ann children of my eldest daughter Hannah 
Cornell" -asid, "to my grand (^Ad^x^rv Elizabeth and 
Hannah children of my second daughter Elizabeth 
Cornell, and " to my two youngest daughters Rachel 
Willsie and Ann Smith." 

I leave to my son James 7 acres of land northward 
of my orchard. To son Thomas " my house and 
orchard 4 acres, and as much more of my land, to 
make my orchard as much as my son James 7 acres." 

14 The Smith Wills of 

All the rest of the property to sons Thomas and 

Dated Oct. 23, 1725. 
Proved April 2, 1726. 

Benj. Seaman J^- 
Joshua Carman 
W" Willis 

16. Richard Smithy oi Smithtown. 9.232 

Leaves to his wife Hannah \ of movables, except 
silver plate, and the best room in house and 2 slaves. 
To son Richard, " Moriches neck on south side of 
the Island, where he now lives," and i the island that 
lies at the bottom of Ezekiel Howell's neck, and all 
the improved land at Smithtown except the farm that 
formerly belonged to Robert Arthur and \ of thatch 
beds and meadow. Also my biggest silver tankard 
and silver headed cane. To son Nathaniel the 
neck called Watchogue " lying at south," and \ 
the neck called Mattuck and \ the island. Also 
a certain tract lying upon Nissequogue river, 
with house, mill and all my improved land in Smith- 
town not heretofore bequeathed, till my son Ebenezer 

* The testator was the son of Richard Smith, the Patentee of Smith- 
town, L. I., known as the " Bull rider," and ancestor of the family of 
"Bull Smiths." The lands at Moriches (or a large part of them) are 
still in possession of his descendants. For a more extended account of 
his family, see " Printed Records of Smithtown, L. I." 

New York and Long Island. 15 

comes of age and then to be divided between them. 
Also the farm on the west side of the river formerly 
Robert Arthur's, and \ of undivided lands, and 2 
negroes, and my little silver tankard and my silver 
hiked sword. To son Ebenezer when 21, i my 
improved lands in Smitktown, and 50 acres on the 
road to Brookhaven, and 100 acres over his share of 
the undivided lands. To daughter Sarah 130 acres 
of land "at the two swamps called Cuttscumsuck." 
To my daughter Hannah 130 acres out of my un- 
divided rights in Smithtown, Makes sons Richard 
and Nathaniel, and " beloved friend John Davis of 
East Hampton executors." 


Daniel Tourneur 
James Fanning 
James Smith 

Dated June 23, 1718. 

Proved March 28, 1720. 

Liber 9. P. 232. 

17. John Smith oi Jamaica, Queens Co. 

To wife Ruth the use of all personal property so 
long as she remains my widow. To my son John 
when 21, "my house and home lot, and all the 
land lying on the south side of the way over against 
my house," " and my meadow lying at the Hither 
east neck " "I leave to my 4 children yiz^(/zV^, iVa- 
thaniel, W*" and Thomas, my two lots lying over the 

1 6 The Smith Wills of 

Bogs " and " all my land lying between the mill 
Path and the hither neck, and the meadow lying at 
the Further east neck " which I had of W"' Jones. I 
make my wife and " my loving brethren Nicholas 
Everitt and Henry Ludlam,"* executors. 
Dated Jan. 8, 172^ 
Proved May 9, 1722. 
Saml. Smith 
James Lewis 
Nehemiah Smith 
Liber 9. P. 357. 

18. Adam Smith of Queens Co. 

. Died intestate. Letters of Administration granted 
to Thomas Whitehead, Oct. 29, 1730. He died soon 
after, and Letters were granted to Rachel widow of 
Adam Smith, Dec. 28, 1 733. 

Liber 11. P. 3. Liber 12. P. 125. 

19. John Smith of Bermuda. 

Died intestate. Letters granted to W'" Smith 
Oct. 14, 1731. 
L. II. P. 166 

' Henry Ludlam, one of the witnesses, was son, or grandson, of Wm. 
Ludlam of Southampton, whose will was the first recorded in New 
York Surrogate's Office. 

New York and Long Island. 17 

20. Joseph Smith, oi Jamaica, Queens Co. 

Leaves to wife Mary the use of home lot and 
buildings during widowhood, and the lot " lying by 
Amos Smiths and my lot of meadow lying on the 
Long neck." To %ot\ Joseph TiSi lands and meadows, 
except those otherwise disposed of. " I leave to my 
son in law Elias Bayliss my stony lot lying adjoin- 
ing to the lot of Nathaniel Denton." To my graiid son 
George Macknicks {McKnightf) the lot called the 
Quaker lot, but if he die before 21, then to my grand 
son Samuel Smith. To my grand son Joseph Smith 
after my wife's decease, the lot lying hy Amos Smith's. 

Mentions " my grand children Elias and Mary 
Baylis children of my daughter Ruth Baylis," makes 
"my cousins Nehemiah and Samuel Smith ^''" of 
Jamaica, executors, Feb. 25, 1730. 

Proved March 29, 1732. 


Nehemiah Smith J" 
Noah Smith 
Priscilla Smith 

Liber 11. P. 234. 

21. Caleb Smith of Goshen,^° Orange Co. 

Makes Wait Smith^''- and Isaac Ludlow, both of 
Goshen, Nehemiah Smith ■^'' of Jamaica, executors. 

"•For description of the divisions of land in Goshen, -see Eager's 
" History of Orange Co." 

1 8 The Smith Wills of 

They are to sell Lot 26 in the Southeast Division of 
the town of Goshen, being 182 acres. Leaves to wife 
Phebe the use of house and \ of movables during 
widowhood. To sons Henry, Elias and Jeremiah 
each \ of my homestead. To sons Timothy, Isaac 
2ind John when 21, each ^5. " And Suppose my wife 
to bring forth a boy, which I suspect to be big of child, 
the said supposed boy when he comes of age shall re- 
ceive ;^5 from his brothers." To daughters Phebe 
and Sarah an equal proportion of f of movables. 
" But suposing my wife to have a girl, she shall draw 
an equal proportion." 

John Thompson 
James Thompson 
Joshua Smith 

Dated Dec. 29, 1731. 

Proved April 2, 1732. 

Liber 11. P. 259. 

22. Gertruid Smith oi New York. 

"Widow of W*" Smith Mariner." Leaves to 
eldest son W"^ 20 ^ as bar to all claim as eldest son. 
Leaves remainder of property to her children W'". 
Mary, Isabell, Elizabeth and Ettiana. Makes Joseph 
Roy oil, Simon Johnson and Francis Bassett executors. 

Dated Sept 15, 1741. 

Proved Jan, 27, 1742, 

Liber 15, P, 2. 

New York and Long Island. 19 

23. W"" Smith of Manor of St. George. 

Leaves to wife Hannah \ of personal property and 
use of house, " except convenient lodging room for 
my four maiden daughters," Sarah, Jane, Martha 
and Hannah. To son Meritt ;^ioo. To son W*" 
all lands meadows and Beaches within the Manor of 
St. George where I now live, except 200 acres of land 
and meadow which I give to my son Caleb, bounded 
west by Connecticutt river, and eastward going over 
on the fish creek, running in the creek, to the head 
thereof, thence a north line until it shall contain 200 
acres. Also 2 shares of meadow. Leave rest to the 
children above named. " What I have given to my 
daughter Elizabeth at or since her marriage to be 
credited to her." Makes wife Hannah, and sons 
W'" and Caleb executors. 

Dated, Jan. 17, 174J. 

Proved Feb. 26, 1742. 

Liber 15. P. 15. 

24. W"" Smith of New York, " merchant." 

Leaves to wife Susanna for life " the dwelling 
house where I now live," also " my house and lot in 
Queen Street that was formerly her father's lying 
between the houses late of Mr. Veenvos, and Dr. 
Staafs." Also " my house and lot at the southwest 
corner of the City Hall, now inhabited by the wife 

20 The Smith Wills of 

and children of my brother John Smith.'' Also the 
house and ground that I bought of W*" Hill in the 
fields, all in the city of New York. And all my 
houses and lands in Flvshing and the lands at the 
fresh meadows, and the salt meadows by the creek 
of Flushing. And the land at a place called the 
Ragged Swamp, about 200 acres. And all my land 
lying up Hudsons river at a place called Quaspeck, 
near Verdredie Hook. 

I leave all my lands after my wife's death to my 
son William. If he die then the lands to go to the 
children of my brothers James, John and Thomas. 
Mentions W"" and Thomas, " sons of my brother 
Thomas," my brother John and his children John, 
Mary, Sarah and Dosia. Makes his wife executor. 


Francis Sherman 


P. Bayard 
Dated June 28, 171 8. 
Proved Nov. 15, 1736. 
Liber 13. P. 50. 
(See next will.) 

25. Susanna Smith, " widow of W"" Smith of 
JVew York. 

Leaves ^"20 to Trinity Church, and frees her 
slaves. Leaves to her cousin Frances Moore wife 

" Susannah Smith was the daughter of John Lawrence of Flushing, 
who died in 1699. She married for her first husband Gabriel Minni- 

New York and Long Island. 21 

of John Moore, merchant, ;^300, as a particular leg- 
acy, and also leaves her the rest of the property. 
Makes John Moore and Joseph Robinson executors. 
Codicil, Leaves to Frances, Elizabeth and John 
Barbabie, children of my cousin Susannah, each ;^20. 

John Chambers 
Abraham Lodge 
John Barton 
Dated Nov. 19, 1736. 
Proved Jan. 8, 1 738. 
Liber 13. P. 171. 

26. Richard Smith " of Smithtown. 

" Late of Smithtown but now of Newport Rhode 
Island," Directs executors to sell all lands in Smith- 
town. Mentions wife Elizabeth and children Gilbert, 
John, Tc^llman, Samuel and Mary. Makes brother 
in law Peter Tallman, and Daniel Waters, executors. 
Feb. 12, 1735. Nov. 9, 1736. 

Liber 13. P. 184. 

ville, who was mayor of New York in 1684. Her second husband was 
"William Smith, "merchant," whose will precedes this. The "house 
and lot on Queen Street which was formerly her father's " (John Law- 
rence) is now No. 137 Pearl Street. The dwelling-house of William 
Smith, which was formerly Gabriel Minni ville 's, is No. 9 or 11 Broad- 
way. The "house at southwest corner of the City Hall," is the west 
comer of Wall and Broad streets, New York. 

"Richard Smith was known as " Quaker Richard." He was son of 
Samuel Smith, and grandson of Richard Smith, patentee of Smithtown. 

22 The Smith Wills of 

2 7. Jonathan Smith '^ of Smithtown. 

This will, written by the testator, is very long, and 
is composed of severe animadversions, upon the con- 
duct of his relations, who he thinks conspired to de- 
fraud him in division of lands. And especially his de- 
ceased son Piatt Smith. He leaves all property to 
his 2 daughters Tabitha wife of Nico II Floyd (father of 
Gen. W"' Floyd') and Ruth wife of Col. Henry Smith. 

Dated Oct. 18, 1743. 

Proved Nov. 20, 1 744. 

28. Nathaniel Smith,^'^ oi Jamaica. 

Leaves estate to wife Patience and children Patience 
(under 10) and Ludlum. (under 8). Makes " my 
father in law W"" Ludlam and my brother John 
Smith" executors. 

John Ludlam 
Amos Denton 

Dated Jan. 12, 1745. 

Proved Jan. 19, 1745. 

Liber 15. P. 482. 

" Jonathan Smith was son of Jonathan, and grandson of Richard 
Smith, patentee of Smithtown. He was born November 9, 1676, and 
died in 1744. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Epenetus Piatt of 
Huntington. A tombstone lying prostrate in the old burying ground 
at Nissequogue in Smithtown, bearing the following almost obliterated 
inscription, marks the resting place of his only son ; 

" Here lies the Body of Mr. Piatt Smith, aged 36 years, who departed 
this life, August 24, 1745." 

" Nathaniel Smith was son of John Smith of Jamaica. See No. 17. 

New York and Long Island. 23 

2g. Gershom Smith "' of Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Mary the use of lands "as long as 
she remains my widow." To son Gershom i of a 100 
acre lot lying by the Half way Hollow, and bounded 
on the east and west " by highways that lead to 
South from Hempstead Plains" and is joining to my 
brother Benjamins land. Also a Hollow in the 
Plains, about 2 acres, lying by a place called the 
Sandy Hollow. To sons Thomas and Israel each 
\ of my homestead, " where I now live," and meadows. 
To son Uriah, 20 acres of woodland, and 40 acres of 
Plains, which join together, whereon is a house which 
I give him. Mentions daughters Elizabeth, Mary 
and Martha. I make my hroXh^r Jonathan and my 
friend yi?^;? Seaman oi Jerusalem executors. 


David Bedell 
Abigail Toten 
Charles Peters 

Dated Sept. 8, 1735. 

Proved Oct. 10, 1735. 

Liber 12. P. 345. 

30. Israel Smith oi Jamaica, "Doctor." 

Orders estate to be sold, and leaves legacies to 
"my sisters Hannah Woolsey and Keziah Smith m 

'* Gershom Smith was son of Jonathan, and grandson of John Smith, 
" Rock." See Nos. 9 and 42. 

24 The Smith Wills of 

the. Jerseys." To sister Rachel, and " my cousin Mary 
Reade now an infant." All rest to s\s,t&r Judith. 

Benj. Hinchman 
Robert Cross 
S. Dean J« 
Dated Oct. 9, 1733. 
Proved April 9, 1 734. 
(See No. 37.) 

31. Edmund Smiih^^ of Smithtown, L. I. 

To son Edmund my house and grist mill and the 
house that Benjamin Ackerly now lives in, and some 
small pieces of land and meadow on the mill creek, 
and a small lot formerly of Timothy Biggs. Like- 
wise a tract bounded from a certain well called Jacobs 
well, thence southward by the water side to Timothy 
Mills lot, then as the fence goes to the Hollow where 
Richard Smith lives. Also 70 acres between the 50 
acre lots and Timothy Mills homestead. Also lot at 
Rasapeage. To son Floyd 3. certain tract running from 
Jacob's well as the shore goes to Richard Smiths or- 
chard. Also my 50 acres lot No. i. To son Thomas 
two 50 acre lots No. 3 and 4. Rest of undivided 
lands to sons Edmund, Floyd and Thomas. Men- 
tions wife Mary and daughters Anne and Margaret. 
June 2, 1734. Jan 5, 1735. 

" Edmund Smith was the only son of Adam Smith, son of Richard 
Smith, the founder of Smithtown. 

New York and Long Island. 25 

32. William Smith of Grey Court, Orange Co. 

Leaves all estate to wife Mary, and makes her ex- 

John Smith 

Samuel Seeley 

Samuel Seeley J" 
Dated Jan. 11, 173^. 
Proved June 2, 1733. 

Previous to the probate of this will, the widow 
married W"^ Jackson. 
Liber 12. P. 45. 

33. Thomas Smyth of New York. 

Intestate. Letters granted to John Scott, principal 
creditor, May 17, 1732. 
Liber 11. P. 280. 

34. John Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves to sons Elias, Benjamin and Silas, each 5^ 
over what I have given them by deeds. To wife 
Isabell i of movables and use of house for life. Rest 
of movables to children Amos, Hannah, Abigail, 

26 The Smith Wills of 

Phebe and Elizabeth. Makes Abel Smith, Robert 
Sutton and son Benjamin executors. 

Charles Hoolis 

Dated July 20, 1732. 
Proved April 3, 1733. 
Liber 11. P. 488. 

35. Jonathan Smith of Hempstead. 

Orders executors to sell " my grist mill and tene- 
ments and messuages with all the lands and meadows 
thereto adjoining, as far as the first ditch, situate at 
a place call Merrick, in said town, at a publick out- 
cry." Leaves to daughters Hannah, Elizabeth and 
Mary, each ^100. All other houses and lands, to 
sons Richard, Jonathan, W'" and Elijah when 21. 
Leaves to wife Elizabeth personal property. Makes 
John Tredwell^", Micah Smith and wife Elizabeth 


MoRDECAi Lester 
Samuel Hewlet 
W" Hess 

Dated Feb. 22, 1731. 

Proved April 3, 1733. 

Liber 11. P. 492. 

New York and Long Island. 27 

36. Aaron Smith^'' of Smithtown. 

Leaves to older son Othniel, 100 acres of land ad- 
joining his dwelling house, and to come down to the 
channel of the river. Bounded north by land of 
Job Smith, south by a line running due east from a 
small walnut tree standing on the brow of the hill 
near my dwelling house, into the river, and 4 acres 
of thatch bed on the east side of river, with a small 
thatch yard belonging thereto. To my son Sands 
Smith when 21, fourteen acres of land bounded south 
by Piatt Smith, east by Justice Daniel Smith, also a 
14 acre lot with share of salt meadow adjoining, 
also a lot on Ronconcomy Plains. To my son 
Abijah Smith a lot called the Hay Hollow bounded 
north hy Joseph Smith, south by Edmund Smith, and 
a share of thatch at head of Stony Brook Harbor 
when 21. To sons Abner and Aaron all my lands 
lying between the land left to my son Othniel and 
the land of Ebenezer Smith, and 6 acres lying 
between the two roads leading to the river head. 
My son Aaron is to have the part adjoining to my 
son Othniel with the house and orchard. Mentions 
wife Serviah, and daughters Sarah, and Serviah. 

Dated Aug. 13, 1745. 

Proved Feb. 19, 1747. 

Joseph Smith 
John Ferguson 
Arthur Buchanan 

" Aaron Smith was son of Job Smith and grandson of Richard 
Smith, the patentee of Smithtown. The localities mentioned are fully- 
described in the printed " Records " of that town. 

28 The Smith Wills of 

2)^. Rachel Smith '^ oi Jamaica. 

" Single woman." Leaves to " my cousin Thomas 
Read oi Jamaica, a bond of John Ludlum's for £i^, 
and wearing apparel for his wife. To my sister 
Hannah Woolsey of Hopewell [New Jersey] wife of 
George Woolsey, ;^20. To my sister Keziah Smith 
of Maidenhead [New Jersey] wife of Jasper Smith 
£\or To " my cousin Margaret Pierson wife of 
Rev. John Pierson, of Woodbridge, £\o." Mentions 
" my sist&r Judith Pierson," " my aunt Hannah, wife 
of Samuel Smith of Jamaica." Leaves legacies to 
Patience wife of Nehemiah Smith ■^'' " my loving 
cousin Samuel Smith." To Presbyterian Church in 
Jamaica. Rest of estate to cousin Hannah, wife of 
Rev. John Pierson, and cousin Isabell Freeman, 
daughter of Henry Freeman of Woodbridge. Men- 
tions Keziah Woolsey, daughter of Hannah Woolsey. 

Dated Dec. 6, \ 743. 

Proved April 16, 1747. 


Samuel Smith 
Samuel Smith J^ 
Nehemiah Smith 

Liber 16. P. 127. 

38. Micha Smith of Hempstead. 

" Gentleman." Leaves to wife Phebe " my chaise 
and the horse carrying it " and movables. To 

'8 Rachel Smith was sister of Dr. Israel Smith. See his will, No. 30. 

Neiv York and Long Island. 29 

daughters Elizabeth and Phebe each £200. " I 
order that 48 acres of land lying near Richard Sea- 
man's, which I have given my father Isaac Smith a 
life lease for, and is now in possession of him and 
my brothery«t(9<5 Smith," be sold. I leave to my 3 sons 
Micah, Isaac and Richard, when 21, my homestead 
where I now live, and 100 acres of land lying between 
Timothy Smith and Richard Seaman, and all my 
meadow at Hungry Harbor, and all my undivided 
lands in Hempstead. Also my right in Lot No. 21 
in the Nine Partners '' in Duchess County. I order 
my ipart of Lot No. 18 in the Nine Partners, the 
whole lot being in partnership between me and 
Joseph Mott, Mordecai Lester and my brother Jacob 
Smith, to be sold, and all my other lands in Duchess 
Co. and the money given to my two daughters. I 
make my wife Phebe and Robert Marvin executors 
and Mordecai Lester and Cornelius Van Wyck of 
Duchess Co. Overseers. 

Dated April i, 1747. 

Proved May 11, 1747. 

John Mitchell 
Richard Smith 
Phebe Smith 

Liber 16. P. 145. 

"The "Nine Partners" was a large tract of land in Duchess 
County patented to nine men, most of whom were from New York and 
Long Island. 

30 The Smith Wills of 

39. Richard Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Mary 5 slaves, " and all the house- 
hold goods that did belong to her before her mar- 
riage " and " all the stock of Horses, cattle Hogs and 
sheep which she then had," provided she pay the 
bonds due to her two sons Epenetus Piatt and 
Uriah Piatt. " I leave to my cousin and appren- 
tice Silas Smith ■^'' ;^50, and all my saddlers 
tools." Leaves legacies to " my two half sisters 
Elizabeth and Margaret." All the rest to my brothers 
Timothy and Henry. Makes wife Mary and brother 
Tim,othy executors. 


Gilbert Wright 

Dated May 24, 1747. 

Proved June 21, 1747. 

Liber 16. P. 168. 

40. Ebenezer Smith ^ of Smithtown. 

Leaves to son Richard all lands and tenements, 
except 35 acres on the west side of Nissequogue 
river, between the land of Obadiah Smith and Job 
Smith, which he leaves to son Phineas. Legacies to 

^^ Ebenezer Smith was son of Richard, the son of Richard Smith, 
patentee of Smithtown. The son Phineas was lost on board a privateer 
during the Revolution. Richard has many descendants in Smithtown- 

Neiu York and Long Island. 31 

daughters Temperance, Anna and Hannah. Makes 
his brother Capt. Richard Smith, Job Smith, and wife 
Anna executors. 

Dated July 25, 1747. 
Proved Jan. 7, 1747 (Old Style). 
Jacob Munsell 
Anna Smith 
W« NicoLL J-* 
Liber 16. P. 249. 

41. Col. Henry Smith ■^''■" of Brookhaven, 

Leaves to wife Ruth ;^200 with use of house, and 
"riding chair and sleigh." If my wife Ruth shall 
convey to my son Charles Jeffrey Smith all her 
lands in Smithtown, then he shall pay her ^200, 
when he comes of age, and to each of my daughters 
Elizabeth and Martha £100 when they come of age. 
I leave to my son Charles Jeffrey all houses and 
lands in Brookhaven and Smithtown, and £i\oo, " and 
a new silver tankard now in making at Mr. Lemi- 
ners in New York." To daughters Elizabeth and 
Martha each \ of movables. " To my sister Martha 
the privilege of living in the west bedroom in my 

" Colonel Henry Smith was son of Henry Smith and grandson of 
Colonel Wm. Smith, the head of the " Tangiers " family of Smiths. He 
died May 3, 1747, aged 37. He married Ruth, daughter of Jonathan 
Smith of Smithtown. She survived him many years. See No. 27. 

32 The Smith Wills of 

dwelling house, and the privilege of sitting and keep- 
ing by the fire in the west fire room, and the privi- 
lege of cooking in the kitchen." Leaves to his 
brothers W'" and Gilbert, and sisters Mary Smith, 
Glorimia Brewster and Martha Smith, each £iQ>, 
"for mourning." Leaves £6 to Church in Brook- 
haven, and £-1) to meeting house in Brookhaven, 
and for " a meeting house when built in Smith- 
town " £^. Leaves £/^ to buy a black burying cloth 
for the use of the town of Brookhaven, and 15 
shillings a year for ten years for support of a church 
minister in Brookhaven. Makes wife Ruth and 
brother W"" executors. 

Dated March 25, 1747. 

Proved April 9, 1 748. 

Liber 16. P. 272. 

42. Jonathan Smith ^"^ of Hempstead. 

Leaves to eldest son yis'/ziz/.^a^ 5 shillings and "my 
large Bible." To wife Elizabeth the use of east 
room in house and | of farm lands during widow- 
hood. Leaves to his three married daughters Eliza- 
beth wife of Ezekiel Matthews, Jane wife of Benjamin 
Haviland and Hannah wife of Timothy Tredwell 
each a cow and calf. To daughter Philena her 
riding saddle, and her Dutch Spinning wheel. To 
eldest son Jonathan J of a tract of land bought of 

'' Jonathan Smith was son of Jonathan and grandson of John Smith 
"Rock." See No. 9. 

New York and Long Islcmd. 33 

John Dean, " except 20 acres which I sold to 
my brother Gerskom Smith, deceased," the said 
i is 55 acres situate near the Plains on the 
east side of the Merrick road, and i of a lot of 
meadow at Little Merrick, 100 acres, bounded north 
by land which I gave to my son John, and i of a 
tract joining to the north side of Josiah Raynors 
land, except 12 acres which I gave to my son John. 
The whole is 97 acres, and he is to pay to the heirs 
or assigns of James Searing and Jonathan Searing 
£2% for what I owe for it. I leave to my son John. 
the 12 acres above mentioned, and a certain messuge 
and piece of land and meadow at Little Merrick, that 
was bought of Thomas Frost, and Nathaniel Oakley, 
by deed of April 29, 1 745, and he is to pay to Daniel 
Hewlett £'Jo. I also leave him \ of my undivided 
lands. I leave to son Henry \ the tract lying north 
of Josiah Raynors except 1 2 acres, and all other 
lands which I have given him by deed of gift. I 
leave to my son Cornell Smith all lands which I have 
given him. Make sons John and Henry and son in 
law Timothy Tredwell executors. 

Dated May 1 7, 1 746. 

Proved Sept. 13, 1748. 


Benjamin Smith 
Benjamin Hewlett 
John Rushmore 
Samuel Willis 

Liber 16, P. 347. 

34 The Smith Wills of 

43. James Smith of Newburgh. 

Leaves to oldest son Josiah ;^ioo when 24 years 
of age. I leave to my 4 sons W"\ Benjamin, Eph- 
raim. and Jonas all my farm and lands at Newburgh. 
Makes, his wife Mary, and Capt. Alexander Colden 
and Charles Clinton ^''^' executors. 

John Humphrey, J" 
W« Ward and 
Thomas Ward 
Dated Feb. 25, 1747. 
Proved Oct. 22, 1748. 
Liber 16. P. 371. 

44. Thomas Smith ^^ of Hempstead. 

" I Thomas Smith alias Rock." Leaves use of 
house, etc. to wife Phebe during widowhood to enable 
her to bring up my children. I leave to my son 
Zebulon my homestead and land thereto belonging. 
I direct that all my land adjoining to Joseph San — 
and Jonathan Smith be sold at auction and the pro- 
ceeds to go to my wife Phebe and daughter Mary. 
Makes provision for an expected child. Makes 

^2 Thomas Smith was probably son of Jeremiah Smith. See 15. 

The Smith Wills of 

46. Nehemiah Smith oi Jamaica. 

Leaves to wife Ann, £^0, 2 cows, 6 sheep and 10 
bushels each of Wheat, Rye and corn and sufficient 
meat and firewood for one whole year, and she and 
my son Wait Smith are to have the sole use of house 
and lands for one year. Then the house and lands 
to be sold and money paid to my son Thomas, and 
my daughters Phebe, Rachel, Priscilla wife of W"" 
Ludlum, and Mary " lately married to Elias Bayles." 
I leave to Daniel Smith, Samuel Smith and Elias 
Bayles, elders and deacons of the Presbyterian 
Church in Jamaica £10, the interest to be for 
maintaining a standing ministry. Rest of estate 
to sons Nehemiah, Noah, Nicholas, Jonathan and 

Dated May 14, 1750. 

Proved July 30, 1 750. 

Liber 17. P. 183. 

47. Bernardus Smith of New York, " Cordwainer." 

All estate real and personal, " except my negro 
man Adam" to be sold by executors. Leaves to 
mie. Johanna ht\\Q negro man Adam. Rest of estate 
is left to children, Hendricus, Elizabeth wife of Henry 

New York and Long Island. 37 

Filken, Anatje wife oi John Ten Broeck, and Cath' 
arine widow of Albertus Bosch. 
Dated Nov. 10, 1 746. 
Proved Sept. 22, 1750. 

Al" Lefferts 
Jasper Bosch 
Gerardus Beekman 
Liber 17. P. 217. 

48. Joseph Smith ""^ of Hempstead. 

Leaves to daughters Hannah, Mary, Sarah and 
Elizabeth ;^200 each, and to daughter Phebe £10"]. 
Leaves all houses and lands to sons Josiah, Ben- 
jamin, Richard and James. Makes his brother 
John, and son Richard, and daughter Hannah ex- 

Timothy Smith 
Charles Peters 
Susannah Smith ^ 

MiCAH Smith 
Dated Nov. 14, 1746. 
Proved Sept. 23, 1751. 
Liber 18. P. 16 

'5 Joseph Smith was probably son of John Smith, ' ' Rock. " See No. 9. 

38 The Smith Wills of 

49. W'" Smith''^ of New York, " merchant 
and mariner." 

I leave to my youngest children, Blanche and Sarah, 
a certain piece of land I bought of Richard Willis, 
lying on the east side of Kings street in the town of 
Greenwich, Ct. about 8 acres, also ;^400 each. To 
my daughter Ann ;^6oo. To, my son John £2^0 
and my silver large double tankard. I direct that 
the house and lot I now live in, on the south side of 
Queen Street in Hanover Square, and the lands I 
bought o{ Joseph Brundridge, and the lands I bought 
of Justus Bosch of Greenwich, and all my personal 
estate, except as above to be sold within 3 months 
and the proceeds to go to my children, John, 
Blanche, Sarah, Ann ■axid.Mary Jauncey. Makes son 

'* William Smith left a distinguished line of descendants. He mar- 
ried first Charity, daughter of Justus Bosch, second Sarah, daughter 
of Rene and Blanche Hett. 

The daughter Mary married James Jauncey. Ann married Rev. 
Benjamin Halt. 

John Smith married first Mary, daughter of Judge William Smith, 

second Margaret . His children were Mary, wife of Richard 

Bancker; Colonel William S., born 1755; Sarah, wife of Charles Adams, 
son of PresKSlrt"^oBn'A3airis'f°ElTzarAnn,Johii,"T58fa'Tys^r?^9^ 
bom 1761; Margaret and Belinda, wife of Matthew Clarkson. 

Colonel William S. Smith was a distinguished officer in the army of 
the Revolution. He married Abigail, daughter of President John 
Adams, and has many descendants. He owned at one time the greater 
part of what is now Washington Square, New York. 

The house " on the south side of Queen Street in Hanover Square,'' 
where William Smith lived, is now No. 136 Pearl street. New York. If 
it was sold it was purchased by his son John, who lived there. His 
widow, Margaret Smith, sold it to Hugh Stocker. 

New York and Long Island. 39 

John, daughter Ann, and Peter Van Brugh Living- 
ston " merchant " executors. 
Dated Feb. 19, 1752. 
Proved May 13, 1752. 
Tho. Grigg 
Robert Henry 
Charles Johnson 
Liber 18. P. 109 

50. JVait Smith ^'' of Goshen. 

Leaves to wife Charity use of movables, and best 
room in house and \ of homestead during widow- 
hood. To my eldest son Wait Smith i of my Town 
Rights and my Great Bible. To son Samuel my 
home lot in Goshen No. 13, being 80 acresTand"'^ of 
my Town Rights. Leaves to daughters Elizabeth 
STnith and Charity Thompson \ of movables. Gives 
10 shillings each to sons Oliver, James, W"' Joshua and 
Solomon. Makes sons Wait and Solomon executors. 


Daniel Everett 
Daniel Gale 
Gilbert Denton 

Dated Sept. 4, 1750. 

Proved Oct. 12, 1753. 

Liber 18. P. 397. 

" Perhaps son of Nehemiah Smith of Jamaica. See 46. 

40 The Smith Wills of 

51. Daniel Smith ''^ oi Jamaica. 

" Being arrived to the 90th year of my age, and 
though laboring under the infirmities of such an ad- 
vanced age, yet, thanks to Almighty God I am now 
at this time in good health of body and of sound 
mind." Leaves to wife Abigail ^210 and use of 
"house and small lot of land where I now live." 
Leaves to sister Deborah Wood ;^20. To my 
brother Samuel Smith £1 10. To elders and Deacons 
of Presbyterian Church in Jamaica £/\.o, the interest 
of which is to be for the use of Rev. Mr. David Bost- 
wick, the present pastor, and his successors, being 
Presbyterians, in all remaining ages. To Benjamin 
Hinchman " 20 shillings wherewith to purchase a suit- 
able book for the use of said congregation." Leaves 
legacies to " my cousin John Willis," " my cousin Elis- 
abeth Smith, one of the daughters of my brother y<?,^;« 
Smith deceased," " my cousin Jemima Nox, now a 
widow another daughter of my brother y"i9,^« Smith!' 
" my cousin John Smith, one of the sons of my 
brother John deceased, of New Jersey and to his 
brother Edward" " my cousin Samuel Smith of 
Huntington, son of my brother Amos Smith, for the 
use of his son Daniel" " my cousin Daniel Smith 

^* It is evident that the "cousins" in the above will were really 
nephews. It is quite probable that the testator was of Dutch ancestry, 
and in that language there seems to be no word of distinction between 
the two relationships. 

New York and Long Island. 41 

Wood, son of my cousin and brother in law John 
Wood deceased." "To Amos Smith son of my 
cousin Solomon Smith." " To my cousinyi?^^ Smith, 
son of my cousin Daniel Smith, saddler." " To 
Martha Smith, wife of my cousin Solomon Smith, for 
support of herself and children." The houses and 
lands to be sold by executors. Makes " my trusty 
and well beloved friend and cousin Benjamin 
Hinchman, and my friend and neighbor Thomas 
Read, saddler," executors. 

Dated July 14, 1753. 

Proved Oct. 21, 1754. 

James Cebra 
Jacob Ogden 
John Thompson 

Liber 18. P. 145. 

52. Nathan Smith S'' ol Jamaica. 

The executors are to sell a piece of land to pay " a 
bond given to my son Nathan." His wife Martha 
is to have the use of estate to enable her to bring up 
the children. After her death or marriage the estate 
is to be sold "as speedily as possible." This estate 
being at Spring head m Jamaica." " Mentions chil- 
dren Amos, Daniel, Mary, Joanna, and Martha. 

42 The Smith Wills of 

Makes wife Martha, Elias Bayles S' and W*" Lud- 
lam S'^ executors. 

Simon Van Noortwyck 

Christian Van Noortwyck 

Matthew Van Noortwyck 
Dated May 17, 1749. 
Proved Nov. 30, 1755. 
Liber 19. P. 355. 

53. Dirck Smith of New York. Otherwise called, 
Dirck Jansen Van de Venter, "mariner." 

After debts are paid, then all my houses and lands 
sloops, boats, etc. to go to my only son and heir 
John Dircksen, and as he is in his minority I appoint 
Dirck Van der Cliff '"^ and Mr. Peter Stoutenburg 
" who are already the guardians and overseers of my 
children's estate which came to them by their mother's 
side." They are to make up the account with my 
son in law Jarvis Marshall and of Catharine his 
wife, and I give her ;^5. " I have hereunto set my 
hand and seal on board of ye Sloop called the New 

" Dirck Van der Cliff, one of the executors, was the owner of an 
orchard and tract of land in New York, through which Cliff Street now 

New York and Long Island. 43 

York now riding at anchor before the town of New 
Castle, in Delaware." 

Capt. Edmund Cantwell 
Jan Cornellisen 
Ephraim Hermans 
Dated May 6, 1678. 

An indorsement states that Ephraim Hermans 
was the Clerk of New Castle by appointment of Sir 
Edm,und Andross. 
Liber 19. B. P. 'j']. 

54. Isaac Smith of Bedford, Westchester Co. 

To eldest son David all that piece of land I bought 
oi Joseph Clark lying by Beaver Dam river in Bed- 
ford. Other lands are to be sold " after the death 
of my father and his wife." Legacies to children 
Sarah Mary, Esther Ann, Mathias, Jesse, Isaac, 
Benjamin. Makes his brother Jacod and Zephaniah 
Mills executors. 

Dated April 29, 1 756. 
Proved May 27, 1756. 
John Miller 
Stephen Miller 
Zephaniah Mills 
Liber 20. P. 134. 

44 The Smith Wills of 

55. Jacob Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Phebe "riding chaise and horse and 
silver tankard," etc. To son Thomas £^0. To son 
Isaac all lands and houses in Hempstead. To grand 
son Uriah Smith £100. 
Dated Jan. 30, 1755. 
Proved March 15, 1757. 

John Mitchell 
MicAH Smith 
Isaac Smith 
Liber 20. P. 293. 

56. Abel Smith oi Hempstead. 

Directs that his executors sell, " all that tract of 
land, with meadow thereto belonging, now in pos- 
session of my son Samuel Smith, which I bought of 
Samuel Sands ■^'', except 13 acres of timber land 
across the south end." Also all his personal estate. 
Leaves to daughter Jemima £i\o. To sons Samuel 
and Maurice the farm I now live on and the 12 
acres of timber land I bought of Caleb Cornell, and 
the 13 acres above mentioned. And all my buildings 
and all other rights on Cow Neck. Leaves to wife 
Ruth £2,^0. Makes " my brother Benjamin, Thomas 

New York and Long Island. 45 

Pearsall axid Samuel Doughty" executors. Mentions 
another daughter, name not given. 

Dated April 2, 1757. 

Proved April 25, 1757. 



Simeon Sands and 
Benjamin Sands 
Liber 20. P. 257. 

57. Daniel Smith oi New York, "Gardener." 

Leaves " to my undutifull and disobedient son John 
Conrad Smith" £^," and no more," and precludes him 
from any further claim on the estate. Leaves the 
use of the estate to wife Elizabeth during widow- 
hood, then all to children Barent, Elizabeth, Catha- 
rine, and Maria. Makes his wife and four last 
named children executors. 
Dated May 26, 1749. 
Proved Nov. 2, 1757. 
John Myer 
W« Boot 
S. Johnson 
Liber 20. P. 373. 

46 The Smith Wills of 

58. Henry Smith of Goshen. 

Leaves to executors to pay debts all personal 
property and 80 acres of land, " being part of a tract 
I lately purchased from Henry Wesnor Esq " within 
the Patent of Waywayanda, to be taken off by the 
east and west line, and the line of the Township of 
Goshen. After payment of debts the rest to go to 
wife Joanna, and children Abigail, Phebe, Joanna, 
Elizabeth and Hannah Leaves to son Caleb all the 
homestead, being one lot and a half, with house 
where I now live, and 40 acres in the fore mentioned 
tract, to be taken by the line of that which is to be 
sold, and the line of the township of Goshen. 
Leaves to son Henry 105 acres in the Navesink 
Patent in Ulster County, " which I purchased from 
Mr. George McNish" Leaves to son Stephen 120 
acres "which is the remainder of the tract I bought 
of Wesnor." 'Wiie Joanna, to have the use of home- 
stead during widow hood. Makes his wife and 
hroth&r Jeremiah executors. 

Dated Sept. 13, 1757. 

Proved Oct. 8, 1757. 


Solomon Smith 
Benjamin Drake 
Daniel Everitt 

Liber 20. P. 393. 

New York and Long Island. 47 

59. Joshua Smith of Coram. 

Leaves to son Annanias " one lot and a half with 
house and other buildings, where he now dwelleth," 
being on the east side of my home lot. Also i of a 
lot lying between the lands of Smith and Paul 
Hulse, and \ my land at a place called the Chesnut 
pound, and all my meadows at Nocomock in Brook- 
haven or in Manor of St. George. Leaves to son 
Isaac " all my now dwelling house and home lot " 
" with barn and mill, and all the rest of my land," 
" and all my Rum, Cyder, oats and other needful 
utensils for selling and keeping a Tavern." Lega- 
cies to daughters Sarah, Ruth, Phebe, Mary and 
Bethiah, when of age. To son Daniel £100, and he 
is to be put to a trade when 15. " My son Jonathan 
to have a maintenance during life." " My wife Mar- 
garet to have all things meet and convenient for her, 
and the absolute use of the best fire room." Makes 
wife, and son Isaac, and friend W'" Smith of the 
Manor of St. George executors. 

Dated Nov. 10, 1756. 

Proved Nov. 23, 1757. 

Ends Bishop 
Uriah Smith 
W" Garad 

Liber 20. P. 440. 

48 The Smith Wills of 

60, Rachel Smith 3° of New York, " widow of 
Patrick Smith." 

Leaves to her brothers Johanes Montanie and 
Jacobus Montanie, and brother in law Jacob Brower 
each £\o. Leaves legacies to John, Joseph, Abra- 
ham,, Sarah and Ann, children oi Johanes Montanie. 

To John, Jacob, Everardus and Abraham, chil- 
dren oi Jacob Brower. 

To Ann, Mary, Ariantie, and Elizabeth, children 
of Jacobus Montanie. 

To Ann, child of Jesse Montanie. 

To John, child of A^"^ Montanie. 

To Sarah and Ann children of my sister Ann 

To John Brower son oi Jacob Brower, "my Ser- 
mon Book." Makes brother Johanes, and friend 
Jacobus Stoutenburgh "shop keeper" executors. 


John Leary 
Dated Sept. 17, 1757. 
Proved March i, 1758. 
Liber 20. P. 458. 

'» The house and lot of Patrick Smith and afterward owned by his 
widow, Rachel Smith, is now No. 17 Wall Street, New York. On Sep- 
tember 13, 1774, Letters Patent were given to Stephen De Lancy for 
this house and lot in trust to sell, and divide proceeds among the above 
heirs. He sold it to Lawrence Burras ' ' peruke maker " for jf 320, March 
12, 1775- 

New York and Long Island. 49 

61. Arthur Smith of Ulster Co, " In the Precinct 
of the Highlands." 

Leaves most of movable estate to wife Keziah, 
and makes her and his brother and Leonard and 
Daniel Holmes of Bedford, Westchester Co., execu- 
tors. Leaves to son Joel \ of "my land at the south 
west part of my farm, dividing it in the middle." To 
son Arthur i " my land lying on the north side, to 
be divided from the river to the west end," and he is 
to give David 40 acres at the west end. To son 
David \ of my land being the south east part run- 
ning from the river west till he meets with Joel. 
And Leonard Smith is to have his improvements, 
paying David the worth of the land, when he comes 
of age. Mentions daughter Amy, under age. 

Dated March 17, 1756. 

Proved Nov. 23, 1757. 

Jehiel Clark 
Moses Fowler 
Nathan Mills 

Liber 20. P. 472. 

62. Richard R. Smith of New York, " Schoolmaster 
and Mariner." 

Leaves all estate to wife Joanna, except ;^5o, to 
" my loving neice Mary Fogatt." If she dies, then 

50 The Smith Wills of 

" to her mother my loving sister." " And I humbly 
request my wife to cause my said neice to learn the 
mantua maker's business to be quick in accounts, and 
a good seamstress." 

Tobias Van Zant 


Daniel Marvin 
Dated July 15, 1757. 
Proved June 23, 1758. 
Liber 21. P. 52. 

63. Zachariah Smith of Huntington. 

" Being now going into the army " orders house 
and lands to be sold. Leaves to his mother the 
interest of ^^50 for life. All the remainder " I give 
unto my nephews Ezekiel Smith ■'''• Zachariah 
Smith ■'''■ and Joseph Smith ■^''- which is my brother's 
children." Makes David Resco, Jesse Piatt and 
Joseph Lewis ■^''- all of Huntington, executors. 

Dated April 29, 1758. 

Proved Nov. 24, 1758. 

Joseph Lewis 
James Smith 

Liber 21. P. 134. 

New York and Long Island. 51 

64. Jehiel Smith of Huntington. 

Leaves to wife Keziah " her riding horse, saddle 
and bridle, and the choicest of my horses," and i of 
movable estate, one of the dwelling rooms in my 
house, and privilege in cellar and chambers, and lib- 
erty to cut 4 loads of fresh and salt hay on my 
meadow at South,^' and firewood and timber to sup- 
port her part of the fences. The executors are to sell 
"apiece of land on the Plains, on the east side of the 
road that leads from Town to South, called Wolf 
Hill, and a piece of land I bought of Daniel Lewis 
joining to Isaac and Amos Smith, lying on the south 
side of the road that leads from Daniel Lewisis to 
the West Hills, and my right in a piece of land on 
the Great East Neck, at South," and the proceeds to 
go to my 3 youngest daughters, Ruth, Elizabeth and 
Keziah, when 18. Leaves to son Ichabod, "all my 
homestead where my house and barn stand " and 
" all my lands and meadows on the neck at South 
called Copiage." To eldest daughter Hepzibah £20. 
Makes his brother Isaac, and kinsman Israel Wood 


Jonathan Smith 
Job Sammis 
Jeremiah Sammis 

Dated Jan. 31, 1759. 

Proved Feb. 15, 1759. 

Liber 21. P. 215. 

^' It will be remembered that the present town of Babylon was at 

52 The Smith Wills of 

65. Benjamin Smith oi Jamaica. 

Leaves legacies to son Nathaniel, and daughter 
Sarah, and Mary wife of Wright. Leaves 
to sons Benjamin, John and Henry "my dwelling 
house and shop where I now live " and all other 
lands, and personal property " except 2 weaving 
looms, with the Reeds, Geers and other tackling, 
which I leave to my son John." My son Moses to be 
supported for life. " And whereas my son Benjamin 
by virtue of a certain deed formerly made to me and 
Mary my wife, by her father Benjamin Thurston, 
deceased, is likely to lay claim to a part of my lands. 
If he makes his claim good, and does not give his 
brothers John and Henry f, then he is to have no 
share in my estate." Makes sons Benjamin and 
John executors. 


Laetitia Foster 
Amos Denton 
Benjamin Hinchman 

Dated July 17, 1758. 

Proved Ap'l 14, 1759. 

Liber 21. P. 289. 

that time a part of Huntington, and the expression " At South " meant 
the south side of the island. This occurs very frequently in deeds and 
■wills of that date. 

New York and Long Island. 53' 

66. Joseph Smith of New York. 

"The ;^ioo due me from my father's estate is to 
be paid towards taking up my bond at Nathaniel 
Marston's, in New York, and this bond to be carried 
to Nehemiah Denton at Jamaica, to take up my 
mortgage deed, that is with him, and then Nathaniel 
Marston is to be secured ;^ioo, and a;^45 bond to 
Henry Smith of New York!' My place is to be sold, 
and proceeds to go to my daughter Mary when of 
age. " My brother W^ Smith's will being in the 
hands of Gilbert Purdy, what he hath left me, I leave 
to my wife Leviny, and daughter Mary." Makes 
Henry Smith and Daniel Thurston executors. 

Dated Jan. 25, 1758. 

Proved Nov. 16, 1759. 

' Daniel Denton 
Sarah Conklin 
Leonard Smith 

67. Zophar Smith of Huntington. 

Directs all out door movables to be sold. His 
wife Susannah to have the use of house and lands 
for 5 years, then all to be sold, and the money to be 
divided " among all my children both sons and 

54 The Smith Wills of 

daughters" (no names given). Makes brother y<9^« 
and David Ruscoe executors. 

JosiAH Lewis J^ 
W Griffin 
Dated, Nov. 25, 1759. 
Proved Dec. 16, 1759. 
Liber 21. P. 463. 

68. Reuben Smith of Dutchess County. 

Commences with the unusual formula, " By the 
Grace of God, Amen." Leaves all to wife Mary 
and children (not named). Makes " my brother 
Nathan Smith and my hroi^txtx Jonathan Lockwood" 

Daniel Wright 
Isaac Burton 
Joseph Parcel 
May 25, 1756. 
Oct. 18, 1758. 

69. John Smith, " Armorer from the Garrison 
of Oswego, in America." 

Leaves all estate to " dearly beloved brothers, 
Thomas and W"" Smith, at Billingstone in Stafford- 
shire in England," and makes them executors. "I 

New York and Long Island. 55 

have set my hand and seal in the Castle of Denon, 
in Old France this 10 day of March, 1757." 
W" Smith 
John Van Sise 
W" Elberson 
Proved in New York Jan, 9, 1761. 
Liber 22. P. 369. 

70. Nathan Smith of Dutchess County, Residing 
at Crom Elbow. 

Makes wife Rachel, and hTothzr James Smith exec- 
utors, who are to sell the property to pay debts, re- 
mainder to wife and children (not named) eldest son 
Nathan to have a double share. Releases to his 
brother Isaac all claim to estate of their father 
Nathan Smith, " where Isaac now lives." 
John Adams 
Samel Remon 
Joseph Parcell 
Dated March 25, 1759. 
Proved May 18, 1761. 
Liber 23. P. 47. 

56 The Smith Wilis of 

71. John Smith of Ulster County. 

Leaves to eldest son James £10, to son John 5^ 
To grand son Robert Smith "wearing apparell." To 
wife Isabel £\Q. To daughter Mary all estate, after 
debts are paid. Makes wife and daughter, and " my 
trusty friends " John Neeley and Jonas Barkley exec- 


Robert Neeley 
James Morrison 
John Moffatt 
Dated April 13, 1755. 
Proved Nov. 26, 1761. 

72. John Smith of New York, " Leather dresser." 

Executors are to sell " all my stock, shop, goods 
and negro slaves." Leaves to wife Ann all furni- 
ture, and an annuity of ;^20, and the use of " my 
dwelling house on Golden Hill in Montgomery 
Ward, now in the tenure of Leonard Regeler." 
Leaves to his four sons Francis, John, W'", and 
Louis, " my dwelling house and lot on Golden Hill ^^ 
in Montgomery Ward, which my first wife inherited 
from her father and as heir to her sister and brother. 
The legal title to , which by sundry mesne convey- 

5' " Golden Hill " is that part of John Street, New York, near William 

New York and Long Island. 57 

ances Is now vested in me, and is now in the tenure 
of my brother in law John Finlis" Mentions son 
Thomas. Makes " my father in law Thomas Brown 
iron monger" brother in law John Finlis "mariner" 
W"' Tallman " physician " a.nd James Duane " attor- 
ney at law " executors. 
Dated Sept. 28, 1758. 
Proved Nov. 6, 1762. 
Isaac Man 
Peter Vandervoort 
James Riker 
Liber 23. P. 544. 

73. Oliver Smith of Goshen. 

Leaves to son Nehemiah horses and cattle. To 
son Benjamin house and land. Legacies to children 
Nehemiah, Benjamin, Oliver, Joseph, Martha, Mary, 
Phebe,Amy. The youngest sons to be put to trades. 
Makes brothers Joshua and Solomon, " both of 
Goshen," executors. 
John Roe 
Thomas Denton 
Isaac Rhodes 
Dec. 22, 1 761. 
July 10, 1762. 

58 The Smith Wills of 

74. W" Smith ^^ oi Jamaica. 

" Much ailing and weak in body." Leaves all real 
estate to sons W'", Nathaniel and John, except such 
real estate as is coming to me by virtue of my uncle 
Henry Ludlams will, after the decease of Dam,aris 
Ludlam his widow, which I leave to all my children. 
Mentions wife Judith, and daughters Ruth, Judith 
and Keziah. Makes wife and brother in \siw John 
Roads and Amos Mills ■^'' executors. 

Sept. 2, 1762. 

Oct. 19, 1762. 

Liber 23. P. 649. 

75. Thomas Smith of Huntington. 

Leaves movable property to daughters Mary and 
Martha. To sons Thomas, Timothy and Alexander 
when of age, all lands, buildings and meadows. 
Makes Samuel Allen ^'^ of Huntington, and Isaac 
Smith 2in6. Jonas Wood " oi Dicks Hills " executors. 

Annanias Carll 
Joseph Smith J" 
Platt Carll 
March 19, 1763. 
April 21, 1763. 
Liber 24. P. 109. 

^3 Wm. Smith was probably son of John Smith. See No. 17. 

New York and Long Island. 59 

76. Ephraim Smith of Flushing. 

" Being now sick with Small Pox." Gives exec- 
utors power to sell real estate. Leaves to wife Mary 
and daughters Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah, each 
^100. All the rest to son Isaac. Makes " my 
honored father in law Samuel Skidmore, and my 
friend and nephew Samuel Denton of Jamaica " 

Dated Feb. 12, 1763. 
Proved April 19, 1763. 
Phebe Glen 
Martha Denton 
Benjamin Hinchman 

yy. Lamdert Smith ^* oi Haverstraw. 

Leaves to son Aury Smith " my Dutch Bible for 
his birth right." To sons Aury and /ohn all lands 
divided and undivided. Aury is to have his part 
"on the south side of my lands," Wife Elizabeth 
to have the use of my best room. yi2ike.?, Jacobus 
Vanderbilt, Andries Onderdonk and Derrich 

8* This family was of Dutch origin. Their descendants are now in 
Rockland County, N. Y. 

6o The Smith Wills of 

Vanderbilt "all of the Precinct of Haverstraw" 

Dated March 24, 1764. 

Proved May 23, 1764. 

Liber 24. P. 437. 

78. W"" Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves personal property to sons John and W'", 
and daughter Mary Eldred. Leaves to son John 
" all lands where he now lives, bounded east by the 
brook or run, that is between said land, and the land 
whereon Benjamin Eldred now lives," "and so run- 
ning to the northward so far as the brook extends, and 
then along the middle of a Hollow or valley, to the 
northward till it comes to Carman s land," bounded 
north by Carman s land, and west by the brook, that is 
between said land and my homestead. Also the use 
for 7 years if he will fence it, the land at South 
called the West Point, lying southward of a Ditch 
or dam, that I now have, and the use of a piece of 
meadow on the south of a ditch, on the west side 
of said Point. Leaves to his daughter Mary wife of 
Benjamin Eldred all the land and premises where 
Benjamin Eldred now lives, on the east side of the 
land given to John, and a piece of salt meadow at 

New York and Long Island. 6i 

South that I bought of Leffert Hogewont. She is 
to pay to my 3 grand sons, sons of John, £^ each. 
Also the right to cut 4 wagon loads of hay a year, 
for 7 years, on my meadow at South where Benjamin 
Eldred used to cut. Leaves all his homestead to his 
grand sons Isaac and George, sons of his son W"". 
All the rest of lands and meadow to son W"". Makes 
son W"' and Patrick Mott executors. 

Dated Dec. 28, 1759. 

Proved May 14, 1764. 

James Wood 
Hannah Burleigh 
Hannah Lefferts 

Liber 24. P. 533. 

79. Jury Adam Smith of Claverack, 

Leaves to wife Christina use of estate. To son 
Coenraet Smith 30 shillings as first born. To son 
Johan Adam, Smith the possession of the land I have 
by consent of Col. Henry Van Rensselaer, bought of 
Isaac Van Deusen, with house where he lives. And 
a debt of ;^30 due from M'' Abraham Fonda, and he 
is to give the interest of it to " my daughter Catha- 
rine, she being non compos mentis." Leaves rest of 
property to his 1 1 children, Coenraet, Johan Adam, 

62 The Smith Wills of 

Johanes, Jacob, Petrus, Jury, Tennis, Maria, wife of 
Mat iky s Emerigh, Elsie wife of Hendrick Stoffelbeck, 
CkristinasLwd Catharine. Makes sons Jokan Adam, 
Jacob and Petrus executors. 
Dated May 7, 1747. 
Proved Oct. 4, 1764. 
A. Van Dyck 
Stephanus Van Dyck 
Elizabeth Van Dyck 
Liber 24. P. 585. 

80. John Smith of New York, " Cartman." 

Leaves to wife Catharine furniture, etc. To son 
John when 21, £^ as heir at law. Executors to sell 
real estate. Proceeds to wife and children yis/^^, De- 
borah, Catharine and Elizabeth. "If my moneys be 
brought to me from Old England, or from Christo- 
pher Benson^' they are to be equally divided between 
wife and children. " And as touching lands which I 
ought to have in New Jersey, now in controversey 
between me and my uncle Samuel Moore, and all 
rights I have to lands from my grand father Major 
John Berry, of New Jersey" if recovered I leave to 
wife and children. Makes wife, and brother in law 

New York and Long Island. 63 

John Lee and brother in law Christopher Benson, 

Christopher Steymets 
Jacobus Van Vleck 
James Van Gelder 
Dated Oct. 12, 1764. 
Proved March 2, 1765. 
Liber 24. P. 27. 

8 1 . Nathaniel Smith ^^ of Moriches, L. I. 

Leaves to wife Phebe, household goods, negro girl 
Jude, and brown horse and riding chair, "my great 
room in my house and 2 south bedrooms," sufficient 
fire and wood and ^30 a year. Leaves to son 
Josiah all lands in Moriches and all my Beach from 
Bayles stage, west, and one 50 right of commonage 
in the town of Southampton, west of Canoe Place. 
Leaves to son William all lands in Southampton, 

'5 Nathaniel Smith was son of Richard Smith, and grandson of 
Richard Smith, the patentee of Smithtown. His son Colonel Josiah 
Smith commanded the Suffolk County Regiment at the battle of Long 
Island. Wm. Smith settled in Southampton (see his will). His daugh- 
ter Mary married Colonel Abraham Gardiner of the Gardiner's Island 
family. Phebe married Piatt Conkling ; Prudence married Jeffrey 
Smith of Smithtown. All these have many descendants. 

Nathaniel Smith, by inheritance from his father and purchase from 
his brother, became the sole owner of the " Patentship of Moriches," 
which extended from Terrill's river to Seatuck river. 

Among the descendants of Nathaniel Smith are the Gardiners of 
East Hampton, the Pelletreaus of Southampton, and the Thompsons 
of Islip. One of the last is Hon. Frederick Diodati Thompson, the pro- 
prietor of the manor of Sagtikas, Islip. 

64 The Smith Wills of 

and ^looo, to be paid hy Josiak, but if he refuse to 
pay it then W"" is to have the farm Watchogue 
where Josiah now lives. Leaves to his three daugh- 
ters Mary Gardiner, Phebe and Prudence each 
;^iooo, the unmarried daughter to have a home and 
maintainance. Makes sons Josiah and W"" and son 
in law Abraham Gardiner, executors. 
Dated May 20, 1761. 
Proved April 10, 1765. 
John Havens 
Martha Smith 
David Howell 
Liber 25. P. 55. 

82. Richard Smith ^^ of Smithtown. 

To son Isaac all lands at Nissequogue with the 
house I now dwell in, and lands at a place called the 
Old Mill, and Thatch beds, etc. Mentions daugh- 
ters Phebe and Gloriana, Sarah wife of Rev. Naph- 
thalai Daggett, Charity and Martha, and Anna. 
Directs lands on west side of the river to be sold, 
also the 50 acre lot No. 4, and land formerly a Par- 

Sept. 20, 1764. 

Oct. I, 1766. 

^ Richard Smith was son of Richard, and grandson of Richard, the 
patentee of Smithtown. 

New York and Long Island. 65 

^i- John Smith of Herricks, Hempstead. 

Leaves household furniture to wife Susanna. 
Leaves all lands to his sons Sylvanus and Timothy. 
And whereas Sylvanus has already 42 acres oi land 
where he lives in Herricks, I givo. to Timothy as 
much land Iiere in Herricks as is equivalent. And 
whereas Timothy has already 80 acres near Hemp- 
stead Harbor I g\v& to Sylvanus as much near 
Hempstead Harbor as shall be equal. 

Leaves to daughters Sarah and Hannah £200 
and slaves. To daughter Mary £174, and ;i/^26 to 
purchase a silver tankard. Makes his sons and 
Richard Thome and Isaac Smith executors. 
Dated June 27, 1761. 
Proved May 13, 1767. 
James Smith 
MicAH Smith 
Samuel Denton 
Liber 25. P. 585. 

84. Colonel Henry Smith, Manor of St. George. 

Notwithstanding I have made ample provision for 
my son William by Indenture Quadripartite, now 
in possession of Colonel Richard Floyd, dated Jan 
12. 1748, I give him my right in Commons called 
Cheston's. I give to my son Gilbert my right of 
Commons called Harlowes. I leave to my daughter 

66 The Smith Wills of 

Frances 2l certain Lot of meadow in the west meadow 
neck, No. 30. Leaves to sons W'" and Gilbert and 
to daughters Mary and Martha Lions each 10 
shillings. Makes Colonel Richard Floyd, Captain 
Eleazar Hawkins and Captain Benaiah Strong exec- 

Dated Sept. 17, 1764. 

Proved March 28, 1767. 

Liber 25. P. 597. 

85. Jonathan Smith, Hempstead. 

" Living on the north side of the Plains near 
Westbury in Hempstead." Leaves to son Jonathan 
" my wagon Oats and flax." To wife Philena furni- 
ture, etc. Executors are to sell " the homestead on 
the north side of the Plains where I now dwell " and 
"my lands in the north woods near the Hills," and 
pay debts. All the rest to his wife. Makes his 
" brother W^ Smith, and friend George Hewlett at 
Whale neck, both in Hempstead," executors. 

Mary Titus 
Nathaniel Seaman 
Richard Ellison 

Dated June 4, 1767. 

Proved June 19, 1767. 

Liber 25. P. 608. 

New York and Long Island. 67 

86. Micah Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves to sister Elizabeth Piatt ;^5o. All the 
rest of estate to \ixo\\\&x?, Isaac ?irvdL Richard Smith. 
Dated Feb. 22, 1767. 
Proved July 28, 1767. 

Benj. Cheeseman 

Wm Hewlett 

Isaac Smith 
Liber 26. P. i 

87. John Smith of Ulster Co. 

Leaves to son W'" this lot and parcel of land 
where I now live, being 210 acres, and he is to pay 
his brother David £\oo. Leaves all movables to 
wife Mary and son W"\ " My lot in Shawangunk 
Patent, 500 acres," to be sold by executors. The 
proceeds to go to wife Mary, son W", " my brother 
/ames, and my brother's son Robert." Mentions 
"my mother" (not named), "My brother Jam,es 
son W"" Makes wife, John Neeley ■^'' and John 
Davidson executors. 

Dated Sept. 4, 1765. 

Proved May 5, 1767, 

Liber 26. P. 11. 

68 The Smith Wills of 

88. Henry Smith of Ulster Co. 

Leaves to his 4 children Mary, Margaret, John, 
and Elizabeth all estate, when of age. To son John 
£^0 and a horse, saddle and bridle for his birth 
right. My loving friend Ann Wickham to have the 
bringing up of the children, and she and Leonard 
Smith are made executors. 

Dated Oct. 5, 1767. 

Proved Nov. 2, 1767. 

89. Benjamin Smith^'' of Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Amy the use of all lands and tene- 
ments which lie on the north side of the highway 
which leads by my now dwelling house. Also the 
use of lands which lie on the east side of the swamp 
on the south side of said highway. She is to have 
the right to cut 6 ox cart loads of hay on the 
meadow, and " she is to have all the Bees which I 
may happen to have at the time of my decease." 
After her decease the lands above are to go to my 
daughter Amy, wife of Amos Smith, for life, then to 
her children. If she leave no issue, then the above 
lands are to go to my 3 sons Benjamin, Saml, and 
John, and to the sons of my daughter Phebe, wife of 

^' Benjamin Smith was probably son of Jonathan, who was son of 
John Smith, " Rock." See No. g. 

New York and Long Island. 69 

Thomas Tredwell, viz. John and Benjamin, and to 
all the children Xh2X John Jackson J''\i'a.di by my grand 
daughter Charity, and to the children of my daugh- 
ter Mary Titus, viz. Austin James and Phebe. Men- 
tions "my daughter in law Milicent Betts." Leaves 
to son Benjamin " the old briar lot." To son 
Samuel " the Fly lot." To son John the lot called 
Marvin! s lot, and " part of the lot I bought of Dr. 
Charles Peters, lying north of a hole that Dr. Peters 
dug, or caused to be dug for water, which said lotts 
lie in Little Coes neck. . Leaves to his 3 sons all the 
rest of his lands south of the said lots in Little Coes 
neck. Makes Hewlett Peters, Saml Clowes and 
Timothy Clowes executors. 


Samuel Langdon 
W** Langdon 
Sarah Clowes 

March 19, 1766. 

May 1 7, 1 768. 

Liber 26. P. 357. 

90. Daniel Smith of Bedford, Westchester Co. 

Leaves to wife Mary all household goods and use 
of all lands in Bedford. All the rest of estate to 
" my 8 sons Daniel, Gabriel, Denton, Thomas, Caleb, 
Ward, John and" Leaves to daughters Mary 

70 The Smith Wills of 

Smith and Hannah Gregory, each 20 shillings. 
Makes sons Daniel and Gabriel executors. 

Stephen Baxter 
John Benet 
Lewis McDonald 
May 20, 1768. 
May 22, 1769. 
Liber 27. P. 10. 

9 1 . Henry Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves to Wi{& Joycey all household goods and use 
of farm. Executors authorized to sell land and 
" after bringing up the children " the proceeds to go 
to son Isaac and four daughters Mary, Philenah, 
Elizabeth, and Hannah. Makes wife, and Timothy 
Clowes and Silvanus Smith executors. 


Joseph Rayner ^^ 
Ri. Ellison 

Oct. 19, 1769. 

March 13, 1770. 

Liber 27. P. 269. 

92. Charles Jeffrey Smith,^^ Brookhaven. 

Leaves to wife Elizabeth ^1000 and " my Curricle 
or Calash," the desk that was her father's and the 

** Charles Jeffrey Smith was son of Colonel Henry Smith. See No. 
41. Endowed with the deepest religious sentiment, the greater part 

New York and Long Island. 71 

library I purchased for her, and ;^2o per annum. 
To son Elihu Piatt Smith, ;^20oo and watch and sil- 
ver tankard. To daughters Elizabeth and Martha 
" my silver mug and poringer." Leaves to his brother 
James, books on Divinity. Leaves to the Town of 
Brookhaven, Berrystreet's "Sermons," 2 vols, and 
Scripture Dictionary 3 vols, and Harvey's " Dia- 
logues," 3 vols. Leaves to College of New Jersey, 
called Nassau Hall, " all that tract of land that I own 
in James City, Virginia, in partnership with M'^ W'" 
Holt. To propagate the blessed Gospel of Jesus 
Christ, in the following manner, ist Six Spannish 
milled dollars to be paid to each of the Colleges of 
Cambridge, New Haven, and Princetown, to support 
3 annual lectures, to be preached by some able pious 
minister before the students, on the following sub- 
jects. ' The Nature and necessity of Regeneration,' 
'The virtue and necessity of Justification by Faith,' 
' The Dignity, Utility, Greatness and Importance of 
the Gospel Ministry.' " 

"2d When the income is sufficient, the Trustees 
are to maintain an orthodox. Godly minister, to itin- 
erate 3 years, preaching the Gospel to those white 
People and negroes in the Southern Collonies, who 

of his life was spent in labors as a missionary among the Indians and 
among the slaves in the South. He was shot while on a hunting ex- 
cursion, it was supposed by the accidental discharge of his gun, but 
many years later a negro in the South, being convicted of crime and 
about to be executed, confessed his guilt, and also that many years 
before he had shot and killed a preacher named Charles Jeffrey Smith 
at Setauket. 

72 The Smith Wills of 

most need it, and are least able to support it. None 
to be employed unless they agree to preach 3 years. 
After that, the income to be employed in preaching 
the Gospel among the Poor Heathen aboriginalls of 
America, by means of missionaries, etc. In case of 
an Indian war, then to support an itinerant ministry 
among those white people and negroes who most 
need it, and I hope those precious immortals the 
negroes will always have their full proportion, which 
I desire to be as extensive as possible. The Trustees 
are authorized to aid the education of some Godly 
Youth as may be deemed advisable." 

" To disperse good books, among poor whites and 
negroes." He directs that his son Elihu Piatt Smith 
be educated at Nassau Hall. Mentions sisters Eliza- 
beth and Martha, and "my hroth^r James Brewster." 
Makes Benjamin Talmadge and James Brewster 
executors, and gives them power to sell all lands in 
Brookhaven. Makes Adam Babcock and Beftjamin 
Douglass Trustees of will. 


Samuel Smith 
Daniel Smith 
Samuel Reveley 

Dec. 5, 1769. 

Proved Aug. 23, 1770. 

Liber 27. P. 302. 

New York and Long Island. 73 

93. Sylvanus Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Sarah ;^200, and rest of estate to 
sons Joseph, Daniel, John and Timothy. To daughter 
Betsey wife of Samuel Townsend £100. Makes wife, 
and brother Timothy and James Smith of /derricks 

March 10, 1764. 
April 17, 1770. 

Samuel Denton 
Henry Davis 
Luke Cummins 
Liber 27. P. 405. 

94. Hannah Smith of Ulster County. 

Leaves all property to her children Daniel, Jesse, 
Phebe, Joshua, W"', George, Tabitha and Anne. 
Makes her son George and W"' Denn executors. 
Thomas Bull 
Mary Bull 
Agnes Humphrey 
Dated Aug. 16, 1770. 
Proved Oct. 16, 1770. 

74 The Smith Wills of 

95. Amos Smith of Huntington. 

Leaves to son Amos, " all that tract of land on 
the north side of the road, that leads to the school 
house, from where I now live " and my west orchard 
adjoining to Carmans land, on the west, 3 acres. 
Also 48 acres joining to the land oi Joseph Buffett^'', 
and 40 acres of woodland at the west end of the land 
I bought of Isaac Smith, and \ of my land and 
meadow in the neck called Copiage, and \ my land 
lying on the south side above Great East Neck, and 
i my rights in the various Purchases in Huntington. 
I leave to my son Silas my house and all other 
lands. Mentions " my daughter Mary," my grand 
son Eliphalet Smith, son of my daughter Anna de- 
ceased." Makes " my friends and kinsmen Philip 
Smith and Samuel Lewis " executors. 

John Lewis 
Elizabeth Potter 
Gilbert Potter 

Dated Aug. 10, 1767. 

Proved April 2, 1771. 

Liber 27. P. 596. 

96. Ezekiel Smith '^ of Huntington. 

Leaves to wife Catharine £200. Leaves legacies 
to his brother Joseph, " Rebecca Havens, and Abigail 

*' Ezekiel Smith was son of Joseph Smith. See No. q8. 

New York and Long Island. 75 

my sister's daughter." Directs estate to be sold. 
Makes wife Catharine dSid Josiak Wickes executors. 
Platt Vail 
Nathaniel Jarvis 
W" Lysaght 
Dated Feb. 13, 1770. 
Proved May i, 1771. 
Liber 27. P. 636. 

97. Thomas Smith oi Jamaica, " Cordwainer." 

Leaves to wife Deborah the use of estate, and she 
and the executors have power to sell. After the 
death or marriage of the widow the estate to be sold 
and proceeds paid to " my 7 children Platt, Thomas 
Henry, W'", Oliver, Sarah and Elisabeth." Men- 
tions "my grand son Platt Smith son of Platt." 
Makes wife, and sons Thomas and Henry executors. 
Dated July 29, 1771. 
Proved May 29, 1772. 

Samuel Doughty 
Waters Smith 
JoHANES Smith 
Liber 28. P. 351. 

98. Joseph Smith of Huntington. 

Leaves to wife Martha " riding chair, horse, etc." 
The executors are to sell real estate to pay debts, 

76 The Smith Wills of 

" and especially all my land and meadows and house 
on a neck at South called Sumpwams." Mentions 
" the 2 daughters of my daughter Rebecca Havens, 
Abigail and Rebecca" and her son Henry. Leaves 
rest of estate to daughter Mary. Makes wife and 
Solomon Ketchatn and Joseph Lewis executors. 

Dated March 30, 1773. 

Proved July 6, 1773. 

Liber 28. P. 659. 

99. Josias Smith of New York, " Late marriner." 

Leaves ^300 to be put at interest for the support 
of wife (not named). The rest of estate to children, 
Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary wife of Andrew Myer, 
Isabel wife of John Smith, Sarah wife of A^^'' Ten 
Eyck, Catharine wife of Daniel Ebbetts. 

April 9, 1774. 

100. Israel Smith of Pound Ridge, Westchester Co. 

Leaves wife Deborah use of \ of estate. The rest 

to go to his 8 children, Henry, John, David, Samuel, 

Abigail, Rebecca, Hannah and Sarah. Makes his wife 

and "loving brother Ebenezer Lockwood" executors. 


Benjamin Miller 
Robert Crawford 
John Wood 
Dated Feb. 3, 1774. 
Proved Feb. 17, 1774. 

New York and Long Island. "jj 

loi. Hannah Smith'^ of Southampton, L. I. 

Leaves to son Henry, dwelling house and home 
lot. Leaves to daughters Phebe and Hannah " my 
lot of land and meadow at Flying Point, bounded by 
Matthew Sayre and W"" Foster." 

Dated Dec. ig, 1774. 

Proved Jan. 25, 1775. 



Moses Halsey, J" 
Silas Halsey J" 
Liber 29. P. 381. 

102. Dr. W'^ Smith ^^ oi Southampton. 

Leaves to wife Ruth the use and improvement of 
all the house and land and the whole of the lot called 
Scott's lot, and woodland, and Right of Commonage, 

*• Hannah Smith was the daughter of Isaac Raynor and widow of 
Joseph Smith. The home lot was at the east end of Wicapogue, and 
now owned by heirs of Lewis Scott, who bought it from Sylvester 
Smith, a descendant of its former owner. 

" Dr. Wm. Smith was son of Nathaniel Smith of Moriches. His 
homestead is now owned by Wm. S. Pelletreau, a descendant of his 
daughter Mary, who married John Pelletreau. The son John was 
physician in Southampton during his life. The son Wm. Smith was a 
physician in Philadelphia. Ruth married Dr. Ebenezer Sage of Sag 
Harbor. " Jesse Culver's " was on the south side of Hill Street, and in 
late years the homestead of Nathaniel Fanning. 

78 The Smith Wills of 

and the negro man named Peter, and i yoke of oxen 
and 4 cows. Leaves to daughter Phebe £200. Leaves 
to sons W"" and John each i of home lot called 
Scott's lot, and wood land and Right of Commonage. 
Leaves to daughters Mary and Ruth each ;^200. The 
executors are to sell all the land west of Jesse Cul- 
ver s. Makes brother Josiah, and his wife and son 
W"^ executors. Son John is to be sent to an 
English school. 


David Howell " goldsmith " 
MicAH Howell 
Phineas Howell 

Dated July 2, 1775. 

Proved Aug. 11, 1775. 

103. W"^ Smith oi Jamaica, L. /., " weaver." 

Leaves to wife Hannah household goods, 2 cows 
and best horse. All real estate to be sold at " pub- 
lick out cry or vendue," one half the proceeds to go 
to his wife, and the other half to children W"' and 
Hannah, both under age. Makes wife and W"^ 
Ludlow and Hope Rhodes executors. 


Nicholas Smith 
Joshua Woodruff 

Jan. 13, 1774. 

March 28, 1774. 

New York and Long Island. 79 

104. Edmund Smith 2d "^ of Smithtown. 

To son Nathaniel all lands in Brookhaven and in 
Stony Brook neck and at Rasapeage. Also a tract 
of 70 acres south of the mills. Directs executors to 
sell all lands west of Nissequogue river, and meadow 
at Sunk Meadow and land at Ronkony Pond. 
Leaves lands to grandsons Micah and Edmund. 
Leaves ;^50 to Presbyterian church in Smithtown, 
and £2^ to church in Brookhaven. Mentions 
daughters Charity and Sarah, and grand daughters 
Tabitha, Charity and Susanah Smith. 

June 5, 1777. 

April 5, 1779. 

105. Nathan Smith of Flushing. 

Leaves all estate to son Nathan. Mentions 
daughter Mary and her son James Craft. Makes 
his son Nathaniel and his wife Millicent and James 
Mackrell executors. 

Sept. 8, 1779. 

Oct. 16, 1779. 

106. Samuel Smith of Huntington. 

" Residing at the Long Swamp." Executors are 
to sell real estate. Leaves to wife Esther the use of 
the proceeds. Mentions son Nathaniel, and Daniel, 

*' Edmund Smith was son of Edmund, and grandson of Adam Smith, 
son of the Patentee of Smithtown. 

8o The Smith Wills of 

" my son Samuel and his daughter Esnor," " my 
other grand daughter Essene Lewis, daughter of 
Samuel Lewis." Remainder to son David a.n6. 5 sur- 
viving daughters, Esther Fleet, Sarah Skidmore, 
Martha Mills, Elizabeth Ireland and Anne. Makes 
" my good friends, Annanias Carll, and Micah 
Hart" executors. 

ezekiel conkling 
Tho. Sands 
Solomon Ketcham 
Feb. 16, 1779. 
Proved Sept. 22, 1779. 
Liber 32. P. 266. 

107. Nicholas Smith oi Jamaica. 

Leaves to wife Phebe " 2 best cows." The estate to 
be sold, and the proceeds to be for the use of his 
wife till the children come of age. Children Patience, 
Priscilla, Elizabeth, Mary, Phebe, Benjamin and 
Noah. The boys are to be taught trades when of 
proper age. Makes wife and Noah Smith and Ben- 
jam,i7i Everitt executors. 

Hendrick Hendrickson 
Bernardus Hendrickson and 
John Hinchman 
March 27, 1777. 
April 14, 1777. 

New York and Long Island. 8i 

1 08. Obadiah Smith, Jamaica, " weaver." 

Leaves to sons Obadiah and Daniel " all lands at a 
place called Rockaway." Leaves the use of the rest 
to his wife Grace, for life, then to sons Obadiah and 
Daniel. Leaves to son Thomas ;^50. 

June 20, 1770. 

April 18, 1778. 

109. Job Smith J d, « of Smithtown. 

Leaves homestead and most of real estate to his 
sons George and Woodhull. Son Job to have £700. 
To sons Charles and Josiah all lands at head of the 
harbor with buildings. Mentions son Nicoll, Epene- 
tus, Jesse, and daughters Hanah, Charity and Eliza- 
beth executors. 

May 25, 1780. 

Aug. I, 1780. 

no. John Carpenter Smith of Ulster Co. 

" Of the west side of the Wallkill." Leaves to son 
Richard Carpenter Smith, " all my blacksmith and 
gun smith tools." Rest of estate to children Anne, 
Phebe, Jesse and Asa, all under age. Makes 

*^ Job Smith was son of Job 2d, and great grandson of Richard 
Smith of Smithtown. For full information see " Printed Records of 

82 The Smith Wills of 

" my brother Ward Carpenter " and Samuel Gale 

Samuel Bayley 
David Bayley 
John Conner 
Feb. 1 6, 1778. 
Feb. 19, 1779. 
Liber 33. P. 164. 

III. Lemuel Smith of Smithtown. 

Leaves to his brother Meritt Smith the house and 
buildings where he now lives, and 100 acres of land 
on the east and south east part of my land, joining to 
the house aforesaid. Bounded east and south by the 
mill pond, and highways, north by the north side of 
the mill orchard, west by the west end of the mill 
orchard. Also a piece of thatch bed in Stony Brook 
Harbor, bounded east by the meadow of Nathaniel 
Smith, and west by meadow of Isaac Daniel. 
Also an island of thatch on the south side of 
the Great Thatch Bed. Leaves to daughter Mary 
;^ioo, and to his mother Martha use of house and a 
comfortable support. Mentions daughter Elizabeth, 
Rest of estate to brother David. 

May 17, 1780. 

Nov. 7, 1782. 

Liber 35. P. 277. 

New York and Long Island. 83 

112. John Smith of New York. 

Leaves to wife (not named) " the use of that part 
of the house she lived in when I made my will " or if 
she does not like to live there, then she is to have 
£yi a year. Mentions grand son (not named) and 
Jonathan, Mary di.n6.John (probably grand children). 

March 11, 1782. 

Nov. 25, 1783. 

113. Richard Smith ^'' of Huntington. 

" Now residing in Huntington." Leaves to son in 
\a.w Jecomiah Brush £2,0. To daughter Sarah, wife 
of Smith Brush £^0. To sons Richard and John, 
all lands in Huntington, Oyster Bay, and Hempstead. 
Makes his sons Sind Jecomiah Brush executors. 

Nathaniel Whitman 
John Oakley 
Solomon Ketcham 
Dated May 12, 1779. 
Proved March 27, 1782. 
Liber 34. P. 667. 

1 14. Daniel Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Phebe the use of estate till son Ben- 
jamin comes of age. If she marries before Benja- 

84 The Smith V/ills of 

min is of age then she is to have " only what her 
father gave her when she and I were married." 
When son Benjamin comes of age, then all estate to 
be sold, and the proceeds to go to his wife and son, 
and to daughters Nancey, Catharine, Phebe, Elizabeth, 
and to an expected child. Makes his brother Richard 
and Stephen Pearsall executors. 
James Wood 
James Carpenter 
Elijah Wood 
Sept. 15, 1782. 
Oct. 26, 1782. 
Liber 35. P. 234. 

115. John Smith of Orange County. 

Leaves to son John "l"]\ acres of land at the south 
west end of the lot which I now live on" "joining to 
the land he now lives on " which is 75 acres, which I 
gave him before, making \ the farm. To son Ed- 
ward Xh^ other half of my land and house and build- 
ings, which is the homestead, and they are to take 
care of, and maintain, their mother during widow- 
hood. Leaves to wife (not named) the choice of 
slaves, and all notes and bonds due him. Mentions 
" my 6 daughters " none named except " Hete." 

New York and Long Island. 85 

Makes sons John and Edward, and Thomas Hal' 
stead, executors. 

Delila Smith 
Joseph Jones 
Adrian Onderdonk 
Dated June 25, 1761. 
Proved April 30, 1782. 

At the Probate Joseph Jones " of Haver straw Pre- 
cinct " and Delila Smith wife of Elihu Smith, depose 
that John Smith " having a disorder on his tongue" 
" sent for Adrian Onderdonk to make his will," and 
Delila Smith said that " being there on a visit " she 
was called in as a witness, and that the testator " had 
what is called a Frog on his tongue," etc. 

116. Israel Sm,ith of Brookhaven. 

" I give and bequeath all my estate, real and per- 
sonal, to the Trustees of the Town of Brookhaven, 
and their successors, upon trust and confidence that 
they shall rent and hire to any person at their pleas- 
ure all my lands and tenements and money, during 
the time that it is charged with the dower right of 
my wife, Mehitabel. After that the rent and income 
is to be paid into the hands of the regular minister 
and other ruling officers of the Baptist Church** in 

"The Baptist Church in Coram was founded in 1747, and was for 
many years the only one in the county. In after years the building 

86 The Smith Wills of 

Coram, which now doth hold water baptism to be 
rightly administered by immersion, only. In trust 
and confidence that they will appropriate the same to 
such uses as shall be judged by the major part of the 
regular members to be most to the Glory of God, 
and more especially for preaching the Gospel in that 
part of Brookhaven called Coram. And if at any 
time there should happen to be neither minister nor 
other ruling officers, or in case said church be divided 
and broken to pieces, they shall use the said rents in 
such a way as they shall think most likely to answer 
my design." Makes the Town Trustees executors, 
and gives them power to sell. 

Wm. Dayton 
James Bishop 
Eleazer Dayton 

Dated May 21, 1774. 

Proved Oct. 7, 1 780. 

Liber 34. P. 128. 

1 1 7. Hannah Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves to daughter Sarah Barton ;^200 for life, 
then to her children John Barton, Elizabeth Barton 
and Elizabeth Ludlow. Leaves to daughter Phebe 
Pine ;i^i50, and to daughter Elizabeth Peters /"150. 

To nieces Miriam Smith, Phebe Smith, Sarah 

was removed and is now a dwelling house at Port Jefferson. The site 
is now occupied by the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

New York and Long Island. 87 

Smith and Elizabeth Cornwell, £\Qt each. Makes 
brother in \z.yN John Peters, and n&^h.&w John Bar ton 

Aug. 22, 1780. 

Jan. 13, 1781. 

118. James Smith ^'' of Hempstead. 

Leaves movable property to wife Sarah and to 
daughters Sarah Birdsall and Martha Searing. To 
son James ^ of all the land where he now lives, "sit- 
uated between the road that leads from Hempstead 
town to Washburns neck, and the road that leads 
from said town to Goes neck, which said land comes 
to a point on the north," and is bounded south by 
land Q)i Joseph Ray nor, and Cornelius Van Nostrand. 
Also \ of dwelling house. For life and then to his 3 
sons James, Daniel- and Stephen. Leaves to son 
Obadiah the other half of said land and house in fee, 
but he is not to sell without the consent of the exec- 
utors. Leaves to sons Joshua and Edmund " all my 
farm or lands with houses lying at South at a place 
called Merock, and to take all the land to a ditch that 
parts the upland from the meadow. Also i of i li acres 
acres of land, and also a piece of wood land, 22 acres, 
which lies above Merock, and also all the swamp of 
land that lies on the east side of the main brook, in 
the East Meadow swamp. Leaves to son Sylvenus, 
" all the land and houses and grist mill that I bought 

88 The Smith Wills of 

of Thomas Frost and Nathaniel Oakley, being in the 
South woods. Also the swamp ground that lyeth 
on the west side of the main brook near the mill." 
Leaves to his 5 sons " my two lots of salt meadow, 
one in Great Merock the other in Little Merock, on 
the South side in Hempstead, and all rights in undi- 
vided lands in the Patent of Hempstead." Makes 
wife Sarah and sons executors. 

Henry Smith 
John Haviland 
Richard Ellison 

Dated April 6, 1765. 

Proved May 4, 1 766. 

Liber 34. P. 135. 

119. Samuel Smith^^ of Richmond County. 

" Burial to be decent, without Pomp or state." 
" The place where I now live at the Morning Star 
on the north side of Staten Island," not to be sold 
but left for maintainance of wife and children, till of 
age, then to his sons Samuel, Isaac and Gilbert: My 
part of the estate on Long Island, between me and 
my brothers Gilbert and Tallman to be sold. Makes 
wife (not named) and John Simonson " of the north 

■" Samuel Smith was son of Richard Smith of Smithtown, and known 
as Quaker Richard. See No. 26. 

New York and Long Island. 89 

side of Staten Island," and W'" Tallman of Queens 
Co. executors. 
Gerrit Ellis 
Garret Post J^ 

James Pritchard "schoolmaster" 
Jan. 22, 1781. 
March 30, 1781. 
Liber 34. P. 161. 

120. Jesse Smith "-^ of New York, " marriner." 

Leaves to son Jesse all lands, but if he die before 
coming of age, then to wife Charity and daughter 
Hannah. Makes wife Charity and brother Aaron 
Smith and friend John Lawrence executors. 

John Lawrence 
Mary Harker and 
Joseph Lawrence 
Nov. 15, 1 771. 
Proved April 23, 1781, 

121. Benjamin Smith oi Hempstead. 

Executors to sell real estate if necessary, to pay 
debts. Leaves to wife Hannah the use of | of the 
remainder until his son Benjamin is 18, then his wife 

4« Jesse Smith was probably son of Aaron Smith of Smithtown. He 
married Charity Willet, October 6, 1767. 

go The Smith Wills of 

and sons Niah and Benjamin are to have the use of 
it between them. Leaves to his daughters Miriam, 
Phebe, Sarah and Hannah £1200 when they come to 
the age of 18. The rest of real estate is left to sons 
Niah and Benjamin with rights in the undivided 
lands in the Town. Benjamin is to have the home- 
stead. Makes his son Niah and brothers Richard 
and James executors. 


Benj. Tredwell 
John Marion 
James Cornell 

Jan. 10, 1779. 

Proved May 6, 1 779. 

Liber 34. P. 224. 

122. Hannah Smith'*'' oi Hempstead. 

Leaves all property to her four daughters Miriam, 
Phebe, Sarah and Hannah. Makes her 2 brothers 
in law Richard and James Smith executors. 

Jan. 14, 1780. 

Proved March 16, 1781. 

123. Jonathan Smith of Hempstead. 

Executors are to sell the homestead and land ad- 
joining situate in the South Woods, " and my land 
within fence on the Plains." Leaves legacies to 

*' Hannah Smith was widow of Benjamin Smith. See will before this. 

New York and Long Island. 91 

daughter in law Coneriche Smith, and to 3 grand 
daughters Jane, Sarah and Mary Smith, and " to 
Thomas Smith ' Rock' son of Thomas deceased," 
and to grand son Jonathan. Leaves remainder of 
property to grand sons Silvenus and Jonathan. 
Makes Richard Hewlett ^'^ of Rockaway, " my 
brother Cornell Sm,ith " and Hewlett exec- 
utors. Leaves use of part of estate to his wife 


John Van Nostrand 
Richard Ellison 

June 22, 1777. 

Jan. 20, 1778. 

1 24. W" Smith ^'' of Hempstead. 

Leaves personal property to wife Martha. The 
real estate to be sold by executors. Leaves legacies 
to sons Samuel and Jo hanes when 21. Leaves the 
rest to his wife and 4 children, Samuel, Johanes, 
Sarah and Jean. Makes W"^ Johnson and Isaac 
Denton executors. 

Michael De Mott 
Joshua Pettitt 
James Pettitt 
Feb. 7, 1778. 
July 10, 1 781. 

92 The Smith Wills of 

125. W"^ Smith oi Hempstead. 

Leaves to daughter Elizabeth wife of Jacob Down- 
ing £200. Leaves all real estate to sons John, W"' 
Treadwell and Joseph. (The 2 last under 21) 
Makes his sons, and brother in law Samuel Birdsall 

George Rapalye 
John Kissam 
Tho. Appelby J^ 
May 16, 1 781. 
July 9, 1 78 1. 

126. Cornell Smith*^ of Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Mercy, use of house and land, 
" that is to say, all the land belonging to my home- 
stead that derived to me from my father." Also the 
lot of salt meadow and upland I bought of Abijah 
Bedell, until my youngest son be 21. To son Amos 
"my gun and cutlass." To son John, "the sword 
that was my son Elijahs." To son Jacob " the re- 
mainder of the farm I bought of JVehemiah Sammis, 
except the south part which I have already conveyed 
to my son Cornell." To son Amos, all land I bought 
of my brother Jonathan Smith deceased, being 10 
acres. Also a piece of Plain land and Hollow ground 

** Cornell Smith was son of Jonathan Smith. See No. 42. 

New York and Long Island. 93 

I bought of Sylvenus Smith. To my 2 youngest 
sons John and David, " my homestead where I now 
live, namely my dwelling house and land near adjoin- 
ing, that derived from my father." Also the lot of 
meadow and upland on Goes Neck I bought of A6i- 
jah Bedell, and a small Hay house on said neck, and 
5 acres of wood land I bought of Samuel Clowes and 
James Ward, adjoining to the west side of the path 
that leads to Samuel Molts mill. To my sons Cor- 
nell, Jacob and Amos my lot of salt meadow and up- 
land on Goes neck I bought of Elijah Bedell. 
Legacies to daughter Susanah, and Mary Raynor. 
Makes wife Mercy, Uriah Bedell, Richard Mat- 
thews, executors. 

Mary Whaley 

Moses Gornelius 

Richard Ellison 
May 28, 1 781. 
July 28, 1 78 1. 

Liber 34. P. 321. 

127. John Smith *' of Hempstead. 

" Of Merock in the Town oi Hempstead." Leaves 
to son Joseph his homestead and lands at Merock, and 
the Patent rights in Common, derived to me from 
my iaXher Jonathan Smith. To wife Rachel £2,0. To 

" John Smith was son of Jonathan 2d. See No. 42. 

94 The Smith Wills of 

" my 3 daughters all Patent rights in the undivided 
lands in Hempstead \}s\2X I bought of Samuel Totten. 
The executors are to sell " my house and lands on 
the Plains at the East meadow," and " the house and 
land I bought oijohn Haviland, and my land adjoin- 
ing Josiah Raynor, and Isaac Smith in the South 
woods." The executors have power to sell " all that 
lot of salt meadow that derived to me from my 
father Jonathan, adjoining the south side of the 
place called the Island, it being part of my home- 


Hezekiah Bedell 
Hannah Bedell 
Mary Batty 

Aug. lo, 1777. 

May 20, 1778. 

Liber 34. P. 456. 

128. W"^ Smith of Hempstead. 

The executors are directed to sell real estate "the 
next spring." " My children " (not named) " are to 
be put to trades when of proper age," " and I desire 
my father to take my son Jacob and bring him 
up until he shall be old enough to go to a 
trade." Makes his brother Isaac, and brother in 

New York and Long Island. 95 

law Thomas Dorian and brother in law John Pettitt 

W" Stillwell 
Peter Thomas 
Abel Southold 
Oct. 17, 1 781. 
Dec. 22, 1 781. 
Liber 34. P. 517. 

129. Wait Smith ^° oi Jamaica. 

Directs all estate to be sold by executors. Leaves 
legacies to his brothers, Nehemiah, Noah, Nicholas 
and Jonathan, and to his sisters Phebe Everitt, 
Rachel wife of Thomas Reade, Priscilla wife of W" 
Ludlow -^'■j and Mary wife of Elias Bayles. Men- 
tions, " my cousins John and Nehemiah sons of said 
Elias Bayles and wife Mary!' Leaves to Presby- 
terian Church £\o, remainder to wife Jane. Makes 
wife Jane and Daniel Bayles executors. 

May 29, 1765. 

May II, 1 78 1. 

1 30. Nathan Smith of Flushing. 

The executors are to sell all real estate at vendue, 
and are to buy a house and lot for the use of his 
wife Emilia and children till his son John is 21, then 
the house and land to go to him reserving accommo- 

'" Wait Smith was son of Nehemiah. See No. 46. 

96 The Smith Wills of 

dations for the widow, and he is to have so much 
money as will make with the house the value of 
;^700. Makes his father in law James Mackrell, 
and wife Emilia, Ambrose Fish and Samuel Fish 

June i6, 1782. 

Feb. 18, 1783. 

131. John Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves to son Samuel " the ^10 he borrowed of 
me," "and ;^io more, to be taken out of the;i^25 he 
hath hired of me." Leaves legacies to grand son 
John, son of Samuel, to grand daughter Abigail 
Doxey when 18. To Margaret Thurston wife of 
John Thurston. " To Samuel, Sarah Jane and 
Johanes, the children of my son W""." Leaves re- 
mainder to the above named grand children. Makes 
Uriah Bedell a.n6. Joshua Petitt executors. 

James Wood 
Isaac Pettitt 
W^ Tucker 

March 6, 1783. 

March 27, 1783. 

132. James Smith of Goshen, Orange Co. 

Leaves to wife Ruth £\QO "and everything she 
brought to me when I married her." To niece 

New York and Long Island. 97 

Sarah Bracher £'^0. To my wife's son Daniel Car- 
penter, £50. Legacies to " my nephews Asa, Rich- 
ard, John and fP", sons of John Smith" nephews 
Jonathan and Enos, sons of my brother W'", nephews 
George and W"*, sons of my brother Joshua Smith. 
Makes nephew John and Samuel Gale of Galesburg 
executors. Makes provision for an expected child. 
John Smith 
John Smith J*' 
Caleb Smith 
Dec. 6, 1782. 
Jan. 20, 1783. 

133. Jeremiah Smith of Orange County. 

heaves to w'lie £lizadeth ;^ 100, i cow, i hog, her 
bed and furniture as it stands, 4 suits of bed linen, 
and choice of rooms in house, and use of i of lands. 
To son Jeremiah all lands and farming utensils. To 
grand son Jonas Smith my gun and £30. Legacies to 
grand children Joel Smith, Dorothy and Elizabeth Veal. 
Remainder to daughter Elizabeth Veal. Makes son 
Jeremiah and son in law Wait Carpenter, executors. 


Phebe and Wm. Denn 
Archibald McCurdy 

Aug. I, 1776. 

April 19, 1783. 

Liber 36. P. 30. 

98 The Smith Wills of 

1 34. Nathaniel Smith 5' of Smithtown. 

Leaves all movables to wife (not named), to 
son Jacob and daughters Ruth, Dorothy and Sarah. 
Leaves to son Jacob all lands and tenements which lie 
east ward of the road which goes from Philetus 
Smiths to the head of Smithtown river. To son 
Elkanah all lands and tenements west of said road. 
Makes Epenetus Smith and Jeffrey Smith, executors. 

Sept. 27, 1777. 

July 10, 1783. 

Liber 36. P. 135. 

135. Jacob Smith^'^ of Smithtown. 

I direct executors to sell the land bought of Caleb 
Smith and Adam Babcock, lying on the South of my 
other lands, containing about 150 acres, and 16 acres 
of Thatchbed. Leaves other lands to son Othniel. 
Mentions wife Perah, and children Violette and W'" 
Clark Smith, Uncle Aaron Smith and brother Abner. 

June I, 1783. 

July 3, 1783. 

1 36. Waters Smith '^ of Jamaica. 

Directs all estate to be sold by executors. Leaves 
to wife Deborah ^^looo, and a bond against Benjamin 

'■' Nathaniel Smith was son of Job Smith 2d of Smithtown. 

'''See " Printed Records of Smithtown." 

" Waters Smith was son of Samuel Smith. See following will. 

New York and Long Island. 99 

Field^^ and his mother. To daughter in law Eliza- 
beth Betts ^200. Legacies to sister Elizabeth wife 
of W"" Forbus, and to her son Waters Forbus who is 
to " be brought up to learning," and to her daughter 
Elizabeth. To Samuel Smith son of my brother 
Samuel, Waters Field, son of Stephen Field. To 
Samuel Forbus son of my sister Elizabeth. To " my 
brothers Melancthon, Samuel, Benjamin and Israel," 
and " my sisters Elizabeth Forbus and Mary Smith." 
Makes wife, and brother Melancthon, and " my cousin 
Tallman Waters " executors. 

Dated Aug. 30, 1773. 

Proved Dec. 11, 1783. 

Liber 36. P. 183. 

137, Samuel Smith of Jamaica. 

Executors are to sell all estate. To wife Elizabeth 
furniture and 6 silver spoons marked N. E. E. Leg- 
acies to daughter Mary, sons Melancthon, Benja- 
min, Israel a.nd Samuel, daughter Elizabeth wife of 
W'" Forbus, has legacy of money, and " 6 spoons 
marked A. W. E." Mentions eldest son Waters. 
Jonathan Robinson 
Samuel Messenger 
Daniel Smith 
Feb. 9, 1775. 
Dec. II, 1783. 

loo The Smith Wills of 

1 38. Stephen Smith ^^ of Smithtown. 

To grand son Obadiah homestead bounded by 
Micah Smith's land, and 40 acres south of Josiah 
Smith's in the same long lot (50 acre Lots). Men- 
tions grand sons Isaac and James Smith, and grand 
daughter Eunice Conkling. 

July 7, 1783. 

Feb. 7, 1784. 

139. Jonathan Smith of Huntington, " Husbandman." 

Leaves to " grand daughter Elizabeth daughter of 
my son in law Lemuel Car II" ^50 when 18. To my 
2 sons Zadoc and Josiah, all lands and meadows. 
Makes his two sons, and son in law Thomas Conk- 
ling of Southold executors. 

Daniel Smith 
Elihu Chichester 
John Hitchman 
Aug. 23, 1782. 
March 8, 1 784. 

140. John Smith ^^ of Phillipsburg, Westchester Co, 

Leaves legacies to sons Samuel, John and Michael. 
Leaves to sons Jacob and Isaac, all lands and prem- 

" See " Printed Records of Smithtown." 

^^ The lands in the Manor of Phillipsburg were held by lease till after 
the Revolution. By the attainder of Frederick Phillipse, the last Lord 

New York and Long Island. loi 

ises upon the Manor of Phillipsburg, except i acre 
of cleared land, beginning at the land of Mr. Barton, 
and running a straight course to a certain butternut 
tree, and from thence to the highway. Also i acre 
of wood land adjoining the same. " And whereas 
it is not customary to give any improvements by 
deed upon the Manor of Phillipsburg, I do hereby 
promise and agree with my 2 sons unto whom I have 
given all my lands, that it shall not be lawful for me 
to revoke this will, by any writing or will of any kind 
hereafter, and that this shall be deemed a sufficient 
conveyance of my land." 


Richard Willis 
Mary Willis 
James Willis 

Feb. 27, 1772. 

March 12, 1784. 

141. Uriah Smith of Brookhaven. 

Leaves to wife Desire £^0 and use of \ of lands. 
Leaves to his "cousin" ^^rza^, " son of my brother 
fohn Smith" all land in Lots 26, 27, below the Coun- 
try road. To "my cousin W"^ Garard" ;^io. To 
daughter Desire Smith, " all the rest of my lands 
messuges and tenements, but if she should never 

of the Manor, all these lands were confiscated and sold, and most gen- 
erally purchased by the former tenants, who then became owners in fee. 

I02 The Smith Wills of 

have no children, I give the same to maintain the 
Gospel of the Baptist Church at Coram." Makes 
wife Desire, Nathaniel Overton and Jesse Hulse 

Messenger Overton 
Jonathan Benjamin 
Manley Wells 
Feb. 27, 1783. 
April I, 1784. 

142. Caleb Smith of Goshen. 

Leaves to wife Abigail the use of \ of house and 
homestead, the whole being 113 acres, also the use 
of "the improved land lying on the north side of the 
road that leads past Israel Wells house to the Wall- 
kill bridge at Henry Wisner -^^ until my son Caleb is 
21." Leaves to eldest son Henry Conkling Smith 
" the land beginning at a great rock by the road that 
leads to Israel Wells, at a division or cross fence, 
between the meadow and upland. From thence 
northeast as the fence runs, across the lot I bought 
of Col. Samuel Gales estate, then across my home- 
stead the same course to a small rock on the line of 
Solomon Carpenters land, then northwest along Car- 
penter's line, to said road, and along same to begin- 
ning." And all the remainder of the lot I bought of 
Col. Gale's estate, and 26 acres I bought of Jesse 

'New York and Long Island. 103 

Gale, except \ acre next to Israel Wells, which 
I leave to son Stephen, which includes part of the 
spring brook. Also 25 acres in Ulster county next 
to land of John Ketcham, and \ my right in the 
cedar swamp. To son Stephen the land adjoining 
the above, bounded by land of Joseph Wood, with 
buildings where I now live. To son Caleb 75 acres 
between the land of my brother Stephen Smith, and 
Israel Wells. To son John 100 acres in Ulster Co. 
next to land of David Norton and Daniel Case. 
Mentions daughter Abigail. Caleb is to have " a 
good English learning and Arithmetic." Mentions 
" my brother Stephen.'' 

April 17, 1784. 

May 6, 1 784. 

Liber 37. P. 15. 

143. Ann Smith C){ New York, "widow." 

Leaves all property to sons Thomas and Richard. 
If both die without issue, then part of it is to go to 
" the Charity School under the tuition of Joseph 
Hildreth as master," and part to the Trustees of the 
Independent Church known as Christ Church, lately 
withdrawn from the Church of England, and now 
under the Pastoral care of Rev. Barnard Page. 
Elias Desbrosses and Edward Laight executors. 

July 28, 1773. 

Sept. 9, 1784. 

I04 The Smith Wills of 

144. Azariah Smith of Dutchess County. 

" Of Amenia Precinct." Leaves to wife (not 
named) the northeast room in house, and the entry 
and chamber over the room and the cellar. Lega- 
cies to daughter Anna and " my sister Sarahs chil- 
dren." Leaves to son Azariah "a tract of land in 
Salisbury as by my deed." To son David a tract of 
land where he now lives. To son Elijah " all the 
home farm where I now live," except 4 acres I gave 
to the Church. Son Elijah executor. 


Stephen Johns 
George Sornburger 
IcHABOD Paine 

Nov. 1 1, 1784. 

Liber 37. P. 291. 

145. John Smith of Orange County. 

" Precinct of Cornwall." Leaves to daughter 
Keziah £20. All the rest to son John, and daugh- 
ters Keziah, Martha, Sarah, " and the heir of my son 
Ellethea deceased." Makes sow Joseph executor. 

Nov. 21, 1783. 

Nov. 17, 1784. 

146. Noah Smith oi Jamaica, "Wheel wright." 

Leaves to wife Mary the use of estate during 
widowhood. To Jonathan Skidmore, Nicholas Smith 

New York and Long Island. 105 

and Daniel Bayles, Elders and Deacons of the Pres- 
byterian Church ;^io. After death of wife the exec- 
utors are to sell the estate, the proceeds to go to sons 
Othniel, Nehemiah, and daughters Phebe, Mary, The- 
dosia, and to the " children of my daughter Eunice 
late wife of Benjamin Everitt" " my daughter Pris- 
cilla wife of Nehemiah Carpenter" To the children 
of my son Nicholas deceased, \\z.. Patience, Priscilla, 
Elisabeth, Benjamin, Noah, Mary and Phebe, and to 
Jeffrey, Phebe, and George, children of my son Noah 
deceased, and to Eunice and Mary, children of my 
daughter Eunice deceased. Makes wife Mary and 
brother in law W"" Ludlam executors, 

Aug. 3, 1777. 

Jan. 31, 1785. 

147. Amos Smith of Huntington. 

" All my land at Plain fields and meadow at South 
to be sold." The proceeds to go to wife Mary, and 
daughters Ruth, Elizabeth and Mary. Leaves all 
the rest of lands to '^vsX.&x Anna. Makes his brother 
Silas, Cornelius Hart and Jonah Wood executors. 

Jan. 24, 1785. 

148. John Smith of Westchester. 

"Of the Borough of Westchester." The executors 
are to sell enough real estate to pay debts. His wife 

" John Smith was son of Wm. Smith. See No. 49. 

io6 The Smith Wills of 

Margaret to have the remainder during widowhood. 
Whereas my daughter Mary wife of Richard 
Bancker has had ^350, the rest of the children are 
to have the same. Makes sons W"' and John and 
Justus B. Smith executors. 

Nov. 21, 1784. 

July 14, 1785. 

Liber 37. P. 453. 

149. Benjamin Smith oi Jamaica. 

Leaves to wife Mary the use and improvement of 
estate for life, then to his sons Samuel Skidmore 
Smith, Benjamin Sm,ith and daughter Phebe Smith. 
Makes his brother Melancthon Smith, and wife Mary 
and Hendrick Suydam executors, 

Oct. 3, 1784. 

March 18, 1785. 

1 50. John Smith of Flushing. 

Leaves all property to son John Hutchins Smith 
and daughter Margaret Beeks Smith. Mentions 
brother Thomas Howell Smith. Mentions sisters 
Millicent wife of James Mackrell and Hannah wife 
of Ambrose Fish. 

Feb. 17, 1784. 

May 13, 1785. 

New York and Long Island. 107 

151. Peter Smith oi Jamaica, " Cordwainer." 

Leaves use of property to his wife Charity. After 
her death estate to be sold and proceeds to go to his 
9 children Mary, Elizabeth, Letitia, Peter, Francis, 
Charles, Sylvester, Richard and John. 

March 19, 1768. 

May 17, 1785. 

152. Joseph Smith ^'' of Smithtown. 

Leaves to son Eliphalet the land east of his house, 
and on which his house stands, being 20 acres, and 
10 acres in the 50 acre lot. To sons W'" z.x\6. Joseph 
all other lands and improvements in Smithtown. 
Leaves legacies to children Selah, Daniel, Samuel, 
Catharine, Ruhannah, Sarah and Mary. 

Dated June 5, 1783. 

Proved Sept. 26, 1785. 

/ 153. Samuel Smith o{ Dutchess County. 

" Of Charlotte Precinct." Leaves to sons Daniel, 
Robert, George and Samuel each ;^i50. To daugh- 
ter Catharine £10. Rest to his 4 sons. 

June 17, 1785. 

Nov. 7, 1786. 

"Joseph Smith was son of Job Smith. 

io8 The Smith Wills of 

1 54. Miriam Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves to sist&r Hannah Smith £100, and leaves 
legacies to Hannah and Sarah Barton children of 
my sister Phebe, and sister Sarah Smith Makes her 
brother in law John Barton and Tho. Williams 

Aug. 30, 1785. 

Dec. 28, 1785. 

155. Samuel Smith of Dutchess County. 

" Of Washington Precinct." Leaves property to 
wife Hannah, and children Israel, Waters, Samuel, 
Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary. Mentions " my father 
Israel Smith." 

April 15, 1786. 

May 15, 1786. 

156. Hezekiah Smith oi Huntington. 

Leaves personal property to wife Hannah. To 
son Hezekiah "the deep hole field lying on the south 
side of the road that runs from Thomas Skidmores to 
Thomas Taylors, and \ of the meadow and my house. 
To son Matthew \ of meadow and ;^20. To son 
Jacob i the meadow." 

Sept. 10, 1779. 

Aug. 16, 1785. 

New York and Long Island. 109 

1 5 7. Mehitabel Smith of Brookhaven. 

Leaves to her brother John Tooker * of £,2Q€) 
which is my lawful dowry. Leaves legacies to 
daughter Mehitabel, and to sisters Mary and Dinah 
Taylor. Makes brother yi?;^^^ and Benjamin Smith 

Jan. 6, 1785. 

Sept. 24, 1785. 

158. Joseph Smith ^^ of Smithtown. 

Leaves to son Eliphalet the land east of his house 
and on which the house stands, 20 acres, with privi- 
lege of coming to the meadow for water and salt for 
his creatures. Also 10 acres in the 50 acre Lot, in 
such place as will be judged most convenient for all 
the three lots. To sons W" and Joseph all lands 
and meadows in Smithtown and Stony Brook Har- 
bors with all buildings. Legacies to children Selah, 
Daniel, Samuel, Catharine, Ruhanah, Sarah and 
Mary. I make my sons Joseph and W"^ and nephew 
Epenetus Smith executors. 

Dated June 5, 1783. 

Proved Sept. 26, 1785. 

'* Josepli Smith was a son of Job Smith, and grandson of Richard 
Smith, the patentee of Smithtown. The place left to son Eliphalet is 
now owned by Mr. Baldwin, and in a small burying-ground on the 
premises is the grave of Eliphalet and his relatives. 

no The Smith Wills of 


159. Nier Smith of Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Abigail the use of property during 
widowhood. If she remarries, she is to have ;^200, 
and furniture, " 7 sitting chairs, i Bilestrail table, 
6 silver tea spoons, one dozen pewter plates, 6 pewter 
platters, my wearing apparel, and Negro y^^A" All 
the rest to his sons Joseph zxi^ James. Makes pro- 
vision for an expected child. Makes " my brother in 
law Capt. Charles Cornwell, my \inc\e Richard Smith, 
and my trusty friend George Cornwell ^^^ " executors. 


Oliver Willis 
Samuel Townsend 
Joseph Smith 

Dated Dec. 28, 1782. 

Proved April 2, 1794. 

Liber A, Surrogate's Office, Jamaica, P. 218. 

1 60. Gabriel Smith of Newtown. 

Directs that all his estate be sold " at public ven- 
due." Leaves all to his wife Mary, and only child 
Abigail. Makes his wife and Benjamin North 
and Benjamin North •^'' executors. 

New York and Long Island. 1 1 1 

i6i. Stephen Smith of South Hempstead. 

Leaves all estate to his daughter Elizabeth, and 
makes her and Stephen Rider executors. 

Henry Mott 

Samuel Wood 
Dated June i6, 1788. 
Proved July 4, 1788. 

162. Silvanus Smith of South Hempstead. 

Leaves to Loving wife Mary, 2 feather beds and 
furniture, 3 cows and calves. Leaves legacies to 
daughters Sarah and Jane. Leaves to his son Havi- 
land Smith " all my Plain land lying at the east 
meadow, that I bought of John Belden, and 10 acres 
of wood land, to be taken off across the north end 
of the wood land belonging to my homestead." 
Leaves to wife and sons Edmund and Silvanus, " the 
use and profits of my house and grist mill and all 
other lands (except as above) until the youngest is 
of age, then to sons Edmund and Silvanus. " Also 
all the lands adjoining my homestead, lying east of 
the road from Hempstead town to Merock " and ^ of 
the salt and fresh meadows on the South neck 
called Great Merock and Little Merock. Leaves to 
sons Carman and Jesse " my dwelling house and 
land on the west side of road from Hempstead town 
to Merock," and \ the meadows. Leaves to his 5 

1 1 2 The Smith Wills of 

sons all his undivided lands and rights of Common- 
age, in North and South Hempstead. Leaves to 
daughters Rebecca, Deborah and Mary ^15 each. 
Makes his brother Edmund, and brother in law John 
Searing, and his wife executors. 
John Mott 
Joshua Smith 
Richard Ellison 
Dated May 29, 1787. 
Proved June 11, 1787. 

163. John Smith of Hempstead. 

" Son of Benjamin Smith deceased." Leaves to 
wife Margaret his horse and riding chair. To son 
Benjamin the farm I lately bought of John and Ben- 
jamin Southard, (but if my title fail then my son 
Jacob is to bear half the loss,) and 5 acres of timber 
land adjoining said farm, and the south west part of 
my homestead; and the west half of my big meadow 
lot. Leaves to daughters Amy and Phebe ^200. 
Rest of estate to son Jacob. Makes his two sons, 
and Gideon Seaman of Westbury executors. 

W" Smith 
Benjamin Smith J^ 
John Meritt 

Dated Oct. 25, 1773. 

Proved March 19, 1790. 

New York and Long Island. 113 

164. Benjamin Smith ^^. 

"Son of Benjamin." Leaves to wife Catharine, 
use of household furniture, " 2 large iron pots, and 
small brass kettle." To youngest son Benjamin 
£iS- Leaves rest of estate to his children Jonathan, 
Silas, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Abigail and Mary. 

March 3, 1791. 

June 23, 1 791. 

165. Timothy Smith of "Near Hempstead Harbor." 

Leaves to wife Jane, household goods. Leaves to 
son John Smith all lands and rights of lands in 
North and South Hempstead. Mentions daughters 
Rebecca, Jenny, Deborah widow of Jacob Williams, 
and Mary wife of Elbert Hegeman. 

July 4, 1 791. 

Dec. 2, 1 791. 

1 66. Richard Smith of North Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Anne the use of 40 acres of land of 
the farm where I now live, and i the house. Leaves 
to sons Thomas and W"" 28 acres of said farm, and 
the above 40 acres after death of wife. To daugh- 
ters Sarah, Jane and Anne, 40 acres of land at west 
neck with buildings. Mentions "daughter Sarah 

May 25, 1787. 

114 The Smith Wills of 

167. Samuel Smith of South Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Mary " i good cow," and house- 
hold goods. To son Benjamin " all my blacksmith 
tools." To son Daniel ;^20, and the same to sons 
David and Joel Mentions daughters Miriam, 
Nancy, Elizabeth and Amy. When youngest son 
Joel comes of age, the executors are to sell the 
property and divide the proceeds among the chil- 
dren. Makes his sons executors. 



Edward Spragg 
S. Clowes 

168. John Smith ^^ of Hempstead. 

Leaves to wife Ruth, and daughter Ruth, lega- 
cies. To son John " the house where he now liveth," 
and i the land and homestead on the north side of 
Hempstead Plains, except \ of my Plains lot on the 
south end. Leaves to son Benjamin my dwelling 
house and \ my farm on the north side of Hempstead 
Plains. To sons John Sind Benjamin, "my west lot 
of salt meadow at Little Merock." To son Stephen, 
my east lot of meadow at Little Merock, and \ of my 
mowing Plains lot, as above. Leaves to sons 
Stephen and Benjam,in all undivided lands. 

Jan. 26, 1760. 

Proved July 7, 1794. 

New York and Long Island. 1 1 5 

169. Thomas Smith of Oyster Bay. 

Leaves to wife Phebe^"^ ^^200. To "my 4 unmar- 
ried daughters, Freelove, Phebe, Sarah and Elizabeth 
each ^500. To my married daughters Mary wife of 
Thomas Cock and Margaret wife of Daniel Under- 
hill each ^450. To son Isaac ^1000, and " great 
silver Tankard." To son Thomas all lands on Cove 
neck, I bought of Justice Storer (?) To son Jacob 
all lands and house on Hoggs Island, and my land 
on Pine island, and land at Laurel Hollow, and 40 
acres on Hempstead Plains. Mentions son Abram, and 
grand son Thomas Cock. Makes his sons executors. 

Henry Ludlam 

April I, 1793. 

Oct. 6, 1795. 

1 70. Ger shorn Smith of South Hempstead. 

Leaves to son Adam, all homestead and farm in 
South Hempstead. Leaves to son Gershom 5^ 
Leaves rest of estate to sons Richard, Thomas and 
Adam, and daughter Catharine. 

April I, 1795. 

Aug. 2, 1797. 

*' Phebe, wife of Thomas Smith, was a granddaughter of Benjamin 

ii6 The Smith Wills of 

171. Benjamin Smith oi South Hempstead. 

Leaves to son Zebulon, Horse, sword and cane. 
To my 3 daughters Sarah, Abigail and Mary a lot 
of salt meadow on Coes neck, bounded east by Em- 
brees creek, south by a creek called the Normans, 
west by Thomas Willetts, north by Benjamin Smith, 
"where the Boat house is erected." Mentions "my 
3 grand sons, sons of my son Benjamin deceased," 
and Catharine widow of my son Benjamin. 

May 22, 1792. 

Feb. 27, 1798. 

172. James Smith ^ of Huntington. 

"Being sicke and weake in body." Leaves all his 
estate to wife and four children (not named). " My 
will is that Capt. Epenetus Piatt : my brother Jere- 
miah Smith, and my brother in \2iW Jonas Wood be 
as overseers to see that this my will be performed.'' 
Dated Nov. 13, 1690. 

Thomas Wickes 
Jonas Wood 

'» The above will is recorded in Liber A of Deeds, p. 56, Suffolk 
County Clerk's Office. 

New York and Long Island. 1 1 7 

173. Piatt Smith^^ of Amenta, Dutchess Co. 

Leaves to wife Polly all household furniture, one 
horse and riding chair, and the use of \ of estate 
while she remains my widow. To my daughter 
Jerusha \ of estate and the rest to my sons Abraham 
and Uriah. Makes wife Polly, "my father in law 
Abraham Miller, and my two brothers Philip and 
Isaac," and Stephen Meade of Washington Co. exec- 

Dated Nov. i, 1798. 

Gilbert Smith 
Michael Lounsbury 
Jesse Thompson 
Proved May 12, 1820. 

At that time Gilbert Smith was a physician in the 
city of New York. The widow /'(9/^ and the son 
Uriah P. Smith were living in East Hampton, L. I. 
The latter " was absent on a voyage to the coast of 
Patagonia." (He was doubtless a whaleman from 
Sag Harbor.) The daughter yijrwi'^a was the widow 
oi Jackamiah Acker ly J'' of New York. 

8' The above is recorded in Liber A of Wills, p. 420, New York 
County Clerk's OflSce. , 

ii8 The Smith Wills of 

1 74. Will of Richard Smith and Wife. 

March ye 5th 169^. " In ye name of God, Amen. 
I Richard Smith ^^'"' of Smithtown, In Suffolk county 
being sicke and weake in body, but of sound and 
perfect memory." 

Leaves to son fonathan our house, barn and or- 
chard, and ye homestead, as far as the old fence 
southward, and northward to half way from the house 
to Samuel Sm,itJis house. 

To sons Richard, Adam and fob each an equal 
share in the division of lands. 

To son Samuel the. orchard south of the house and 
half the pasture lands by the north creek, and the 
northmost fresh Island on the east side of the river, 
and the North swamp and lands adjoining. 

To son Daniel the other half of the pasture south 
of the house. Leaves James neck equally to his 6 

Leaves to daughter Elizabeth Tounly meadow at 
the Sunk meadows. Leaves to daughter Deborah 
Lawrence an equal share in the lands. Makes sons 
fonathan and Richard executors. 

Richard Smyth 

Witnesses. Sarah Smyth 

John Roe 
Thomas Lewis 
Thomas Helme 

Proved May 2, 1693. 

New York and Long Island. 119 

1 75. Will of Sarah Smith. 

Widow of Richard Smith of Smithtown. Leaves 
to son Richard all houses, orchards and lands, that 
my husband left me in possession of. Leaves to 
daughter Elizabeth one trunk, with all linnen and 
wearing clothes. The tract called James neck is left 
to her 6 sons. Leaves to " the 2 daughters of my 
son Richard" my silk whod and scarf. To my son 
Richards oldest son, my blunderbuss. To my son 
Richards wife, my cloak. To Mr. George Phillips, 
a cow. A legacy to Mary Petriche. 

Jan. 20, 170J. 


George Phillip 
Elias Nodine 

176. Will of John James of Hempstead. 

In ye Name of God, Amen. I John Jam,es, being 
at present sick in Body, but, blessed be God I am of 
good and perfect memory, do by these presents for 
ye well ordering of these blessings of God bestowed 
upon me, I bless his name for it, and for his merciful 
Providence over me all ye days of my life. Imprimis, 
my will is my debts shall be paid in ye oates and other 
grain in my lodging, of each a part, that is to say one 
hundred and seven guilders, eighteen Stuyvers, unto 
Mr. Samuel Drisius, Minister of ye Church of 

I20 The Smith Wills of 

Christ at Manhattan. Item. Unto Mrs. Bridges I 
want one pound of Babbn (?) Dutch weight, there 
is sufficient on my Book to pay it. Item. I give 
and bequeath unto John Smith, Rock, Junior, my 
feather bed and bolster, and 2 blankets, one red, 
and another blue, to be given at the death of his 
parents, or on his marriage day, or when he shall 
keep his house by his parents consent. Item. I give 
to Hannah Smith my Byble, and if her brother die, 
my bed and appurtenances. Item. I give to Joan 
Brudnell 6 pounds Sterling, to be paid in oates and 
other grain, within a month after my decease. I 
doubt not but there is enough to pay it. It is to 
buy her a part of a House. Item. I give unto 
Thomas Fencocks children 3J of trading cloth to 
cloath them. Item. I bequeath to Richard Stiles, 
one sheet for a winding sheet. To Josiah Furman, 
one sheet. To Good wife Campioti, one sheet, and 
ye others to make myself a winding sheet. Item. I 
bequeath unto William Seaddin, one English ell of 
Holland. To John Smith, Rock, ye remainder for 
his children. I bequeath unto John Beadle, my 
Doublet, and black cloth breeches, and 40^ his 
Father owes me, to keep him to school. Item. I 
give unto Mr. Gildersleve my Chair and free of all 
accompts. Item. I give to Mr. Hicks the use of my 
Books of Arithmetic. Item. I give my table and 
bench and cupboard to John Smith, Rock, and ap- 
point him executor, and William Seaddin to assist 
him. I give my white blanket to Good wife Simons, 

New York and Long Island. 121 

living near ye Wall, on Mr. Drisius land. She is a 
washer woman. Pray hand it safely to her. Item. 
I desire my executors to see me decently buried, and 
to have so much wine or drams, as may in modera- 
tion be drank. If I have been too large in giving I 
leave to their discretion. 

If there be anything over, to give it to pious use, 
it is to help repair ye Meeting House, and to give 
20^ to ye Church at Flatbush. And this in con- 
clusion. I commend my poor soul into ye merciful 
hand of God, hoping to enjoy ye Kingdom of Heaven, 
for evermore. 

Dated at Hempstead yo. 13th of March 1660. 

John James.* 
John Seaman 
Richard Birdsell 

* John James was probably the schoolmaster in Hempstead. This 
will is a curiosity, as it is probably the oldest will in existence in Queens 
County. The original is in possession of Mrs. Elijah Smith of Free- 
port, L. I. It contains the first direct mention of the " Rock Smith " 
family. The sum of 147 guilders, 18 stuyvers is about $59. The land 
of Rev. Mr. Drisius is on both sides of Broad Street, New York, and 
next south of Wall Street, and is now the most valuable piece of land 
on the American Continent. 


This family, so distinguished in the history of 
New York, is descended from William Smith and his 
wife Elizabeth Hartley of Newport Pagnell, Bucking- 
hamshire, England. They had six children, W^, 
James, John, Samuel, Thomas and Christiana. 

W" Smith, the eldest son, settled at Port Royal, 
Jamaica, and was known as " Port Royal " Smith. 
He married Frances, daughter of Col. W'" Peartree, 
who was Mayor of New York, 1 703-6. They had 
a son W"", who had a son W"^ Peartree Smith, who 
died, 1 80 1, aged 78. 

Thomas Smith, the youngest son, was born Sept. 
18, 1675, and died in New York, Nov. 14, 1745. He 
was one of the founders of the Presbyterian Church 
in New York. He married in England, Susanna, 
daughter of Thomas Odell, May 13, 1696. Their 
children were : 

1. W"^ Smith, the Judge. 

2. Thomas, who owned much property in New 
York, and also a large tract in Orange; County, at 
Smith's Clove (now Turners station on the Erie 
Railroad), where he resided. 

3. Rev. John Smith, born May 5, 1702. He was 
minister at White Plains, where he died, Feb. 26, 
1 771. He married Mehetabel, daughter of James 

William Smith 

Historian and Chief Justice 

Born lysS, Died 17QS 

Family of Judge Wtn. Smith. 123 

Hooker, and had four sons and eight daughters. 
One of the daughters, Susanna, married Rev. Benja- 
min Tallmadge of Brookhaveti, L. I., and was the 
mother of Col. Benjamin Tallmadge of Revolutionary 

4. Odell, who died young. 

5. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Herbert, of England. 

6. Martha, wife of Edward Roberts. 

Judge William Smith was born at Newport Pag- 
nell, Oct. 8, 1697, and died in New York, Nov. 22, 
1769. Graduated from Yale College in 1719. He 
adopted the profession of Law, and was admitted to 
practice May 20, 1724, in New York, and rose rap- 
idly to eminence. He was foremost among the 
founders of King's College. In 1751 he was ap- 
pointed Attorney General, and Advocate General, 
and was for many years a member of the Council. 
In 1763 he was appointed Judge of the Supreme 
Court, and held that position till the time of his 

Judge Smith married ist, Mary, daughter of Rene 
and Blanche Hett, May 11, 1727; 2d, Elizabeth, 
widow of Col. Elisha Williams. There were no 
children by the second marriage. 

The children oi Judge Smith were : 

1. W"* Smith, Chief Justice of New York and 
Canada, and famous as the historian of New York. 
He was born June 18, 1728, and died in Quebec, Dec. 

2. Susanna, born Dec. 24, 1729. She married 

124 Family of Judge Wm. Smith. 

Robert James Livingston, and has left a long list of 
illustrious descendants. 

3. Mary, born March 26, 1732. She married 
John Smith (see will No. 49), and left one child, 
Mary, who married Richard Bancker. 

4. Sarah, born Aug. 3, 1733. Died Oct, 12, 
18 1 5. She married Rev. Abraham, Kettletas of 

Jamaica, L. I. 

5. Thomas, born March 11, 1734. He married 
Elizabeth Lynsen, Nov. 22, 1758^ and left a large 
family. He died Nov. 7, 1795. 

6. Elizabeth Blanch, who married John Torrans of 
Charleston, S. C. 

7. James, a physician, born Feb. 13, 1738. Died 

8. Anne, wife of Bostwick of New York. 

9. John, born July 19, 1741, and was a lawyer in 
New York. 

10. Catharine, wife of John Gordon of South 

11. Martha, born June 18, 1744. She married 
Col. Ann Hawkes Hay of Fishkill, and a famous 
officer in the Revolution. 

12. Samuel,\ioxv\. 1745, died unmarried in Charles- 
ton, S. C, 1 771. 

1 3. Margaret, wife oi Alexander Rose of Charleston. 

14. Joshua Hett, born May 27, 1719. Died iil 
.New York, 1818. He was the unfortunate dupe of 

Arnold and Andri, while wholly ignorant of their 
nefarious plans. He was the author of the well- 

Family of Judge Wm. Smith. 125 

known book, " Narrative of the Causes that led to 
the death of Major Andrd." He left one child, 
Sarah Golden Smith. He resided at the time of the 
Revolution in the famous Smith bouse at Haver- 
straw, which belonged to his brother Thomas. It 
still remains, an interesting relic of the past. 

Susanna Smith, daughter of Judge W"^ Smith, was 
born Dec. 24, 1729. Died March 20, 1791. She 
married Robert James Livingston, Sept. 14, 1747. 
He was the eldest son of James and Maria {ICier- 
stedt) Livingston, and was born Feb. 15, 1725. Died 
Jan. 25, 1 771. Their children were : 

1. Mary, born June 7, 1748. Died in London, 
Jan. 6, 1830. She married ist, Capt. Gabriel Mat- 
urin of the British army ; 26., D'' Jonathan Mallet, 
a very popular physician in New York before the 
Revolution. His residence was No. 3 Broadway. 
She left no children. 

2. James, born Dec. 29, 1749. Died unmarried. 

3. Elizabeth, died in early childhood. 

4. Col. W" S. Livingston, born Aug. 27, 1755. 
Died June 25, 1794. He was a brave and gallant 
officer in the Revolution, and from his reckless dar- 
ing gained the title of " Fighting Bill," was conspicu- 
ous in the battle of Long Island, taken prisoner, and 
confined in the Sugar House, but was soon ex- 
changed. He married, in 1774, Cd!/^ar?W, daughter 
of Abraham Lott. Of a large family, a son Francis, 
and two daughters, alone married and left issue. 

126 Family of Judge Wm. Smith. 

5. Robert, died in infancy. 

6. Susanna, born July 30, 1758. Died at Tren- 
ton, N. J., Feb. 13, 1851. She married Rev. James 
Francis Armstrong, who was pastor of the First 
Presbyterian Church in Trenton for thirty years. 
They left six children. 

7. Robert James Livingston, born Nov. 5, 1760. 
Died unmarried April 12, 1827. He joined the 
American army at the age of sixteen, and was severely 
wounded in the battle of Trenton. 

8. Hon. Peter R. Livingston, born Oct. 3, 1 766. 
Died at his residence Grasmere near Rhinebeck, Jan. 
19, 1847. He was for many years a member of the 
State Senate from Dutchess County, and member of 
the Constitutional Convention 182 1. He married 
Joanna, daughter oi Judge Robert R. Livingston, but 
left no children. 

9. Jitdge Maturin Livingston of Staatsburgh, born 
April 10, 1769. Died Nov. 7, 1847, at the residence 
of his son-in-law, Major Joseph Delajield, New York. 
Graduated with high honors at Princeton, was a 
member of the Constitutional Convention, 1801, was 
appointed Recorder of the City of New York, 1804, 
and was later a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas 
for Dutchess County. He married May 30, 1798, 
Margaret, the only child of Morgan Lewis, a distin- 
guished general in the army of the Revolution, and 
Governor of the State of A^^zc York. , Hermotherwas 
Gertrude, daughter oi Judge Robert R. and Margaret 
{Beekman) Livingston. She died Sept. 28, i860. 

Family of Judge Wm. Smith. 127 

The children of Judge Maturin Livingston and 
his wife Margaret Lewis, were : 

1. Morgan L. L., born April 3, 1790; died Nov. 3, 

2. Julia, born Sept. 15, 1801 ; died June 23, 1882. 
She married Major Joseph Delafield, and had four 
children, Lewis L., Maturin L., Julia E., 2ind. Joseph. 
(Of these Maturin Livingston Delafield, the 2d son, 
married Dec. i, 1868, Mary, daughter of Eugene 
Augustus and Harriet {Coleman) Livingston, and 
has children, Maturin L., -^^ Joseph L., John R., 
Julia L., Edward' C, Mary E., Harriet C, and 
Eugene Z.) 

3. Alfred, b. June 30, 1803 ; d. Jan. 3, 1855. 

4. Gertrude L., married Major Rawlins Lowndes. 

5. Mortimer L., b. Dec. i, 1807; d. Aug. 24, 1857. 

6. Susan, married W"^ T. Lowndes. 

7. Robert James, b. Dec. lit, 181 1; d. Feb. 22, 

8. Lewis L., b. March 15, 1814; d. April 14, 1886. 

9. Maturin L., b. March 4, 1816; d. Nov. 29, 

10. Henry B., b. Jan. 20, 1818 ; d. Oct. 9, 1844. 

11. Margaret A., married Alexander Hamilton 
(son oi Jam^es A.). 

12. Blanche G., married Lydig M. Hoyt. 


Thomas Smith, the fifth child of Judge William. 
Smith, was born March 11, 1734, and died at his 

128 Family of Judge Wm. Smith. 

home, the Smiths House at Haverstraw, Nov. 7, 
1795. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham 
Lynsen, Nov. 22, 1758. He left a large family. One 
of his daughters married W'" Denning, 

His son Thomas Smith,^'', m.a.r ried Afary, daughter 
oi John Taylor, a wealthy merchant of New York. 
Their children were John Taylor Smith, Catharine 
Augusta Budd, Thomas Charles Smith, William. 
Eugene Smith, and Anna Maria Smith. 

Thomas Smith, J'', died in 1815 at his home in 

John Taylor Smith, son of Thomas Smith, J^, was 
a graduate of Columbia College, and, as a lawyer 
and District Attorney, was one of the most promi- 
nent men of Rockland County. His son, Charles 
Bainbridge Smith, ^^'^., a well-known and prominent 
lawyer in New York, is the present head and repre- 
sentative in this country, of the family of his 
illustrious ancestor, Judge W" Smith, 





Smith, Aaron, . 

. Aug. 13, 1745 

Feb. 19, 1747 


Smith, Abel, 

. Apr. 2, 1757 

Apr. 25, 1757 


Smith, Amos, 

. Aug. 10, 1767 

Apr. 2, 1771 


Smith, Amos, 

. Jan. 24, 1785 


Smith, Ann, 

. July 28, 1773 

Sept. 9, 1784 


Smith, Arthur, . 

. Mch. 17, 1756 

Nov. 23, 1757 


Smith, Azariah, . 

. Nov. 11, 1784 


Smith, Benjamin, 

. /ulyi7, 1758 
. Mch. 19, 1766 

Apr. 14, 1759 


Smith, Benjamin, 

May 17, 1768 


Smith, Benjamin, 

. Jan. 10, 1779 

May 6, 1779 


Smith, Benjamin, 

. Oct. 3, 1784 

Mch. 18, 1785 


Smith, Benjamin, 

. May 22, 1792 
. Men. 3, 1791 

Feb. 27, 1798 


Smith, Benjamin, Sr. 

June 23, 1791 


Smith, Bemardus, 

. Nov. 10, 1746 

Sept. 22, 1750 


Smith, Caleb, . 

. Dec. 29, 1731 

Apr. 2, 1732 
May 6, 1784 


Smith, Caleb, 

. Apr. 17, 1784 


Smith, Charles Jeffrey 

r, . Dec. 5, 1769 

Aug. 23, 1770 


Smith, Cornell, . 

. May 28, 1781 

July 28, 1781 


Smith, Daniel, . 

. May 26, 1749 

Nov. 2, 1757 


Smith, Daniel, . 

• July 14. 1753 

. May 20, 1768 

Oct. 21, 1754 


Smith, Daniel, . 

May 22, 1769 


Smith, Daniel, . 

. Sept. 15, 1782 

Oct. 26, 1782 


Smith, Dirck(DirckJi 


Van de Venter), 

. May 6, 1678 


Smith, Ebenezer, 

. July 25, 1747 

Jan. 7, 1747 


Smith, Edmund, 

• June 5, 1777 
. Feb. 12, 1763 

Apr. 5, 1779 


Smith, Ephraim, 

Apr. 19, 1763 


Smith, Ezekiel, . 

. Feb. 13, 1770 

May I, 1771 


Smith, Gabriel, . 

. No date 


Smith, Gershom, 

. Apr. I, 1795 

Aug. 2, 1797 


Smith, Gertruid, 

Sept. 15, 1741 

Jan. 27, 1742 


Smith, Hannah, 

, Aug. 16, 1770 

Oct. 16, 1770 


Smith, Hannah, 

. Dec. 19, 1774 

Jan. 25, 1775 
Mch. 16, 1781 


Smith, Hannah, 

. Jan. 14, 1780 


Smith, Hannah, 

. Aug. 22, 1780 

Jan. 13, 1781 


Smith, Henry, . 

. Sept. 13, 1757 

Oct. 8, 1757 


Smith, Henry, . 

. Oct. 5, 1767 

Nov. 2, 1767 


Smith, Henry, . 
Smith, Col. Henry, 

. Oct. 19, 1769 

Mch. 13, 1770 

, 70 

. Mch. 25, 1747 

Apr. 9, 1748 


Smith, Col. Henry, 

. Sept. 17, 1764 

Mch. 28, 1767 


Smith, Hezekiah, 

. Sept. 10, 1779 

Aug. 16, 1785 



Index of Wills. 




Smith, Isaac, 

. Apr. 29, 1756 

May 27, 1756 


Smith, Israel, 

. Feb. 3, 1774 

Feb. 17, 1774 


Smith, Israel, 

. May 21, 1774 

Oct. 7, 1780 


Smith, Jacob, 

. Jan. 30, 1755 

Mch 15, 1757 


Smith, Jacob, 

. June I, 1783 

July 3, 1783 


Smith, Jacob, 

. Aug. 10, 1686 


Smith, Jacob, 

. Oct. 29, 1698 

Apr. 27, 1704 


Smith, James, 

. Feb. 25, 1747 

Oct. 22, 1748 


Smith, James, . 

. Apr. 6, 1765 

May 4, 1766 


Smith, James, 

. Dec. 6, 1782 

Jan. 20, 1783 


Smith, James, 

Nov. 13, 1690 


Smith, Jasper, 

. Jan. 17, 1695 

Mch. 16, 169! 


Smith, Jehiel, 

. Jan. 31, 1759 

Feb. 15, 1759 


Smith, Jeremiah, 

. Oct. 23, 1725 

Apr. 2, 1726 


Smith, Jeremiah, 

. Aug. I, 1776 

Apr. 19, 1783 


Smith, Jesse, 

. Nov. 15, 1771 

Apr. 23, 1781 


Smith, Job 3d, . 

. May 25, 1780 

Aug. I, 1780 


Smith, John, 

. Nov. 20, 1 7 10 

July 6, 1716 


Smith, John, 

. Jan. 8, 172^ 

May 9, 1722 


Smith, John, 

. July 20, 1732 

Apr. 3, 1733 


Smith, John, 

. Mch. 28, 1750 

Apr. 3, 1750 


Smith, John, 

. Apr. 13, 1755 

Nov. 26, 1761 


Smith, John, 

. Mch. 10, 1757 

Jan. 9, 1761 


Smith, John, 

. Sept. 28, 1758 

Nov. 6, 1762 


Smith, John, 

. June 25, 1761 

Apr. 30, 1782 


Smith, John, 

. June 27, 1761 

May 13, 1767 


Smith, John, 

. Oct. 12, 1764 

Mch. 2, 1765 


Smith, John, 

. Sept. 4, 1765 

May 5, 1767 


Smith, John, 

. Feb. 27, 1772 

Mch. 12, 1784 


Smith, John, 

. Oct. 25, 1773 

Mch. 19, 1790 


Smith, John, 

. Aug. 10, 1777 

May 20, 1878 


Smith, John, 

. Mch. 11, 1782 

Nov. 25, 1783 


Smith, John, 

. Mch. 6, 1783 

Mch. 27, 1783 


Smith, John, 

. Nov. 21, 1783 

Nov. 17, 1784 


Smith, John, 

. Feb. 17, 1784 

May 13, 1785 


Smith, John, 

. Nov. 21, 1784 

July 14, 1785 


Smith, 'ohn. 

. June 9, 1694 

Feb. 12, 169I 


Smith, John, 

. Mch. 10, 1695 

Apr. 3, 1706 


Smith, John Carpente 

,r, . Feb. 16, 1778 

Feb. 19, 1779 


Smith, John, Sr., 

. Jan. 26, 1760 

July 7, 1794 


Smith, Jonathan, 

. Feb. 22, 1731 

Apr. 3, 1733 


Smith, Jonathan, 

. May 17, 1746 

Sept. 13, 1748 


Smith, Jonathan, 

. June 4, 1767 

June 19, 1767 
Jan. 20, 1778 


Smith, Jonathan, 

. June 22, 1777 


Smith, Jonathan, 

. Aug. 23, 1782 

Mch. 8, 1784 


Smith, Joseph, . 

. June 5, 1783 

Sept. 26, 1785 


Smith, Joseph, . 

. June 5, 1783 

Sept. 26, 1785 


Smith, Joseph, . 

. May 24, 1701 

Apr. 14, 1702 


Smith, Joseph, . 

. Feb. 25, 1730 

Mch. 29, 1732 


Smith, _'oseph, . 

. Nov. 14, 1746 

Sept. 23, 1751 


Smith, Joseph, . 

. Jan. 25, 1758 

Nov. 16, 1759 


Smith, Joseph, . 

. Mch. 30, 1773 

July 6, 1773 


Index of Wills. 






















































, Joshua, . 

ury Adam, 
, Lambert, 
, Lemuel, 
, Martha, . 
, Mehitabel, 
, Micah, 
, Micha, 
, Miriam, . 
, Nathan, . 
, Nathan, . 
, Nathan, . 
, Nathan, Sr., 
, Nathaniel, 
, Nathaniel, 
, Nehemiah, 
, Nicholas, 
, Nier, 
, Noah, 
, Obadiah, 
, Oliver, . 
, Peter, 
, Philip, . 
, Pieter, 
, Piatt, 
, Rachel, . 
, Rachel, . 
, Reuben, 
, Richard, 
, Richard, 
, Richard, 
, Richard, 
, Richard, 
, Richard, 
, Richard, 
, Richard R., 
, Richard, and 
, Samuel, . 
, Samuel, . 
, Samuel, . 
, Samuel, . 
, Samuel, . 
, Samuel, . 
, Sarah, 
, Silvanus, 
, Stephen, 
, Susanna, 
, Sylvanus, 
, Thomas, . 
, Thomas, . 
, Thomas, . 



Nov. 10, 1756 
Apr. 9, 1774 
May 7, 1747 
Men. 24, 1764 
May 17, 1780 
Sept. 7, 1707 
Jan. 6, 1785 
Feb. 22, 1767 
Apr. I, 1747 
Aug. 30, 1785 
Mch. 25, 1759 
June 16, 1782 
Sept. 8, 1779 
May 17, 1749 
May 20, 1761 
Sept. 27, 1777 
May 14, 1750 
Men. 27, 1777 
Dec. 28, 1782 
Aug. 3, 1777 
June 20, 1770 
Dec. 22, 1761 
Mch. ig, 1768 

}an. 20, 1690 
an. 13, 1711 
Nov. I, 1798 
Dec. 6, 1745 
Sept. 17, 1757 
May 25, 1755 
Mch. 23, 17^ 
June 23, 1718 
Feb. 12, 1735 
May 24, 1747 
Sept. 20, J 764 
May 12, 1779 
May 25, 1787 
July 15, 1757 

Feb. 9, 1775 
Feb. 16, 1779 
Jan. 22, 1781 
June 17, 1785 
Apr. 15, 1786 
No date. 
Jan. 20, 170I 
May 29, 1787 
July 7, 1783 
Nov. 19, 1736 
Mch. 10, 1764 
May 16, 1749 
Mch. 19, 1763 
July 29, 1771 


Nov, 23, 1757 

Oct. 4, 1764 
May 23, 1764 
Nov. 7, 1782 
June 6, 1 7 10 
Sept. 24, 1785 
July 28, 1767 
May II, 1747 
Dec. 28, 1785 
May 18, 1761 
Feb. 18, 1783 
Oct. 16, 1779 
Nov. 30, 1755 
Apr. 10, 1765 
July 10, 1783 
July 30, 1750 
Apr. 14, 1777 
Apr. 2, 1794 
Jan. 31, 1785 
Apr. 18, 1778 
July 10, 1762 
May 17, 1785 

Oct. II, 1712 
May 12, 1820 
Apr. 16, 1747 
Mch. I, 1758 
Oct. 18, 1758 
May 17, 1711 
Mch. 28, 1720 
Nov. 9, 1736 
June 21, 1747 
Oct. I, 1766 
Mch. 27, 1782 

June 23, 1758 
May 2, 1693 
Dec. II, 1783 
Sept. 22, 1779 
Mch. 30, 1781 
Nov. 7, 1786 
May 15, 1786 

June 11, 1787 
Feb. 7, 1784 
Jan. 8, 1738 
Apr. 17, 1770 
Nov. 14, 1749 
Apr. 21, 1763 
May 29, 1772 






























Index of Wills. 




Smith, Thomas, . 

. Apr. I, 1793 

Oct. 6, 1795 


Smith, Timothy, 

. July 4, 1791 

Dec. 2, 1791 


Smith, Uriah, . 

. Feb. 27, 1783 

Apr. I, 1784 


Smith, Wait, 

. Sept. 4, 1750 

Oct. 12, 1753 


Smith, Wait, 

May 29, 1765 

May 11, 1781 


Smith, Waters, . 

Aug. 30, 1773 

Dec. II, 1783 


Smith, Wm., 

. June 28, 1718 

Nov. 15, 1736 


Smith, Wm., 

Jan. II, 173I 

June 2, 1733 


Smith, Wm., 

Jan. 17, I74f 

Feb. 26, 1742 


Smith, Wm., 

Feb. 19, 1752 

May 13, 1752 


Smith, Wm., 

Dec. 28, 1759 

May 14, 1764 


Smith, Wm., 

Sept. 2, 1762 

Oct. 19, 1762 


Smith, Wm., 

/an. 13, 1774 

Mch. 28, 1774 


Smith, Wm., 

.^eb. 7, 1778 

July 10, 1781 


Smith, Wm., 

May 16, 1781 

July 9, 1781 


Smith, Wm., 

Oct. 17, 1781 

Dec. 22, 1781 


Smith, Col. Wm., 

Apr. 20, 1704 

Sept. 15, 1705 


Smith, Dr. Wm., 

July 2, 1775 

Aug. 11, 1775 


Smith, Zachariah, 

Apr. 29, 1758 

Nov. 24, 1758 


Smith, Zophar, . 

Nov. 25, 1759 

Dec. 16, 1759 


Smith of South Hempstead 

, June 16, 1788 

July 4, 1788 


Van de Venter, Dirck Jan- 

sen (Dirck Smith), 

May 6, 1678 


James, John, 

Mch. 13, 1660 





Smith, Adam, .... 

( Oct. 29, 1730 
• 1 Dec. 28, 1733 


Smith, Charles Jeffrey, 

. June 23, 1715 


Smith, John 

Oct. 14, 1731 


Smith, John 

Aug. 18, 1693 


Smyth, Thomas, 

May 17, 1732 



Amenia, 117 
Amenia Precinct, 104 

Babylon, 51 
Bayles Stage, 63 
Bedford, 3, 43, 49, 6g 
Bermuda, 16 
Billingstone (Eng.), 54 
Brookhaven, vii, x, xi, 4, 5, 6,7, 11, 

15, 31. 32, 47, 70, 71, 72. 79, 85, 

86, loi, 109, 123 
Buckinghamshire (Eng.), 122 

Cambridge (Mass.), 71 
Canoe Place, 63 
Charleston (S. C), 124 
Charlotte Precinct, 107 
Chesnut Pound, 47 
Cheston, 5, 7, 65 
Claverack, 61 
Coe's Neck, 87, 93, ii5 
Connecticutt River, 19 
Copiage Neck. 51, 74 
Coram, 47, 85, 86, 102 
Cornwall, Precinct of, 104 
Cove Neck, 115 
Cow Neck, 9, 44 
Crane's Neck, 5 
Crom Elbow, 55 
Cupsoge Gut, 6 
Cuttscumsuck, 15 

Denon, Castle of (France), 55 
Dicks Hills, 58 

East Hampton, x, 63, 117 
Embree's Creek, 116 
Ezekiel Howell's Neck, 14 

" Ferry in Kings Co.," 4 
Fishkill, 124 

Flatbush, 121 

Flushing, i, 20, 59, 79, 95, 106 
Flying Point, 77 
Freeport, 8, 121 

Galesburg, 97 

Gardiner's Island, 63 

Golden Hill, 56 

Goshen, 17, 18, 39, 46, 57, 96, 102 

Great East Neck, 51, 74 

Great Merock, 88, iii 

Greenwich (Conn.), 38 

Grey Court, 25 

Halfway Hollow, 23 

Harlowes, 65 

Harlow's Lots, 5 

Haverstraw, 59, 60, 85, 125, 128 

Hay Hollow, 27 

Hempstead, viii, x, 8, 10, 11, 13, 23, 
25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 32, 34, 37, 44, 
60, 66, 67, 68, 70, 73, 83, 86, 87, 
88, 89, 90, gi, 92, 93, 94, 96, 108, 
no, III, 112, 114, 121 

Hempstead Harbor, 65, 113 

Hempstead Plains, 23, 114, 115 

Herricks, 13, 65, 73 

Hicks Neck, 9 

Higham Ferrers, vii 

Highlands, 49 

Hogg's Island, 115 

Hopewell (N. J.), 28 

Hungry Harbor, 29 

Huntington, x, 22, 40, 50, 51, 52, 
53. 58, 74, 75, 79, 83, 100, 105, 
108, 116 

Islip, X, 63 

Jamaica, x, 15, 17, 22, 23, 28, 35, 36, 
39, 40, 41, 52, 53, 58, 59, 75, 78, 


Index of Places. 

80, 81, 95, 98, 99, 104, 106, 107, 

no, 124 
James City (Va.), 71 
James neck, 118 

Laurel Hollow, 115 
Little Coe's Neck, 69 
Little Merock, 88, iii, 114 
Little Merrick, 33 
Little Neck, 5 
London, 125 
Long Cove, 5, 6 
Long Neck, 17 
Long Swamp, 79 

Maidenhead (N. J.), 28 
Manhattan, 120 
Mattuck Neck, 14 
Merock, 87, 93, in 
Merrick, 8, 26 
Montauk, x 
Moriches, 14, 16, 77 
Moriches Neck, 14 
Mount Misery, 7 

Navesink Patent, 46 

New Amsterdam, 3 

Newburgh, 34 

New Castle (Del), 43 

New Haven (Conn.), 71 

Newport Pagnell, 122, 123 

Newport (R. I.), 21 

Newton, vii 

Newtown, xi, no 

New York (City), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 
12, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 29, 31, 
36, 38, 42, 45, 48, 49, 53, 55, 56, 
62, 76, 83, Sg, 103, 117, 122, 123, 
124, 125, 126, 128 

Nine Partners, 29 

Nissequogue, 22, 64 

Nissequogue River, 14, 30, 79 

Nocomock, 47 

Norman's Creek, 116 

North Hempstead, 112, 113 

Old Man's, 5, 7 
Old Mill, 64 
Oswego, 54 
Oyster Bay, 83, 115 

Paris (France), 10 
Patchogue, xi 

Philadelphia (Pa.), 77 
Phillipsburg, 100 
Phillipsburg, Manor of, 100, 101 
Pine Island, 115 
Port Jefferson, 5, 86 
Port Royal (Jamaica), 122 
Pound Ridge, 76 
Princetown (N. J.), 71 

Quaspeck, 20 
Quebec (Canada), 123 

Ragged Swamp, 20 
Rasapeage, 24, 79 
Rhinebeck, 126 
Rockaway, 9, 81, 91 
Ronconcomy Plains, 27 
Ronkony Pond, 79 

Sag Harbor, 77, 117 

Salisbury, 104 

Sandy Hollow, 23 

Sebomuck Neck, 5, 7 

Sebomuck River, 6 

Seatuck River, 63 

Setanket, 5, 71 

Shawangunk Patent, 67 

Smith's Clove (Turner's Station), 

Smithtown, vi, x, 12, 14, 15, 16, 

21, 22, 24, 27, 30, 31, 32, 63, 64, 

79, 81, 82, 88, 89, 98, 100, 107, 109, 

Smithtown River, 98 
Southampton, vii, ix, 7, 63, 77 
South Beach, 6 
South Hempstead, in, 112, 113, 

114, 115, 116 
South Neck, in 
Southold, xi, 7, 100 
Spring Head, 41 
Staatsburgh, 126 
St. George, Manor of, 4, 6, n, 19, 

47. 65 
Stony Brook Harbor, 27, 82, 109 
Stony Brook Neck, 79 
St. Quentin (France), 10 
St. Thomas (West Indies), 10 
Sumpwams, 76 
Sunk Meadow, 79 

Tankers, vii 
Temll's River, 63 

Index of Places. 


Trenton, 126 

Turner's Station (Smith's Clove), 
121 , 

Verdredie Hook, 20 

Wallkill Bridge, 102 
Washbume's Neck, 8, 11, 87 
Washington Precinct, 108 
"Watchogue, 64 
Watchogue Neck, 14 
Waywayanda, 46 

Westbury, 66, 112 
"Westchester, Borough of, 105 
Western Hook, 7 
West Hills, 51 
West Neck, 113 
West Point, 60 
White Plains, 122 
Wicapogue, 77 
Wolf Hill, 51 
Woodbridge, 28 

Yaptian Neck, 7 


ABEEL (Mr.), 7 
ABRAHAMSEN, Abraham, lo 

Adrian, lo 
ACKERLY, Benjamin, boundary, 

Jackamiah (Jr.), 117 
ADAM, " negro man," 36 
ADAMS, Abigail, 38 

Charles, 38 

John, wit., 55 

President John, 38 

Sarah, 38 
AKERLEY, Benjamin, 115 
ALLEN, Samuel, Esq., ex., 88 
ANDRfi (Major), 120 
ANDROSS, Sir Edmund, 43 
APPELBY, Theo. (Jr.), wit., 92 
ARMSTRONG, Rev. James Fran- 
cis, 126 
ARNOLD, Benedict, 124 
ARTHUR, Robert, boundary, 14, 

BABCOCK, Adam, trustee, 72 ; 

purchase, 98 
BALDWIN (Mr.), 109 
BANCKER, Mary, 38 

Richard, 38; ex., 106, 124 
BARBABIE, Elizabeth, 21 

Frances, 21 

John, 21 
BARKLEY, Jonas, ex., 56 
BARTON, Elizabeth, 86 

Hannah, 108 

John, wit., 21, 86; ex., 87; 108 

(Mr.), boundary, loi 

Sarah, 86, 108 
BASSETT, Francis, ex., 18 
BASSFORD, John, wit., 4 
BATTY, Mary, wit., 94 
BAXTER, Stephen, wit., 70 
BAYARD, P., wit., 20 

BAYLES, Daniel, ex., 95 
BAYLES, Elias, 36 

Elias (Sr.), ex., 42 

John, 95 

Mary, 36, 95 
BAYLEY, Daniel, 105 

Elias, 95 
BAYLIS, Mary, 17 

Richard M., historian, 5 

Ruth, 17 
BAYLISS, Elias, 17 
BEADLE, John, 120 
BEDELL, Abigail, purchase, 93 

Abijah, purchase, 92 

David, wit., 23 

Elijah, purchase, 93 

Hannah, wit., 94 

Hezekiah, wit., 94 

Uriah, ex., 93, 96 
BEEKMAN, Gerardus, wit., 37 
BELDEN, John, purchase, iii 
BELLAMONT, Lord, viii 
BENET,John, 70 
BENJAMIN, Jonathan, wit., 102 
BENSON, Christopher, 62; ex., 63 
BERRY, Major John, 62 
BETTS, Elizabeth, 99 

Milicent, 69 
BEVERHAND, Engel, 10 

Susana Jansen, 10 
BIGGS, Timothy, 24 
BIRDS ALL, Samuel, ex., 92 

Sarah, 87 
BISHOP, Enos, wit, 47 

James, wit., 86 
BLANCK, Nicholas, adm., 3 
BOOT, Wm., wit, 45 
BOSCH, Albertus, wit., 13, 37 

Catherine, 37 

Charity, 38 

Jasper, wit., 37 

Justus, purchase, 38 


Index of Names. 

BOSTWICK, , 124 

Anne, 124 

Rev. David, 40 
BOWNE, Samuel, ex., i 
BRACHER, Sarah, 97 
BREWSTER, Daniel, boundary, 6 

Gloriana, 32 

James, ex., 72 
BRIDGES (Mrs.), 120 
BROWER, Abraham, 48 

Everardus, 48 

Jacob, 48 

John, 48 
BROWN, Thomas, ex., 57 
BRUDNELL, Joan, 120 
BRUNDRIDGE, Joseph, pur- 

BRUSH, Jecomiah, ex., 83 

Sarah, 83 

Smith, 83 

Thos. wit., 12 
BUCHANAN, Arthur, wit, 27 
BUFFETT, Joseph (Jr.), bound- 
ary, 74 
BULL, Mary, wit., 73 

Thomas, wit., 73 
BURLEIGH, Hannah, wit., 61 
BURRAS, Lawrence, 48 
BURROWS, Ed., wit., i 
BURTON, Isaac, wit, 54 
BUSH, Albert, adm., 3 

CAMPION, , 120 

CANTWELL, Capt. Edward, 

wit., 43 
CARLL, Annanias, wit, 58; ex., 

Lemuel, 100 

Piatt, wit., 58 
CARMAN, - — , boundary, 60 

Joshua, 14 
CARPENTER, Daniel, 97 

James, wit, 84 

Nehemiah, 105 

Priscilla, 105 

Solomon, boundary, 102 

Wait, ex., 97 
CASE, Daniel, boundary, 103 
CEBRA, James, wit, 41 
CHAMBERS, John, wit, 21 
CHARLOTTE, Martha, 9 

Stephen, 9 

Wm., 9 

CHEESEMAN, Benj., wit, 67 
CHERCHILL, Susanna, wit, 4 
CHICHESTER, Elihu, wit, 100 
CLARK, Jehiel, wit. , 49 

Joseph, purchase, 43 
CLARKSON, Belinda, 38 

Matthew, 38 

CLEWS, , wit., 30 

CLINTON, Charles, ex., 34 
CLOVES, S., wit, 114 
CLOWES, Samuel, ex., 69; pur- 
chase, 93 

Sarah, wit., 6g 

Timothy, ex. , 69, 70 
COCK, Mary, 115 

Thomas, 115 
GOLDEN, Capt. Alexander, ex., 

COLGAN, Thomas, wit, 35 
CONKLIN, Sarah, wit, 53 
CONKLING, Eunice, 100 

Ezekiel, wit. , 80 

Phebe, 63 

Piatt, 63 

Thomas, ex., 100 
COPTHWAITE, Hugh, ex., i 
CORNELIUS, Moses, wit, 93 
CORNELL, Ann, 13 

Caleb, purchase, 44 

Elizabeth, 13 

Hannah, 13 

James, wit., 90 
CORNELLISON, Jan, wit, 43 
CORNWELL, Capt. Charles, ex., 

Elizabeth, 87 

George, ex., no 
CRAFT, James, 79 

Mary, 79 
CRAWFORD, Robert, wit, 76 
CROSS, Robert, wit, 24 
CULVER, Jesse, 77; boundary, 

CUMMINS, LUKE, wit., 73 
CURSON, Ri.,wit,5o 

DAGGETT, Rev. Naphthalai, 64 

Sarah, 64 
DAMEN, Jan, 3 
DAVIDSON, John, ex., 67 
DAVIS, Henry, wit, 73 

John, ex., 15 
DAYTON, Eleazer, wit., 86 

Index of Names. 


DAYTON, Wm., wit, 86 
DEAN, John, 33 

S. , Jr., wit., 24 
DE CLEWS, David, 10 

Elizabeth Le Serruier, 10 
DELAFIELD, Edward C, 127 

Eugene L., 127 

Harriet C.,, 127 

John R., 127 

Joseph L., 127 

Julia, 127 

Julia E., 127 

Julia L., 127 

Lewis L., 127 

Major Joseph, 126, 127 

Mary, 127 

Maturin L., 127 

Maturin L. (Jr.), 127 
DE LANCY, Stephen, 48 
DE MOTT, Michael, wit., gi 
DENN, Phebe, wit., 97 

Wm., ex., 73; wit., 97 
DENNING, Wm., 128 
DENTON, Amos, wit., 22, 52 

Daniel, wit., 53 

Gilbert, wit., 39 

Isaac, ex., 91 

Martha, wit., 59 

Mary, ex., 9 

Nathaniel, boundary, 17 

Nehemiah, 53 

Samuel, 9; ex., 59; wit., 65, 

Thomas, wit., 57 
DESBROSSES, Elias, ex., 103 
DE VAVE, Jacques de Montier, 

Madeline Le Serruier, 10 
DIRCKSEN, John, 42 
DONGAN, Gov. Thomas, 11 
DORLAN, Thomas, ex., 95 
DOUGHTY, Samuel, ex., 45 ; 

wit., 75 
DOUGLASS, Benjamin, trustee, 

DOWNING Elizabeth, 92 

Jacob, 92 
DOXEY, Abigail, 96 
DRAKE, Benjamin, -vit., 46 
DRISIUS, Samuel, 119, 120 
DUANE, James, ex., 57 
DUYCKINCK, Evert, ix 
DYGO (Indian), 12 

EBBETTS, Catharine, 76 

Daniel, 76 
EBURNE, Samuel, clerk, pur- 

ELBERSON, Wm., wit., 55 
ELDRED, Benjamin, boundary, 
60, 61 

Mary, 60 
ELLIS, Gerrit, wit., 89 
ELLISON, Ri., wit., 70 

Richard, wit. , 66, 88, 91, 93, 112 
EMERIGH, Maria, 62 

Matthys, 62 
ENERY, Samuel, boundary, 8 
ERVINE, John, wit., i 
EVERETT, Daniel, wit, 39 

Nicholas, ex., 16 

Sarah, wit., 4 
EVERITT, Benjamin, ex., 80, 105 

Daniel, wit., 46 

Eunice, 105 

Phebe, 95 

FANNING, James, wit., 15 

Nathaniel, 77 
FENCOCK, Thomas, 120 
FERGUSON, John, wit, 27 
FIELD, Benjamin (Jr.), 99 

Stephen, 99 

Waters, 99 
FILKEN, Elizabeth, 36 

Henry, 36 
FINLIS, John, ex., 57 
FISH, Ambrose, ex., 96, io6 

Hannah, 106 

Samuel, ex., 96 
FLEET. Esther, 80 
FLETCHER, Gov., viii, 7 
FLOYD, Colonel Richard, ex., 

Gen. Wm., 22 

Nicoll, 22 

Tabitha, 22 
FOGATT, Mary, 49 
FONDA, Abraham, 61 
FORBUS, Elizabeth, 99 

Samuel, 99 

Wm., 99 
FOSTER, Laetitia, wit., 52 

Wm. , boundary, 77 
FOWLER, Moses, wit, 49 
FREEMAN, Henry, 28 

Isabell, 28 


Index of Names. 

FRIEND, Joseph, wit., 2 
FROST, Thomas, 33; purchase, 88 
FULOR, Wm., wit., 1 
FURMAN, Josiah, 120 

GALE, Col. Samuel, purchase, 

Daniel, wit., 39 

Tesse, purchase, 102 

John, ex., 97 

Samuel, ex., 82, 97 
GARAD, Wm., wit., 47, loi 
GARDINER, Abraham, 64 

Col. Abraham, ex., 63 

Mary, 63, 64 
GIBB, Andrew, 9 
GLEN, Phebe, wit., 59 
GORDON, Catharine, 124 

John, 124 
GREGORY, Hannah, 70 
GRENILLE, Pierre, 10 
GRIFFIN, Wm., wit, 54 
GRIGG, Tho., wit., 39 

HAIT, Rev. Benjamin, 38 
HALSEY, Moses, Jr., wit., 77 

Silas (Jr.), wit., 77 

Susanah, wit., 77 
HALSTEAD, Thomas, ex., 85 

Timothy, boundary, 8 
HAMILTON, Alexander, 127 

James A., 127 

Margaret A., 127 
HARKER, Mary, wit, 89 
HART, Cornelius, ex., 105 

Micah, ex., 80 
HARTLEY, Elizabeth, 122 
HAVENS, Abigail, 76 

Henry, 76 

John, wit., 64 

Rebecca, 74, 75, 76 
HAVILAND, Benjamin, 32 

Jane, 32 

John, wit., 88; purchase, 94 
HAWKINS, Capt. Eleazar, ex., 

HAY, Col. Ann Hawkes, 124 

Martha, 124 
HEATHCOTE, Martha, 6, 12 

Wm., 6 
HEGEMAN, Elbert, 113 

Mary, 113 

HELME, Thomas, Esq., wit., 12, 

HENDRICKSON, Bernardus, 
wit., 80 

Hendrick, wit., 80 
HENRY, Robert, wit., 39 
HERBERT, Thomas, 119 
HERMANS, Ephraim, wit., 43 
HESS, Wm., wit, 26 
HETT, Blanche, 123 

Rene, 38, 123 
HEWLET, Samuel, wit., 26 
HEWLETT, Benjamin, wit., 33; 
ex., 35, 91 

Daniel, 33 

George, ex., 66 

Richard, ex., 91 
HEYMETS, Christopher, wit., 63 
HICKS (Mr.), 120 
HILDRETH, Joseph, schoolmas- 
ter, 103 
HILL, Wm., purchase, 20 
HINCHMAN, Benj., wit, 24, 35; 

ex., 40; 41, 52, 59, 80 
HITCHMAN, John, 100 
HOGEWONT, Leffert, purchase, 

HOLMES, Daniel, ex., 49 
HOLT, Wm., 71 
HOOKER, James, 122 
HOOLIS, Charles, wit., 26 
HORTON, David, boundary, 103 
HOWELL, David, wit, 64, 78 

Ezekiel, boundary, 14 

Matthew, wit., 7 

Micah, wit.. 78 

Phineas, wit, 78 

Robert, ex., 35 
HOYT, Blanche G., 127 

Lydig M., 127 
HULSE, Jesse, ex., 102 

Paul, boundary, 47 
HUMPHREY, Agnes, wit, 73 

John, Jr., wit, 34 

IRELAND, Elizabeth, 80 

JACKSON, Charity, 69 

James, ex., 11 

John (Jr.), 69 

Wm., 25 
JAMES, Campion, 120 

John, 8 ; will, 119 

Index of Names. 


TANSE, Rem, boundary, 3 
JAR VIS, Nathaniel, wit., 75 
JAUNCEY, James, 38 

Mary, 38 
JOHNS, Stephen, ex., 104 
JOHNSON, Charles, wit., 39 

S., wit., 45 

Simon, ex., 18 

Wm. , ex , 91 
JOHNSTON, John, wit., 7 
JONES, Joseph, wit., 85 

Wm., purchase, 16 
JUDE (negro girl), 63 

KETCHAM, John, boundary, 103 

Solomon, ex., 76; wit., 80, 83 
KETTLETAS, Rev. Abraham, 

KISSAM, John, wit. , 92 

LAIGHT, Edward, ex., 103 
LAMBERTS, Thomas, purchase, 

LANGDON, Samuel, wit., 69 

Wm., wit., 6g 
LANGLEY, George, overseer, i 
LAWRENCE, Deborah, 118 

John, 20, 21, 89; wit, 8g 

Joseph, wit., 8g 
LEARY, John, wit., 48 
LEE, John, ex., 63 

Joseph, purchase, 7 
LEFFERTS, Aim., wit, 37 

Hannah, wit , 61 
LEISLER, Elsie, 2 

Jacob, 2 
LEMINER, Mr., 31 
LESTER, Mordecai, wit, 26; 

overseer, 29 
LEWIS, Daniel, boundary, 51; 
purchase, 51 

Essene, 80 

Gen. Morgan, 126 

John, wit., 74 

Joseph, wit, 50; ex., 76 
oseph (Jr.), ex., 50; wit, 54 
Samuel, ex., 74, 80 
Sarah, 113 
Thomas, wit, 118 
LIONS, Martha, 66 
LIVINGSTON, Alfred, 127 
Catharine, 125 
Col. Wm. S., 125 

LIVINGSTON, Elizabeth, 125 
Eugene Augustus, 127 
Francis, 125 
Gertrude, 126 
Harriet (Coleman), 127 
Henry B. , 127 

iames, 125 
oanna, 126 
udge Maturin, 126, 127 
/ewis L., 127 

Margaret, 126, 127 

Margaret Beekman, 126 

Maria (Kierstedt), 125 

Maturin L., 127 

Morgan L. L., 127 

Mortimer L., 127 

Peter R., 126 

Peter Van Brugh, ex., 39 

Robert, 126 

Robert James, 124, 125, 126 

Robert R., 126 

Susanna, 123, 125, 126 
LOCKWOOD, Ebenezer, ex., 76 

Jonathan, ex., 54 
LODGE, Abraham, ex., 21 
LOTT, Abm., wit., 48, 125 
LOUNSBURY, Michael, wit., 117 
LOWNDES, Gertrude L., 127 

Major Rawlins, 127 

Susan, 127 

Wm. T., 127 
LUDLAM, Damaris, 58 

Henry, ex., 16, 58, 115 

John, ex., 22 

Joseph, ex., 115 

Wm., j6; ex., 22, 105, 115 

Wm. (Sr ), ex., 42 
LUDLOW, Elizabeth, 86 

Gabriel, wit., 7 

Isaac, ex., 17 

Priscilla, 95 

Sarah, wit., 7 

Wm., ex., 78 
LUDLUM, John, 28 

Wm., 36 
LURTING, Robert, wit., 13 
LYNSEN, Abraham, 128 

Elizabeth, 124, 128 
LYSAGHT, Wm., wit.. 75 

George, 17 



Index of Names. 

MACKRELL, James, ex., 79, 96, 

Millicent, 106 
MAN, Isaac, wit., 57 
MARION, Jolin, 90 
MARIUS, Peter Jacobs, 3 
MARSHALL, Catharine, 42 

Jarvis, 42 
MARSTON, Nathaniel, 53 
MARVIN, Daniel, wit., 50 

Robert, ex., 29 
MATTHEWS, Ezekiel, 32 

Richard, ex., 93 
MATURIN (Mallet), Mary, 125 
McCURDY, Archibald, wit, 97 
McDonald, Lewis, wit, 70 
McNISH, George, purchase, 46 
MEADE, Stephen, ex., 117 
MERITT, John, wit., 112 
MESSENGER, Samuel, wit, 99 
MILLER, Abraham, ex., 117 

Benjamin, wit., 76 

John, wit, 43 

Stephen, wit., 43 
MILLS, Amos (Jr.), ex., 58 

Martha, 80 

Nathan, wit,, 49 

Timothy, boundary, 24 

Zephaniah, ex., wit, 43 
MINNIVILLE, Gabriel, 20 
MITCHELL, John, wit., 29, 44 
MOFFATT, John, wit., 56 
MONTANIE, Abraham, 48 

Ann, 48 

Ariantie, 48 

Elizabeth, 48 

Jacobus, 48 

Jesse, 48 

Johanes, ex., 48 

John, 48 

Joseph, 48 

Mary, 48 

Sarah, 48 
MOORE, Frances, 20 

John, ex., 21 

Samuel, 62 
MORRISON, James, wit., 56 
MOTT, Henry, wit, iii 

John, wit., 112 

Joseph, 29 

Patrick, ex., 61 

Rich bell, wit., 45 

Samuel, 93 

MUIRSON, Gloriana, ex., la 
MUNSELL, Jacob, wit., 31 
MYER, Andrew, 76 

Mary, 76 

Johanes, wit., 2 

John, wit., 45 

NEELEY, John, ex., 56 

John (Jr.), ex., 67 

Robert, wit., 56 
NICOLL, Wm. (Jr.), wit, 31 
NODINE, Elias, wit., 119 
NORTH, Benjamin, ex., no 

Benjamin (Jr.), ex., no 
NOX, Jemima, 40 

OAKLEY, John, wit, 83 

Nathaniel, 33; purchase 88 

ODELL, Thomas, 122 
,OGDEN, Jacob, wit, 41 

ONDERDONK, Adrian, wit, 85 
Andries ex., 59 


OVERTON, Messenger, wit, 102 
Nathaniel, ex., 102 

PAGE, Rev. Barnard, 103 
PAINE, Ichabod, ex., 104 
PARCEL, Joseph, wit, 54 
PARCELL, Joseph, wit, 55 
PEARSALL, Nathaniel, bound- 
ary, 8 

Stephen, 84 

Thos., ex., 45 
PEARTREE, Col. Wm., 122 

Mary, 77 

Wm. S., xiii, 77 
PETER (negro), 78 
PETERS, Charles, wit., 23, 35, 37 

Dr. Charles, purchase, 69 

Elizabeth, 86 

Hewlett, ex., 69 

John, ex., 87 
PETRICHE, Mary, 119 
PETITT, Joshua, ex. 96 
PETTITT, Isaac, wit., 96 

James, 91 

John, ex., 95 

Joshua, 91 
PLATT, Capt. Epenetus, 116 

Elizabeth, 67 

Index of Names. 


PLATT, Epenetus, 30 

Jesse, ex., 50 

Uriah, 30 
PHILLIP, George, wit., 119 
PHILLIPSE, Frederick, 100 
PIDGEON, Wm., wit., 114 
PIERSON, Judith, 28 

Margaret, 28 

Rev. John, 28 
PINE, Phebe, 86 

Sarah, 8 
PIRE, James, ex., 35 
POST, Garret (Jr.), wit., 89 
POTT, Phebe, wit., 9 
POTTER, Elizabeth, wit., 74 

Gilbert, wit., 74 
PRITCHARD, James (" school- 

tpaster"), wit., 89 
PURDY, Gilbert, 53 

RAPALYE, George, wit. , 92 
RAYNER, Joseph (Jr.), wit., 70 
RAYNOR, Isaac, 77 

Joseph, boundary, 87 

Josiah, boundary, 33, 94 

Mary, 93 
READ, Thomas, 24, 28, 41 
READE, Mary, 24 

Rachel, 95 

Thomas, 95 
REGELER, Leonard, 56 
REMON, Samuel, wit., 55 
RENE. Blanche,38 
RESCO, David, ex., 50 
REVELEY, Samuel, wit., 72 
RHODES, Hope, ex„ 78 

Isaac, wit., 57 
RIDER, Stephen, ex., iii 
RIKER, James, wit., 57 
ROADS, John, ex., 58 
ROBERTS, Edward, 123 
ROBINSON, Jonathan, wit., 99 

Joseph, ex., 21 

Wm., wit., 2 
ROE, John, wit., 57, 118 
ROSE, Alexander, 124 

Lydia, 4 

Margaret, 120 
ROYOLL, Joseph, ex., 18 
RUSCOE, David, ex., 54 
RUSHMORE, Anne, 9 

John, wit., 33 

Mary, 9 

SACKERLY, Wm., wit., 2 
SAGE, Dr. Ebenezer, 77 

Ruth, 77 
SAMMIS, Jeremiah, wit., 51 

Job, wit., 51 

Nehemiah, purchase, 92 
SANDS, Benjamin, wit , 45 

Samuel, Jr., purchase, 44 

Thos., wit, 80 
SAYRE, Matthew, boundary, 77 
SCHUYLER, Col., 7 
SCOTT, John, adm., 25 

Lewis, 77 
SEADDIN, William, 120 
SEAMAN, Benj. (Jr.), 14 

Gilbert, ex., 112 

John, ex., 23 

Nathaniel, wit., 66 

Richard, boundary, 29 
SEARING, James, 33 

John, ex., 112 

Jonathan, 33 

Martha, 87 
SEELEY, Samuel, wit., 25 

Samuel (Jr.), wit., 25 
SHARPS, Wm., wit, 2 
SHERMAN, Francis, wit., 20 
SIMMONS, Lydia, ex., 10 

Thomas, 10 

, 120 

SIMONSON, John, ex., 89 
SKIDMORE, Jonathan, 104 

Samuel, ex., 59 

Sarah, 80 

Thomas, boundary, 108 
SMITH, Aaron, 98; will, 27; ex., 89 

Abel, ex., 26; will, 44 

Abigail, 25, 40, 46, 76, 102, 
103, no, 113, 116 

Abijah, 27 

Abner, 27, 98 

Abraham, x, 117, 128 

Abraham, " Rocky," x 

Abram, 115 

Adam, 24, 115, 118; adm. app., 

Alexander, x, 58 

Amos, boundary, 17; 25, 40, 
41; boundary, 51, 68; will, 
74; 92, 93; will, 105 
-^Amy, 49, 57, 68, 112, 114 

Ann, 4, 13, 36; ex., 38, 39, 56; 
will, 103; 113 


Index of Names. 

SMITH, Anna, ex., 31; wit., 31, 

64, 74, 104, 105 
Anna Maria, 128 
Annanias, 47 
Anne, 13, 24, 73, 80, 81 
Arthur, x, xi; will, 49 
Asa, 81, 97 
Aury, 59 
Azariah, will, 44 
Barent, ex., 45 
Benjamin, 23, 34, 37, 43, 57, 

68, 69, 80, 83, 89, 90, 99, 105, 

113, 114; boundary, 116; ex., 

25, 26, 44, 52, 109, 112, 113; 

will, 52, 68, 89, 106, 116; 

wit., 33, 112 
Bethiah, 47 
Blanche, 38 
Caleb, 46, 69, 103; ex., 19; 

purchase, 98; will, 17, 102; 

wit., 97 
Capt. Richard, ex., 31 
Carman, iii 
Catharine, 10, 61, 62, 84, 107, 

109, 113, 115, 116; ex., 45, 

62, 74, 75 
Catharine Augusta Budd, 128 
Charity, 39, 64, 79, 107; ex., 

81, 89 
Charles, 81, 107 
Charles Bainbridge, 128 
Charles Corwin; 8 
Charles Jeffrey, 6, 7, 11, 12, 

31, 71, adm. app., 12; will, 

Christina, 61, 62 
Clark, adin. , 3 
Coenraet, 61 

Col. Henry, 22, 70; will, 65 
Col. Henry (Jr.), merchant, 

will, 31 
Col. Josiah, 63 
Col. Wm., vii, viii, 11, 31; 

will, 4 
Col. William S., 38 
Coneriche, gi 

Cornell, 33, 93; ex., 91; will, 92 
Daniel, 36, 40, 41; will, 45, 47; 

will, 69; ex., 69, 70; wit., 72; 

73, 76. 79, 81, 87, 99, 100, 

107, log, 114, 118 
David, 43, 49, 67, 80, 82, 93, 

104, 114 

SMITH, Deborah, xi, 62; ex., 75, 

76; 98; ex., 99, 112 
Delila, wit., 85 
Denton, 69 
Desire, ex., 102 
Dirck (Dirck Jansen Van de 

Venter), will, 42 
Dorothy, 98 
Dosia, 20 

Dr. Israel, 28, will, 23 
Dr. Wm., will, 77 
Ebenezer, 14, 15 ; boundary, 27; 

will 30 
Edmund, will, 24; boundary, 

27; will, 79; 87, III; ex., 

Edward, 40, 80; ex., 85 
Elias, 18, 25 
Elihu Piatt, 71, 72 
Elijah, 8, 26; ex., 104 
Eliphalet, 74, 107, 109 
Eliza, 38 
Elizabeth, 18, 21, 23, 26, 29, 

30, 31, 35. 37, 39, 40, 45, 46, 
51, 59, 62, 68. 70, 71, 72, 75, 
76, 80, 81, 82, 84, 97, 100, 
105, 107, 108; ex., iii; 113, 
114, 115, 119, 123, 128 

Elkanah, 98 

EUethea, 104 

Emilia, 95; ex., 96 

Enos, 97 

Epenetus, 81; ex., 98, 109 

Ephraim, 34; will, 59 

Esnor, 80 

Esther, 79 

Esther Ann, 43 

Ettiana, 18 

Ezekiel, will, 74 

Ezekiel (Jr.), 50 

Floyd, 24 

Frances, 66, 122 

Francis, 56, 107 

Freelove, 115 

Gabriel, ex., 69, 70; will, no 

George, 61, 81, 97, 105, 107; 
ex., 73 

Georgiana, 7 

Gershom, 23, 33; will, 23, 

Gertruid, will, 18 

Gilbert, 21, 32, 65, 66, 88; wit., 

Index of Names. 


SMITH, Gloriana, 64 

Goodman (Sr.)> x 

Hannali, i, 14, 15, 19, 25, 26, 
28, 31. 35. 46. 70, 76. 77. 89, 
108; ex., 19, 37, 38, 81; will, 
73. 77. 86, 90, 120 

Hendrick B., xi 

Hendricus, 36 

Henry, 5, 7, 11, 18, 30, 33, 46, 
52, 76, 77; ex., 53. 75; -will, 
46, 68, 70; wit., 88 

Henry Conkling, 102 

Hepzibah, 51 

" Hete," 84 

Hezekiah, will, 108 

Howell, 35 

Isaac, X, 18, 29, 43, 44, 55, 
59, 61, 64, 67. 70. 88, 94; 
100, 115; boundary, 51, 94, 
ex., 47, 51, 38, 65, 117; pur- 
chase, 74; will, 43; wit., 43, 

Isaac Daniel, 82 
Isabel, 76; ex., 56 
Isabell, 18, 25 

Israel, 23, 99, 108; wiU, 76, 85 
Jacob, 29, 92, 94, 98, 108, 115; 

ex., 43, 63, 112; will, 2, 4, 44, 


Jacques, ex., 10 
ames, 13, 14. 20, 37, 39. 5^. 
67, 69, 71, 87, 100, no, 
124; boundary, 47; ex., 55, 
73; will, 34. 96, 116; wit., IS, 
50, 65 
James (Sr.), will, 87 
Jane, 19, 91, in, 113; ex., 95 
Jannetie, adm., 3 
Jasper, 28; will, i 
Jeane, 7; ex., 11, 12, 91 
Jeffrey, 63; ex., 98, 105 
Jebiel, will, 51 
Jemima, 44 

Jenny, 113 
eremiah, x; wit., 11; will, 13, 
18; ex., 46; will, 97; ex., 97; 
overseer, 116 

Jerusha, 117 
esse 43, 73, 81 ; (" marriner "), 
will, 89; III 
Joanna, 41 ; ex. , 46, 49 
Job, 2, 81, 107, 109; boundary, 
27, 30; ex., 31; will, 81, 118 

SMITH, Joel, 49, 97, 114 

Johan Adam, ex., 61, 62 

Johanes, 62, 91, 96; wit., 75 

Johannah, 36 

John, viii, ix, x, xi, xiii, i; 
adm. app. 3; will, 4; 8; will, 
12; 13; will, 15; adm. app., 
16; 18, 20, 21; ex., 22; wit., 
25; will, 25; 33, 35; ex., 
37; 38, 39, 40; ex., 52; will, 
54; ex., 54; will, 56; 58, 59, 
60, 62; will, 65; 67, 68, 69, 
73. 76. 78; ex., 83; will, 83; 
will, 84; ex., 85; 92; will, 93; 
will, 96; wit., 97; will, 100; 
loi, 103; will, 104; will, 105, 
ex., 106; will, 106; 107; will; 
112, 113; will, 114; 124 

John, "Blue," x 

John Carpenter, will, 82 
ohn Conrad, 45 
ohn Hutchins, 106 
ohn (Jr.), viii, x, 8; wit., 97 

John, " Nan." x 

John (" Rock "), x, 37. 68 \ Xj^ 

John (" Rock Jr. "), 8, 120 

John, " Rocky " (Jr.), x 

John Taylor, 128 

Jonah, ex., 109 

Jonas, 34, 97 

Jonathan, 26, 31. 32, 34, 36, 
68, 83, 91, 93, 95, 97, 113; 
ex., 9, 23, 118; justice, 12; 
purchase, 92; will, 22, 26, 
32, 66, 90. 100; wit., 51 

Jonathan (Jr.), 8 

Jonathan (Sr.), x, 8 

Joseph, X, 8, 17, 57, 73, 74, 77, 
92, 93; boundary, 27; ex., 
9, 104; will, 107, 109; will, 
2, 17. 37, 53. 75; wit., 27, no 

Joseph (Jr.), 50, 58 

Joshua, 39, 73, 87, 97; ex., 57; 
will, 47; wit., 18, 112 

Joshua Hett, 120 
osiah, 34, 37, 64, 81; bound- 
ary, 100; ex., 63, 64, 78, TOO 
Josias, 10; will, 76 
Joycey, ex., 70 
Judge William, xiii, 38, 122, 

123, 125, 128 
Judith, i; adm., 12, 15, 24; 
ex., 58 


Index of Names. 

SMITH, Jury, 62 

Jury Adam, will, 61 
Justice Daniel, boundary, 27 
Justus B., 38; ex., 106 
Katharine, 3 
Keziah, 23, 28; ex., 49; 51, 58, 

Lambert, will, 59 
Lemuel, will, 82 
Leonard, ex., 49; wit., 53; ex., 

Letitia, 107 
Leviny, 53 
Louis, 56 
Ludlam, 22 
Margaret, 3, 24, 30, 38, 68, 106, 

112; ex., I, 47 
Margaret Beeks, 106 
Maria, 2, 10; ex., 45 
Martha, i, 4, 19, 23, 31, 32, 40, 

41, 57. 58, 64, 72, 75, 82, 91, 

104, 119; ex., 42; will, 11; 

wit., 64 
Mary, 3, g, 11, 17, 18, 20, 21, 

23, 26, 32, 34, 37, 41, 47, 52, 

53, 54, 57, 58, 59, 65, 66, 
68, 69, 70, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 
83, 91, 99, 104, 105, 106, 107, 
108, no, 112, 113, 114, 116, 
123, 124; ex., 2, 25, 30, 
56, 67, 105, 106, III, 112, 128 

Mathias, 43 

Matthew, 108 

Maurice, 44 

Mehetabel, 118 

Mehitabel, 85; will, 109 

Melancthon, xi; ex., 99, 106 

Mercy, 92; ex., 93 

Meritt, 19, 82 

Micah, 29, 79; boundary, 100; 
ex., 26; will, 28, 67; wit., 37, 
43, 65 

Michael, 2 

Millicent, 35; ex., 79 

Miriam, 86, 90, 114; will, 

Morris, x 

Moses, 52 

Mrs. Elijah, 8 

Nancey, 84 

Nancy, 114 

Nathan, 41, 79; ex., 54; will, 
55, 79, 95 

SMITH, Nathan (Sr.), will, 41 

Nathaniel, 15, 52, 58, 77, 79, 
82; ex., 14, 15; will, 22,63, 98 

Nehemiah, X, 36, 39,57,95, 105; 
ex., 17; will, 36; wit., 16, 28 

Nehemiah (Jr.), 28; ex., 17; 
wit., 17 

Niah, ex., 90 

Nicholas, 36, 95, 105; will, 80; 
wit, 78 

Nicoll. 81 

Nier, will, no 

Noah, 36, 95, 106; ex., 80; 
will, 104; wit., 17 

Obadiah, 81, 87, 100; boun- 
dary, 30; will, 81 

Odell, 119 

Oliver, 37, 57, 75; will, 57 

Othniel, 27, 98, 105 

Patience, 22, 28, 48, 80, 105 

Perah, 98 

Peter, x; will, 107 

Petrus, ex., 62 

Phebe, 18, 26, 29, 34, 35, 37, 
44, 46, 47, 57, 63, 64, 73, 77, 
78, 80, 81, 83, 84, 86, 90, 105, 
106, 112, 115; ex., 28, 29, 35, 
80; wit., 29 

Philena, 32, 66 

Philenah, 70 

Philetus, boundary, 98 

Philip, 3, 10, 11; will, 3; ex., 

74, "7 
Phineas, 30 
Pieter, will, 10 
Piatt, 22, 75; boundary, 27; 

will, 117 
Polly, ex., 117 
"Port Royal," 122 
Priscilla, 36, 80, 105; wit., 17 
Prudence, 63, 64 
Rachel, 16, 24; will, 28, 36; 

will, 48; ex., 55, 93 
Rebecca, 13, 76, 112 
Reuben, will, 54 
Rev. John, 122 
Richard, vii, ix, x, 8; will, 10; 

13; will, 14; ex., 14; will, 21; 

22, 24, 26, 27; wit., 29; will, 

30; ex., 37; will, 49; 63; will, 

64; 66; ex., 83; 84, 88; ex., 90; 

97, 107, 109; ex,, no; will, 

113; 115, 118, 119 

Index of Names. 


SMITH, Richard Carpenter, 81 
Richard (Jr.), ix 
Richard (Quaker), 21 
Richard (Sr.), will, 83 
Robert, x, xi, 56, 67, 107 
Roger, X 
Ruhanah, 109 
R-uhannah, 107 
Ruth, ex., 15; 22, 31, 32, 35, 
44. 47, 51, 5S; ex., 77; 78, 97, 

98, 105, 114 

Samuel, x, 17, 21, 28, 36, 39, 40, 
44, 68, 69, 76, 80, 88, 91, 96, 

99, 100, 107, log, 124; boun- 
dary, 118; will, 79, 88, 99, 
107, 108, 114; wit., 16, 28, 72 

Samuel (Jr.), ex., 17; wit., 28 
Samuel Skidmore, 106 
Sands, 27 
Sarah, 15, 18, 19, 20, 27, 37, 38, 

47. 52, 59. 65, 75, 76, 79, 81, 

go; 91, 98, 104, 107, log, in, 

113, 115, 116, 118, 124; ex., 

73, 88; will, 119 
Sarah Golden, 121 
Sarah Jane, 96 
Sarah Mary, 43 
Selah, 107, log 
Serviah, 27 

Silas, 25, 74, 113; ex., 105 
Silas (Jr.), apprentice, 30 
Silvanus, ex., 70; will, iii 
Silvenus, 91 
Solomon, 41; ex., 39, 57; wit., 

Stephen, 46, 87, 103, 114; will, 

Susanah, 93 
Susanna, 65, 79, 122, 123; ex., 

19; will, 26; wit., 37 
Susannah, 53 
Sylvanus, ex. , 65 ; will, 73 
Sylvenus, 87; purchase, 93 
Sylvester, 77, 107 
Tabitha, 73, 76 
Tallman, 21, 88 
Temperance, 31 
Tennis, 62 
Thomas, x, 128 
Thomas (alias Rock), will, 34, 

Thomas Charles, 128 
Thomas (Jr.), 128 

SMITH, Thomas (Sr.), x 

Timothy, wit., 7, 18, 29; ex., 

30; wit, 35; 37, 58; ex., 65; 

ex., 73; will, 113 
Uriah, 23, 44; wit., 47; will, 

loi, 117 
Violette, 98 
Wait, 36; will, 39; ex., 39; will 

Wait (Sr.), ex., 17 
Waite, x 
Ward, 69 

Ward Carpenter, ex., 82 
Waters, xi; wit., 75; will, 98, 

Wm., X, xi, xii, 8, 15; adm., 
16, 18; will, 19; ex., 19, 
20; will, 25; 26, 34; will, 
38; 39; ex., 47, 53; e.K., 54; 
wit., 55, 56; will, 58, 60; 
ex., 61; 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 
73, 75; ex., 78; will, 78; 81; 
will, 92; 94, 96, 97; ex., 106; 
107; ex., 109; wit., 112; 113 
Wm. Clark, 98 
Wm. Eugene, 128 
Wm. Henry, 5, 7; ex., 11, 12 
Wm. (Jr.), will, 91 
Wm. Peartree, 122 
Wm. Tredwell, 92 
Zachariah, will, 50 
Zachariah (Jr.), 50 
Zadoc, ex., 100 
Zebulon, 34, 116 
Zophar, will, 53 

, III 

SMYTH, Thomas, adm. app., 25 
SORNBURGER, George, ex., 104 
SOUTHARD, Benjamin, pur- 
chase, 112 
John, purchase, 112 
SOUTHOLD, Abel, wit., 95 
SPRAGG, Edward, wit., 114 
STAATS, Dr. 19 
STILES, Richard, 120 
STILLWELL, Wm. wit., 95 
STOCKER, Hugh, 38 

Hendrick, 62 
STORER (?), purchase, 115 
STOUTENBURGH, Jacobus.ex. , 
Peter, overseer, 42 


Index of Names. 

STRONG, Benaiah, ex., 66 
SUTTON, Robert, ex., 26 
SUYDAM, Hendrick, ex., 106 
SYRRENS, James, ex., 11 

TALLMADGE, Col. Benjamin, 

Rev. Benjamin, 123 
TALLMAN, Dr. Wm., ex., 57 

Peter, ex., 21 

Wm., ex., 89 
TALMADGE, Benjamin, ex., 72 
TAYLOR, Dinah, 109 

John, 128 

Mary, 109 

Thomas, boundary, 108 
TEN BROECK, Anatje, 37 

John, 37 
TEN EYCK, Abm., 76 

Sarah, 76 
TITUS, Austin James, 69 

Mary, 69; wit., 66 

Phebe, 69 
THOMAS, Peter, wit, 95 
THOMPSON, Charity, 39 

Hon. Frederick Diodati, 63 

James, wit., 18 

Jesse, wit., 117 

John, wit., 18, 41 

, historian, 5 

THORNE, Richard, ex., 65 
THURSTON, Benjamin, 52 

Daniel, ex., 53 

John, 96 

Margaret, 96 
TORRANS, Elizabeth Blanch, 

John, 124 
TOTEN, Abigail, wit., 23 

Samuel, purchase, 94 
TOUNLY, Elizabeth, 118 
TOURNEUR, Daniel, wit, 15 
TOWNSEND, Betsy, 73 

Samuel, 73; wit., no 
TREDWELL, Benjamin, 69; 
wit, 96 

Hannah, ex., 9, 32 

John, wit, 9; II, 69 

John (Jr.), ex., 26 

Phebe, 68 

Thomas, 69 

Timothy, 32, 33 
TUCKER, "Wm., wit, 96 

UNDERHILL, Daniel, 115 
Margaret, 115 

VAIL, Piatt, wit, 75 
VANDERBILT, Derrick, ex., 60 

Jacobus, ex., 59 
VAN DER CLIFF, Dirck, over- 

VANDERSPEGEL, John, wit, 2 
VANDERVOORT, Peter, wit, 

VAN DEUSEN, Isaac, purchase, 

VAN DE VENTER, Dirck Jan- 
sen (Dirck Smith), will, 42 
VAN DYCK, A., wit, 62 
Elizabeth, 62 
Stephanus, 62 
VAN GELDER, -James, wit, 63 
VAN HORN, John, 2 
VAN NOORTWYCK, Christian, 
wit, 42 
Matthew, wit., 42 
Simon, wit., 42 
VAN NOSTRAND, Cornelius, 
boundary, 87 
John, wit, 91 

Henry, 61 
VAN SISE, John, wit, 55 
ix, 3 
Jannetie, ix 
Lucas, ix, 3 
VAN VLECK, Jacobus, wit., 63 
VAN WYCK, Cornelius, over- 

S66ir 2Q 

VAN ZANT, Tobias, wit., 50 
VEAL, Elizabeth, 97 

Dorothy, 97 
VEENOS (Mr.), 19 
VESEY, Wm., wit, 9 
VILLE, G., wit, 13 

WARD, James, purchase, 93 

Thomas, wit., 34 

Wm., wit, 34 
WATERS, Daniel, ex., 21 

Tallman, ex., 99 
WEIG, John, overseer, i 
WELLS, Israel, boundary, 102, 

Manley, ex., 102 

Index of Names. 


WESNOR, Henry, Esq., pur- 
chase, 46 

purchase, 46 

WHALEY, Mary, wit., 93 
WHITEHEAD, Thomas, adm., 

WHITMAN, Nathaniel, wit., 83 
WICKES, Josiah, ex., 75 

Thomas, wit., 116 
WICKHAM, Ann, ex., 68 
WILEMAN, H., wit., 20 
WILLET, Charity, 89 
WILLETTS, Thomas, boundary, 

WILLIAMS, Col. Elisha, 123 

Deborah, 113 

Jacob, 113 

Tho., ex., 108 
WILLIS, James, loi 

John, 40 

Mary, wit., loi 

Oliver, wit., 110 

Richard, purchase, 38; wit., 


Samuel, wit., 33 
Wm., 14 

WILLSIE, Rachel, 13 
WISNER, Henry (Jr.), boundary, 

WOOD, Daniel Smith, 40 

Deborah, 40 

Elijah, wit., 84 

George, 6 

Israel, ex., 51 

James, wit., 35; 61; ex., 

John, purchase, 6; 35, 41; wit., 

Jonah, ex., 105 
WOOD, Jonas, ex., 58; wit., 116; 
overseer, 116 

Joseph, boundary, 103 

Samuel, wit., iii 
WOODHULL, Dorothy, wit., 12 
WOODRUFF, Joshua, wit., 78 
WOOLSEY, George, 28 

Hannah, 23, 28 

Keziah, 28 
WRIGHT, Benjamin, 52 

Daniel, wit., 54 

Gilbert, wit., 30 

Mary, 52